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Profitability - 100%. Pays off in a month. The most important feature of this business is that the smaller it is, the more profitable you are.

There are two customers here: the city and individuals. Since you probably yourself understand the features of working with the city administration, we leave this topic alone. Since you are not doing city acases, then why do you need scope and volume? Your task is not to pave the whole world, your task is to cater to the nervous and capricious taste of a private customer.

It turns out that paving slabs are an assortment of goods, like models of women's dresses or caramel varieties, it does not tolerate uniformity and dullness. The fact is that this tile is used for the decoration of garden areas as one of the tools of landscape design. We can assume that the marketing bet on the extended assortment is justified.

The second thing you should hit the customer with is the quality of your work. Since the private sector, as a rule, is small, hack work will be detected immediately. Based on this and from that. With most of your competitors still managing to hack, you can calculate a different marketing strategy. You can focus on quality, on quality alone - and the market will be yours. Then you can reduce the range, which will save your costs and dramatically increase profits. In fact, the consumer’s fantasy is not as demanding as catalog designers - designers believe.

The technology of paving slabs is simple and not high-tech. If desired, it is even made at home by fisted summer residents. In addition, the market is for you - concrete prices have halved. The business itself is seasonal. The peak of sales is spring and summer. Recession - autumn, stop - winter. Before starting a business, you should study local demand and local supply. You can sell tiles only where you make them directly, that is, to “neighbors”. The goods are not transported over significant distances - no further than 500 km according to the norms. If everything is busy in the district, move with production to where it is in demand.

Useful tips from specialists

What is the main indicator of the quality of paving slabs? Her strength. It should not break into two halves in the hands. That tile, which is manufactured on an industrial scale, is not designed for long operation.

To make a fundamentally different product, you need to change the technology. Instead of sand, granite screenings are added to the composition, the cement arch is used the best. During the course of the process, it is important to reduce the amount of water in the solution to 15%. Then the tile turns out frost-resistant. High-quality tile at the exit - dense, non-porous. This quality gives her the so-called round-off manufacturing method.

To make tiles yourself do not need so many devices. The main thing: a concrete mixer + a vibrating table (all in the amount of $ 1, 000). In addition, plastic molds, raw materials. What is included? Cement, plasticizer, dye, water, granite screenings. The required voltage is 380 V. It is necessary to take care of the three-phase power supply.

The cost of one square meter of tiles is 400 rubles. On average, the initial investment will be about 6 thousand dollars, taking into account all the necessary costs, such as: the purchase of raw materials, rent, salary. The workshop is located on any production site, and a barn is also suitable. Three people can serve the production. Surprisingly, manufacturers of paving slabs in small batches, not only did not suffer, but won in the crisis.

Nazarenko Elena

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