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Industrial production

The “polyethylene” business attracts small and medium-sized investors by its accessibility: money for organizing a business requires small ones, the payback period is short, in addition, equipment can be purchased domestically, which is widely available on the market.


From polymers you can not only make garbage bags and plastic films, but also barrels, pipes, boxes, lids for cans, bottle caps and much more. Practitioners recommend starting with the release of bags and films and already in the process of expanding the range. If you successfully build a business on the “bakery” of only one bag, you can achieve a profitability of more than 15%.

Where to begin

You need to start your business with the permission of the regulatory authorities: administration, sanitary-epidemiological, environmental services, fire protection, energy supervision.). Usually this is not a problem. It takes all the design for about a month and costs $ 300-400.

True, once a quarter it will be necessary to conduct an examination of the Gosstandart, which will cost 150-250 UAH.

The purchase of basic equipment will cost $ 50-120 thousand, it is possible to repay the invested money in 2-3 years. And if you produce not only packages, but also multilayer and stretch films, then the payback period of initial costs will be reduced by one and a half to two times.

At the initial stage of the organization, it is necessary to immediately resolve the issue of waste disposal. There are two ways to solve the problem. The first is to get equipment for recycling and release garbage bags from it. The second way is simpler and cheaper - to negotiate with an enterprise specializing in the production of plastic waste products.


Today on the market there is a wide selection of domestic machines. The cost of our new equipment and used imported equipment is about the same and amounts to $ 50-60 thousand.

New cars of foreign production will cost about $ 80-120 thousand.

Flexographs are a separate cost item, which allows you to apply a drawing to the bags. This is very expensive equipment, the simplest device costs at least $ 60 thousand. Therefore, experienced practitioners do not recommend acquiring flexographs at the initial stage. Alternatively, you can negotiate with other enterprises that have their own flexographic base.


As for the location of the future workshop, it is better to place it in the industrial zone, away from apartment buildings so that the “exhausts” of the polyethylene production do not irritate local residents and environmental services. In addition, the cost of renting on the outskirts is much cheaper ($ 3-10 per 1 sq. M per month).

The area of ​​the necessary premises should be no less than 100-150 sq. M, and the height of the ceilings not less than 10 meters. The fact is that extruders are very tall machines and require a lot of space.

The production facilities of the polyethylene workshop must be equipped with powerful ventilation and fire protection systems. Warehouses should be dry and well ventilated: the primary raw material for the production of films, granular polyethylene, absorbs moisture and gases excellently, which can affect the quality of both the raw materials and the manufactured products.

Raw materials

The main raw material for the production of plastic film is granular polyethylene. Most Ukrainian entrepreneurs buy raw materials abroad - in Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Germany, Yugoslavia, because only one concern Oriana (Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region) and SGPO “produce high-quality HDPE in Ukraine Nitrogen ”(Severodonetsk, Lugansk region), and no one produces LDPE in the country.

The cost of 1 ton of Ukrainian HDPE - about 3500 UAH., Imported high and low density polyethylene - 3900-6000 UAH. for 1 t

The raw material for the production of bags is a plastic film. Its cost is about

t 6 thousand UAH for 1 t


The package distribution scheme is simple and has already been mastered by operating enterprises. The main consumers of plastic bags are production and trading companies of Ukraine, which order packages with corporate logos.

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