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In pursuit of environmentally friendly products, more and more people acquire their own summer cottages. Therefore, a business focused on the production and sale of products for the garden causes a constant interest among entrepreneurs.

One of these areas is, for example, the production of country greenhouses. They vary in purpose (personal, farm and industrial), in size, configuration, equipment and are made of different materials.

Polycarbonate greenhouses are in greatest demand. They earned their popularity due to such qualities of the material as durability (such a greenhouse will last at least 30-35 years), good light conductivity and UV protection, thermal insulation, as well as the relatively low cost of materials necessary for its construction.

The technology of greenhouse production is extremely simple: a frame is made in advance, to which sheets of cellular polycarbonate are attached, interconnected by means of a factory sealed tape. At the same time, the frame of the greenhouse is assembled from a galvanized iron profile, which can be found in almost any building materials store.

Installation of the greenhouse takes place directly on the garden plot on a pre-prepared foundation (sometimes they can do without it). At the last stage of the assembly, the windows and the door of the greenhouse are installed. The cost of manufacturing such a greenhouse is about 10 thousand rubles.

The complete installation process from filling the foundation to the last stage takes two days and costs the client 20-25 thousand rubles.

The most budget option - a greenhouse without a foundation - costs from 8 thousand rubles. The greatest expenses are required not so much the purchase of materials and installation of the greenhouse as the heating wiring.

Most often, aluminum convectors are used as heating devices, which are evenly placed around the entire perimeter of the greenhouse.

Thus, the profitability of this production is 100-150%.

However, these optimistic estimates and forecasts in reality are not so rosy. Indeed, polycarbonate is a plastic, lightweight and durable material that allows the construction of lightweight yet stable structures.

This is a great alternative to glass and plastic wrap. But thanks to the widely publicized advantages of this type of business, competition in this market segment is very high, and supply often exceeds demand.

Nevertheless, it is not worth completely abandoning the business idea for the production of greenhouses. There are other types of greenhouses and hotbeds, which may require large production costs, but at the same time they are more expensive and are also in constant demand.

For example, these include greenhouses with a wooden frame and glazed frames or a metal frame and wooden frames, greenhouses based on a metal structure covered with a special glass that transmits ultraviolet light, and the simplest option is a greenhouse with a frame made of plastic tubes and with a film cover.

The cost of equipment for the industrial production of modular structures starts from 200 thousand rubles. Wooden greenhouses are usually made by hand, which, given the cost of the material, significantly affects their retail price: such structures are usually quite expensive.

If you do not have the appropriate start-up capital to buy your own production line, all the necessary details for the installation of the greenhouse (pipes, supports, stairs, fences) can be purchased from other manufacturers.

The average price of a modular design, for example, is 20-25 thousand rubles.

To organize such a business without its own production capacities, at least 60 thousand rubles will be needed.

You can pay back the investments in the first couple of months of work, but only if you have a sufficient client base.

If there are no developments in this direction, it is better to take care of this even before purchasing equipment or materials for the manufacture of greenhouses: place ads in specialized publications for summer residents and farmers, arrange cooperation partnerships with garden associations.

Of course, the production and installation of greenhouses and hotbeds is a seasonal business. Such products are most in demand in spring and autumn.

In the winter season, many manufacturers of greenhouses "reprofiled" for the manufacture of conservatories and greenhouses.

However, these designs are much more complex and expensive than conventional greenhouses and greenhouses. Their development and creation requires additional knowledge and skills, so you can not do without the help of specialists.

So it’s best to open your own “greenhouse” business in February-March, so that the profit received over the next few months of work can be invested in the further development of your business.

Sysoeva Lilia

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