Own business: production and sale of milkshakes

* The calculations use average data for the World. Milkshakes and soft ice cream, which is their variety, are gradually becoming more and more popular in our country. There are a large number of franchises selling these products and a wide selection of equipment for their production. Franchising and trading companies position the production and sale of milk-based cocktails as a highly profitable and quick-pay business. Moreover, according to them, soft ice cream and milkshakes are always in high demand at any time of the year, regardless of air temperature. If you seriously consider this business as an option to start your own business, first of all, you should carefully study all the possible difficulties that you will encounter in the process of work.

Nevertheless, despite all the assurances, ice cream and cocktails are most in demand in the summer. Although, indeed, these desserts can be eaten at any time of the year, unlike traditional ice cream or regular soft drinks, but still get ready for the fact that in the autumn-winter period your sales will experience a significant decline. Certain difficulties in trading throughout the year are also associated with the choice of place and form of trade. In summer, the kiosk installed on a busy street in the city center is most suitable (in the first place, this is true for southern cities). But in the period from mid-autumn to mid-spring (or even until May) you will have to move from the street to shopping and entertainment centers, where the rental price will be an order of magnitude higher (and it’s far from the fact that there are free places during the trading season - the New Year’s period holidays). You can initially set up your cocktail bar in a shopping center (near a large movie theater, on the territory of a super- or hypermarket). But in the summer, your profit is likely to be lower than with street trading, since the attendance of the shopping center during the school holidays and vacations also decreases markedly.

In addition, you can agree on the implementation of your milkshakes and soft ice cream in the hot season with summer cafes. If your products will be present directly in the cafe menu, this will help to avoid problems with the design of a large amount of documentation necessary when organizing a separate outlet. In addition to this, the cafe will not have a problem with the acquisition and installation (connection to the power grid) of additional refrigeration equipment for storing ingredients for dairy desserts. You can also prepare and sell cocktails and ice cream yourself outside the cafe - where more busy traffic and your display window with desserts will attract more attention of passers-by.

For the preparation of cocktails, special equipment is required - mixers or freezers. To make a traditional milkshake (using a mixer) you will need the following components (based on 300 milliliters of the finished drink): 75 grams of milk, 7 grams of syrup (chocolate, vanilla, fruit), 15 grams of ice cream. The quality of the final product and the quality of service for your customers depend on the quality of the mixer you use. The most inexpensive mixer model for mixing domestic-made cocktails with a speed of up to 12, 000 per minute allows you to make drinks with beautiful lush foam. Its cost is from 5 thousand rubles. But the main drawback of such models is the long cocktail preparation time, which is about three, or even five minutes per serving.

Not all of your potential buyers will agree to wait a few minutes until their drink is ready. In addition, according to reviews of other entrepreneurs, cheap models of mixers often fail. There are more expensive and reliable bar mixers (for example, Italian production). Their cost starts from 10 thousand rubles, but many of them allow you to make up to three cocktails at the same time and within one minute, which is their biggest advantage. The most expensive mixers for making cocktails (usually American companies) have a high speed (up to 20, 000 rpm). Their warranty period is 5-7 years, and you can purchase them at a price of 12, 000 rubles or more (depending on the number of glasses - one or three).

Many cocktail sellers purchase a single-glass mixer to save money. Nevertheless, experts advise to purchase several spare glasses in order to prepare cocktail mixes in advance and, thus, increase productivity. This is especially true in season in a busy place, when your cocktails will be lined up. One glass for an expensive mixer costs about 500 rubles.

Freezers are also used for the production of milkshakes and their sale directly at the point of sale, but they have some differences from mixers. Standard equipment is designed to prepare drinks with four different flavors. The equipment itself is quite simple. In addition to the valve that dispenses the cocktail, there is a mixer built into the dispenser lid, and syrup containers are located in the lower panel of the device. When you press a button on the panel that corresponds to a specific type of syrup, the mixer automatically mixes the syrup into the drink. Freezers come in two forms - with natural and forced saturation of the mixture with air. Overrun of the product, depending on the type of equipment, can be 40 and 100%, respectively. The finished cocktail has a temperature at the outlet of the freezer from -3 to 0 degrees Celsius.

The cocktail, which is prepared in a freezer, differs in consistency and taste from the traditional one. It is denser and resembles melted ice cream to its taste, therefore milk shakes prepared in a freezer are also called “soft ice cream”. To prepare cocktails in the freezer, you will need a special milk composition in dry form and special syrups with different tastes. A freezer costs a bit more than a mixer. Its cost starts from 15-20 thousand rubles, depending on the model.

Soft ice cream is a relatively new phenomenon on the Russian market and is of great interest to children and adults. True, if you want to include this type of desserts in your assortment, then try to choose a place with high attendance. Sales of this product pay off only if you can sell at least several hundred servings of goodies per day. A freezer can produce about 2.5 kilograms of goodies per hour. Models with particularly high performance cost several tens of thousands of rubles. Dry mixes for making soft ice cream are diluted with water in a ratio of one to three. Mixture prices vary by manufacturer. Mixtures from Russian companies are sold at a price of 70 rubles per kilogram, American brands - at a price of about $ 9-10 per 1.75 kg.

Please note: soft ice cream can be sold in the same way as regular milkshakes in plastic cups, but customers are more likely to take ice cream in waffle cups. The cost of the latter (they can be purchased in bulk at a local cold store) is about 20 kopecks apiece.

Selling soft ice cream also requires a busy place. But if it’s quite possible to sell milkshakes from a kiosk, then soft ice cream manufacturers recommend working “outdoors” so that customers and passers-by can see the ice cream production process, which looks pretty impressive. For this, the cocktail bar format is most suitable. Do not forget about the appropriate design of your outlet (nevertheless, your main customers are children). Some make out a bar or kiosk in the form of a car, carriage, etc., decorate it with balls. On days when there is a decline in sales (for example, on weekdays, in bad weather), offer various discounts and hold promotions (for example, - 20% or when buying two servings of ice cream - the third as a gift, etc.). The cost of one portion of soft ice cream does not exceed 5-10 rubles. The profitability of a business for its sale, taking into account all costs (rental of retail space, salaries to sellers, tax payments), excluding the cost of equipment, is over 40%.

One serving of an ordinary milkshake 0.3 liter costs from 35 rubles, 0.5 liter is sold at a price of 50 rubles (prices may vary, depending on the region). The margin from the cost in this case is about 200%. About 250 drinks can be sold daily in a busy place. Subtract from the proceeds the cost of the products for making the cocktail (syrups, milk, ice cream or dairy compounds and syrups), the cost of renting a point and the salary of sellers. Do not forget about consumables - cups, tubes and lids (lids protect the contents of the glass from splashing, so you can drink cocktails in such packaging even on the go). The minimum profit from one outlet is from 200 thousand rubles per month.

To increase the profitability of the business, experts advise working on expanding the assortment. For example, with minimal investment in additional equipment and convenient location, in addition to milkshakes, you can also sell soft ice cream, oxygen cocktails, put a helium balloon for inflating balloons, sell other drinks, hot coffee and tea, donuts, etc. In this case for the summer season you can earn from 1 million rubles.

The main conditions for the success of your business selling milk shakes and soft ice cream:

  • High quality product. In an effort to save as much as possible, many cocktail sellers do not care about their taste. They use cheap ingredients, and their cocktails do not please either with taste or airy consistency. Frustrated customers will never return to you for the second portion.
  • Work on the continuous expansion of the range. Keep in mind that the competition in the sales of such desserts is constantly growing. Try to offer your customers more variety. However, do not experiment with tastes. According to numerous analyzes of consumer preferences, it turned out that consumers are very conservative in their views. Chocolate, vanilla and fruit flavors (strawberries, raspberries, bananas) are most in demand. Desserts with exotic flavors will be purchased rather for trial and very rarely, therefore it is better to increase the assortment “in breadth” rather than “in depth”. Try selling freshly squeezed fruit juices, oxygen cocktails, natural ice cream, cakes (but this will require special permission), etc. Most likely, they will also be in great demand.
Sysoeva Lilia

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