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General overview of the fried sunflower seed market

Recently, a product such as fried sunflower seeds has been especially popular, especially among young people. In addition, a certain (and considerable segment) market for such snacks is fried pumpkin and again sunflower but peeled seeds.

Along with its undoubted usefulness, such products have another advantage: high payback and very low cost of equipment for production. This fact is known to few, as novice entrepreneurs often ignore this fast-growing market segment, embarrassed by the small selling price of products.

It is this fact that makes them refuse to open a business for the production of fried seeds, without even studying the issue. In addition, residents of the northern regions of the country often simply do not want to get involved in production based on imported raw materials, for fear of excessive prices and supply disruptions.

Thus, the real coverage of needs, i.e. the volume of output does not meet the needs of the consumer. Therefore, often fried sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are imported into regions where these crops do not grow, from afar, and already in the form of finished products, at the price of which the percentages of intermediaries, a transport company, etc.

All of the above makes the production of fried sunflower seeds (in the original packaging) a very lucrative business, unless, of course, you correctly manage the funds invested in it.

Requirements for production and storage facilities and personnel of the sunflower seed roasting business

A production room for a business for roasting sunflower seeds is no different from a room for the production of any other food products - it is enough only to comply with sanitary and construction norms and rules. Depending on the type of equipment - an electric frying oven or a gas oven - fire safety measures should also be adjusted.

By and large, it is believed that an electric furnace is more expensive to operate, but a gas furnace requires additional investments at the initial stage (project documentation for gas equipment; installation of an additional fire shield, etc. - in most regions, gas equipment also requires a separate room) .

Ultimately, the choice is made in favor of the type of furnace, the corresponding equipment of the room - i.e. if the room is not equipped with a gas pipe, it does not make sense to start it specially if the volume of production is small.

It is advisable to equip the warehouse with additional options against mice and rats - a concrete floor, an iron tightly closing door, etc., as well as birds that can fly into windows (if any) or penetrate through a poorly covered roof.

There are also no special requirements for personnel: the presence or absence of a technologist with such a primitive, by and large, production will not affect the quality of the products; ordinary workers will be considered unskilled; accordingly, there is no need to talk about large costs for labor.

Production and additional equipment for the production of fried sunflower seeds

The main apparatus will, of course, be a brazier. Braziers are of several types: gas, electric, or microwave ovens (they are also driven, of course, by electricity, but fundamentally differ in the way they are fried). The latter are quite rare and are made only to order.

Microwave ovens, being perhaps the most promising method of roasting, should not be bought only for the production of sunflower seeds - unless as additional equipment for expanding production (see the section on business prospects).

According to the scheme of roasting sunflower seeds, there are distinguished furnaces for periodic loading-unloading (i.e., each roasting cycle is performed manually loading-unloading seeds) and continuous (automated - on one side of the frying drum, raw sunflower seeds are being fed, on the other - fried unloading).

As you might guess, continuous kilns primarily exclude the notorious human factor and can be integrated into a fully automatic line for the production of roasted and packaged seeds. However, even large manufacturers are more willing to take dozens of impassable braziers.

Of course, the point here is not at all the price of equipment: with large volumes of production, an automated line is certainly much more profitable. In this case, the consumer principle applies: "simplicity is a guarantee of reliability."

The fact is that impassable furnaces allow you to control the roasting process manually, you can turn them off at any time and, for example, fix some problem, etc. Of course, for the start of production, for the moment of opening your own business, cheap and not requiring qualified personnel non-moving furnaces (especially gas) are much more profitable.

The second, both in importance and cost, is packaging equipment. The packaging for sunflower seeds is a polypropylene bag (with a capacity of 50 to 300-500 g), soldered from a polypropylene tape with two horizontal "seams" and one vertical lap.

Polypropylene tapes can be metallized (opaque, with a mirror inner surface) or transparent (such packaging is 2 times cheaper than the first one).

The mini-line for frying and packaging roasted seeds consists of a semiautomatic packaging machine and an electric (or, accordingly, gas) oven.

Its cost is € 2600 (less than 110 thousand rubles), and its productivity is 30 kg per hour. It takes up to 10 meters of area (taking into account passages and a site for unloading under boxes or boxes on a pallet).

As you can see, the cost of the line is quite low. Based on the area of ​​the workshop and financial capabilities, production can be completed with any number of mini-lines.

The installation and list of additional equipment is determined by the type of raw materials that will be used by your opportunities to expand your business. Regarding raw materials: if you use sunflower heads, you will need a special crusher for extracting seeds (grain cleaning machine - about 320 thousand rubles. Or vibro-pneumatic table - about 180 thousand rubles).

In addition, sometimes before frying, the sunflower seeds are washed in special bathtubs, and after frying, they are passed through a cleaner-cooler, which consists of a rotating sieve with a small cell and simply sifts the black dust and ash deposits from the roasted seeds. About the extension, see below.

Further business development prospects

As already mentioned above, ovens used for roasting sunflower seeds can (after appropriate one-time reconfiguration) also be used for roasting pumpkin seeds, peanuts, coffee beans, etc.

In addition, by purchasing separate equipment for cleaning, peeling and separating sunflower seeds (about 670 thousand rubles), you can sell the sunflower kernel, which also has its own demand.

In general, there are a lot of development options: this is also the production of fodder meal, peas, butter, drying oil, margarine, kozinaki, halva and much more, including husk biofuel.

Pavel Biryukov

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Video about the process of producing packaged fried seeds

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