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Stretch ceilings - a relatively new invention. They gained their popularity among buyers due to such qualities as durability, moisture resistance, a variety of shapes, textures and colors, which is due to the use of PVC film and special production technology.

Ten years ago, ceilings of European manufacture were presented on the market of finishing materials. And only today, Russian manufacturers were able to win a certain share of this market.

Despite the large number of domestic companies producing stretch ceilings, according to experts, this segment is still not saturated enough, and competition is relatively low.

As studies show, consumers treat products of domestic manufacturers with some distrust, which, however, does not have serious justification. The quality of our materials is high, and the proximity of the production of suspended ceilings to the market favorably affects the retail price of products.

In addition to saving on shipping costs, the Russian company was able to minimize losses associated with the transportation and storage of materials.

The main component of the stretch ceiling - PVC film - deteriorates during long-term transportation, which leads to losses when ordering imported products.

The high quality of stretch ceilings made in our country is also due to the fact that Russian companies successfully cooperate with Western "colleagues", learn from their experience and increase the level of control not only of production, but also of the installation of ceilings. All this favorably affects the reputation of our manufacturing companies.

Note that the production of suspended ceilings is an expensive business that requires large investments at the initial stage.

It will be necessary to purchase special equipment, maintain a special microclimate in production shops and, most importantly, strictly follow production standards. Nevertheless, all these costs quickly pay off, and subsequently turn into large profits.

Equipment for the production of suspended ceilings

To open your own production of suspended ceilings, you will need one or two HDTV machines. The cost of one machine for welding seams and a harpoon is from 300 thousand rubles. (single-operator) up to 350 thousand rubles. (double checkpoint). In addition, you will have to purchase an air compressor (receiver 50 l) worth up to 15 thousand rubles.

Additional electrical equipment (cable, automatic machines, etc.) will cost about 10 thousand rubles. Also, equipment for the workshop requires one or two tables for cutting, two tables for feeding material to the machine, a heated packing table, and racks for storing film.

All of this will have to spend from 50 to 80 thousand rubles. In addition, the cost of renting production facilities should be included in the business plan.

The cost of additional materials (metal corners, chipboard, lining material) will be about 5 thousand rubles. For the production of the first batch of suspended ceilings, the following consumables will be needed: PVC film, PVC baguette, harpoon, insert. Do not forget about the costs of packaging (boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, etc.). The minimum cost of the first purchase will be 100 thousand rubles.

When calculating the profitability of your business for the production of suspended ceilings, keep in mind that it will take 1000 linear meters to produce 1000 sq. M of ceiling (German PVC film - 60 rubles / sq. M). m baguette PVC (22 rubles / m. m), 1000 m. m insertion (10 rubles / linear meter) and 700 linear meters m of harpoon (10 rubles / m3).

This calculation is given for production, which will combine imported PVC film and fasteners with a baguette of Russian production. However, analysts predict that in the next couple of years models from the Russian canvas and accessories, which fully comply with European quality standards, will be ousted from the market of “hybrids”.

The installation technology of such stretch ceilings is quite simple: a baguette (fixing profile) is installed around the room’s perimeter, on which a PVC film is stretched.

There is another type of production of ceilings - the so-called seamless ceilings, which are made of very thin fabric impregnated with polymers on one or two sides.

Retail price per square meter m of stretch ceiling of Russian production is an average of 400 rubles. A square meter of stretch ceiling of European production will cost the buyer 500-900 rubles. The premium ceiling costs from 1, 500 thousand rubles / sq.m.

The productivity of a single-post machine with eight hours of workload per day and 22 working days per month is 2500 square meters. m / month The cost of one square meter. meters of the finished ceiling is 125-200 rubles / sq. m

If you plan not only to organize marketing of finished products, but also to provide installation services, you will need a minimum of 2-3 teams of two people each. When drawing up a business plan, consider the cost of wages to installers - from 15 thousand rubles / month. per person.

The stretch ceiling business is highly profitable, but do not forget about the high competition in this market. If you manage to quickly organize sales of your products, already in the first 3-6 months of work you can reach the level of self-sufficiency.

Pavel Biryukov

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