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Perhaps, an umbrella is the same accessory that will never lose its relevance and will not go out of fashion. Organization of own production of umbrellas does not require a large starting capital. Meanwhile, the umbrella manufacturing business will prove to be a profitable investment if you can find a niche that is not yet occupied in the market.

An ordinary umbrella consists of four main parts: the frame, the dome (the upper part of the umbrella), the rod and the handle. In turn, for ease of use, storage and transportation, there are models of umbrellas with rods consisting of one, two, three, four or five sections. Accordingly, the following models of umbrellas are distinguished: umbrellas in one addition, three additions, five, etc. The design of the spoke is most often determined by the number of additions of the model core. So, the spokes of an umbrella in five additions consist of five parts each.

The lower part of the spoke, which comes from the rod, is called the root, the second - the main (bearing), and the third or last - the outermost spoke. In some models (mainly Western-made), the spokes of the dome are assembled, for example, three times, while the shaft folds five times. These non-standard models are usually used as an advertising medium or souvenir products, for decoration of retail premises, etc.

Umbrella frames can be equipped with a different number of spokes - from 4 to 16. The mechanisms for opening the umbrella differ. They are mechanical, semi-automatic, automatic, double automatic machines (not only open, but also close with a simple click of a button). All components of the umbrella are made of various materials.

For the manufacture of knitting needles, aluminum or fiberglass (fiberglass) is usually used. Stainless steel is used much less often, since an umbrella with such a frame is too heavy. Umbrella handles are made of wood, plastic or metal. For a dome made of fabric, polyester is usually chosen, made for silk or satin, nylon (it is coarser and, accordingly, cheaper), materials with Teflon impregnation, less often use satin, silk, cotton, polyethylene, pongee.

Models of umbrellas vary in size. The smallest umbrellas with a folding of four do not exceed 18 cm when folded. Moreover, their spokes can reach 50-60 cm in length. Umbrellas, which are made for the European market, are 102 cm in diameter when opened. Umbrellas intended for sale in Russia are usually larger - 106 cm. There are special models of umbrellas with a diameter of up to 75 cm, designed for two people to use at the same time.

Umbrellas of German, Austrian, French and Japanese manufacturers are in the greatest demand. And the matter is not only in their high quality, but also in the original design and unusual forms.

Umbrella assembly technology is relatively simple. It does not require sophisticated, expensive equipment. On the other hand, almost all the work is done manually (not only in Russia, but throughout the world), and the whole process, of course, takes longer than with automated production.

First, the fabric is cut into triangles. These wedges are adjusted to each other according to the drawing and sewn into the dome. A fastener with a sewn-in label is sewn between them. The dome is pulled over the assembled frame and secured according to the scheme with a special strong thread. Plastic tips are put on knitting needles, labels are hung, and finished umbrellas are packed in plastic bags. The basic mechanisms themselves under an umbrella are often ordered abroad. Firstly, even with delivery, they are cheaper than with a full production cycle in Russia. And, secondly, the quality of imported parts is much higher than ours. The fabric that goes to the dome is also better to buy in other countries.

The price category depends on which segment you are targeting. Competition in the field of cheap products is too high, and the market is crammed with Chinese umbrellas at a cost of about 200-300 rubles apiece. Experts advise to focus on the output of the middle price segment and above. Small in terms of production, it is more profitable to rely on originality, exclusivity and high quality of their goods, even if they will be sold at a price above the average (from 1000 rubles).

Large companies produce in the conveyor method about 90-120 umbrellas per day. As a rule, the majority of workers are seamstresses who sew the domes of umbrellas. To cut the fabric, another 1-2 people are needed. One employee is engaged in packaging of finished products. Of great importance is the quality control of your product - this will require 1-2 more people.

The main problem faced by the owners of such a business is the search and retention of staff. However, high staff turnover is the “weak point” of any small business associated with production.

The shop for the manufacture of umbrellas is most profitable to open in the region: there are low rental costs and low wages. In addition to working premises, areas for warehouses are needed. Do not forget about the need to organize the delivery of products.

The profitability of the business of manufacturing and selling umbrellas is at least 20%. The capacity of the Russian market allows you to sell at least 100 thousand umbrellas per year. For almost “manual” production, these are quite large volumes.

Sysoeva Lilia

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