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Experts recommend changing pillows every three years. In order not to buy a new pillow, it can be cleaned, which will be much cheaper. The pillow restoration business appeared relatively recently, but has already become popular with small investors, thanks to the quick payback and simplicity of technology.

restoration of down-feather products: Technology

The restoration process takes place in several stages: the pen is processed in a quartz chamber, where under the bactericidal ultraviolet lamp it undergoes disinfection, loosening under a stream of dry air and filtering, as a result of which dust is removed.

At the request of the client, fluff can be subjected to additional bactericidal treatment. This is necessary in order to destroy the pathogenic microflora, which accumulates over the years in downy filling. This method is especially good when you need to provide "recovery" pillows, for example, when someone got sick on it.

After cleaning with strong streams of compressed air in hard ultraviolet disinfecting rays, the feather is blown into a new teak bedcloth - a fabric that does not allow fluff to pass through.

The price of a breastplate depends on the country of manufacture of the fabric. A feather tick of German production costs from 40 UAH. per meter running. The cost of a bed-piece with a size of 70 x 70 cm is about 27 UAH, taking into account the costs of sewing a bed-piece, electricity, rent, etc. The profitability of this business, according to entrepreneurs, can be 45-55%. The daily minimum cash desk is somewhere around 600-1000 UAH. This is approximately 20-50 customers per day. There are fewer clients during business hours, and queues are formed on weekends. In this business, seasonality is observed - the end of autumn and the beginning of winter — a low season.

The cleaning procedure lasts about 5-20 minutes. In most points, restoration is carried out in the presence of the owner so that the client can make sure that the feather-down is not replaced with anything of poor quality. Very busy customers are offered restoration with delivery. In Kiev, such a service costs 40 UAH. - with a round-trip road.

Restoration of Down Products: How to Start a Business

There are two options to start a restoration business. The easiest and fastest is to open a small point. To recoup investments within three to four months, you need to start at least from two points. It is better to rent a place in a residential area, it is desirable that it be passable, for example, in a shopping center or near the market. The area of ​​the repair point is small, enough about 7 square meters. m. The second option is more suitable for pillow manufacturers: the organization of an additional service for their dry cleaning customers.

Equipment for the restoration of pillows with the subsequent replacement of a napnik in Ukraine is produced only in Kharkov. It costs 8 thousand UAH. You can order equipment by phone and online. After a partial prepayment, the equipment will be delivered anywhere in Ukraine. All equipment is certified, i.e. the buyer receives an opinion from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. All that remains for him is to obtain a conclusion from the sanitary and epidemiological station of the district where the launch of the point is planned, and to form an enterprise.

In addition to the cleaning equipment itself, you need to purchase an electric sewing machine to sew in a new bedcloth filled with cleaned fluff, and an ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean the equipment itself. On average, the entire set of equipment for one point will cost about 12 thousand UAH.

All preparations for starting a business will take no more than three days. One person can serve such a point, the main thing is that he does not have an allergy to the pen.

Often, after the opening of several points, entrepreneurs start their own production of bedding. This reduces the cost of the service.

In small cities, it is unprofitable to start a separate production of bed sheets, so the owners of restoration points themselves sew bed sheets at home. More or less large manufacturers of bedding are looking for additional customers: wholesale customers, boarding houses, recreation centers, hotels.

restoration of down-feather products: Advertising

Advertising in this business is an important component of success, entrepreneurs say. Indeed, often people simply do not know about such a service.

An advertising campaign depends on the characteristics of the city and even the district. But the sources of advertising, in principle, are the same everywhere - sticking on bulletin boards in new buildings, or direct mail. An advertising campaign for one district of Kiev will cost about 10 thousand UAH. A good advertising move is considered to be cooperation with pillow stores, where the customer will be immediately informed upon purchase, where and how it will be possible to clean the pillow.

Based on the article by Vitalina Kovalchuk for the magazine Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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