Own business: selling root dogs

* The calculations use the average data for the World Starting investments

100 000 ₽


100 000 - 120 000 ₽

Net profit

50 000 - 60 000 ₽

Payback period

2-3 months

Corn dog trading is a great business for beginners who, even with minimal sales, will pay for themselves in 2-3 months. This is a simple technology, minimum investment and minimum price for the buyer.

Corn dog trading is a great opportunity for beginning entrepreneurs: small capital, simple technology, high profitability, and as a result, minimal risks. According to experts, the popularity of small fast foods in recent years has grown by almost 30%, so root dog as a business is a very promising area. Such products are designed for students, workers and employees, that is, for consumers with an average income.

What is a root dog and what does it eat

Corn dog is, in fact, an improved version of the sausage in the test or hot dog. A long-familiar dish in a new, fashionable design. Corn dog is a sausage in a dough on a stick. But there is one important difference. For ordinary sausages, wheat flour is used in the dough, and for corn dogs, a special dough made from corn flour is used. Hence the name.

Corn Dog has become popular for several reasons: firstly, this is the original performance of a long-familiar product; secondly, the budget price of 100 rubles makes it a popular street food; thirdly, it is ideal for a snack on the go, since the presence of a wooden skewer that can be held in your hand makes this product more convenient than, for example, a burger or shawarma.

The menu can include classic corn dogs with various sauces, as well as a dessert version of corn dogs. Of course, in sweet corn dogs, you will have to do without sausages and replace them with banana-chocolate filling with the addition of various toppings. You can diversify classic root dogs if you offer various sausages (regular dairy, Bavarian, cheese, chicken, etc.). There may be many options.

How to open a Corn Dog business? For success in this matter, the presence of three factors is important: good location, modern equipment and quality ingredients.

Where can I trade root dogs

You can trade root dogs both in the street format and under the roof, however we will consider the format of a small point in the shopping center. An “island” with corn dogs is an excellent option for placement in a shopping center. It is advisable to find a place near the entrance. Since root dogs are a good snack, not only visitors to the shopping center, but also employees of the nearest offices can become potential consumers. Focusing on this target audience, it is advantageous to be located at the entrance - for hurrying workers it will be very convenient.

For an "island" with root dogs, an area of ​​5 square meters will be enough. m. In monetary terms, it is: 8-10 thousand rubles for rent and 50 thousand rubles for the budget version of the design.

What kind of equipment is needed for a business on root dogs

The main equipment is an apparatus for preparing root dogs. It must have a capacity of at least 30 pcs. at one o'clock. A large selection of equipment is offered by Chinese manufacturers - this is a more budget option. There are European models, they are better and will last longer, but you will have to pay more for them. At the start, it is quite possible to get by with a Chinese-made apparatus. Budget model for the simultaneous baking of six root dogs and with a productivity of 35-50 pcs. an hour costs about 20 thousand rubles. In addition, you need a mixer. Professional models can cost 25-60 thousand rubles.

Storage of ingredients will require refrigeration equipment. You can consider buying an inexpensive isothermal container, which will cost an average of 8 thousand rubles. If you plan to sell soft drinks and related products, you need a refrigerator. To save money, you can buy a used model of a small size. It will cost 9 thousand rubles.

You must also purchase: a blender for kneading dough, stainless steel containers for food storage, various cutlery and accessories. Of the auxiliary equipment, a napkin holder, container for sauces, plastic price tags can be noted. Also do not forget about the cash register - its cost will be 10 thousand rubles. Total, equipment will have to spend 70-80 thousand rubles.

The technology of preparing root dogs

The recipe for root dogs is quite simple. The dough is prepared from the following ingredients:

  • corn and wheat flour;

  • kefir;

  • eggs

  • salt, sugar, baking soda.

The ratio can be different, it is important to achieve the desired consistency. Well, if you can offer customers unique recipes. Cooking the root dog takes 3-4 minutes. The preheated form is oiled. The dough is poured, and a sausage is strung on it, strung on a wooden skewer. The form closes and flips to the other side. You can also cook such a deep-fried dish. In this case, a crispy golden crust is obtained. Everyone can master this technology.

Where and how to get the ingredients for root dogs

So, for the preparation of root dogs, we need to buy sausages, corn flour, kefir, eggs, salt, sugar, baking soda, sauces. This is a minimal set. If you plan to diversify the menu with sweet corn dogs, then fruits, chocolate, nuts and more will be added to the list.

As you can see, different products are needed. The production is small. Therefore, it’s more profitable to look for large suppliers who can provide you with several products at once. The most important ingredient for making corn dogs is sausages. Cornmeal is the same everywhere, but sausages can be in different price categories and differ in taste. The cost of 1 kg of sausages varies from 200 to 500 rubles. To choose the most suitable option, purchase different options for testing. And only after making sure of the quality of the products, conclude an agreement and make a purchase.

How to sell and advertise root dogs

For one outlet, you need to hire two sellers who will work in shifts. Do not forget about the requirement for employees - the presence of a medical book. At the start, the business owner himself can cope alone.

What features you need to know for the sale of root dogs:

  • It is very important to develop an original recipe for making a dough that customers will like. If you manage to create something different from what competitors offer, this will be a great helper in promotion.

  • even if there is only one outlet, you should immediately come up with a brand name. Of course, if you plan to work in this direction and develop your business. Come up with a catchy name and logo, make packaging in a corporate style. These simple tricks work great for brand promotion.

  • If possible, arrange a rest area for clients near the counter. 2-3 bar stools will cost you 15 thousand, but the likelihood of re-ordering in this case will increase by 40%.

  • a wide assortment is important. Do not be afraid to experiment, add new items to the menu. For example, donuts or sweet waffles. In this case, you will have to spend 10 thousand rubles on additional equipment, but you can offer visitors a wide selection, which makes it possible to increase the average bill.

How to register a business on root dogs

If you work with one outlet, the IP form and a simplified taxation system are suitable for registration. If you plan to expand, then it is better to immediately register a legal entity (best of all - LLC), so that you do not have to redo paperwork later.

Having a lease, equipment and certificates from suppliers of equipment on hand, you can go to the SES. The commission gives permission to trade after checking your outlet for compliance with the requirements.

No licenses for the sale of root dogs are required. You will need to make technical specifications and the recipe of the preparation. The design of these documents can be entrusted to specialists, they will also help to go through the approval process.

How much can you earn on the trade of root dogs

Initial investments in the business will amount to approximately 100 thousand rubles. This includes the cost of purchasing equipment, paying for the first month of rent and the first purchase of ingredients. How to recoup the invested funds?

To begin with, let's calculate the cost of manufacturing one root dog. The cost is largely determined by the quality of sausages - this is the most expensive ingredient. On average, the cost of the root dog will be 30 rubles. Its selling price varies between 100-150 rubles. For a month, it’s quite realistic to sell 750-1000 corn dogs (this is only 25-34 pcs. Per day). Then the revenue will be about 100-120 thousand rubles.

Of this amount of net profit, 50-60 thousand rubles will remain. And this does not include the sale of soft drinks and related products. Conclusion: even with minimal sales, the return on initial investment will be 2-3 months.

What are the prospects for a Corn Dog business?

A business with root dogs has good prospects for development. Why?

  • You can use the already promoted brand of such a dish as a hot dog and focus on the originality of the technology and the unusual taste of a familiar product;

  • The low cost of equipment and simple technology allows you to set relatively low prices, thereby attracting customers.

  • Experts predict that the popularity of small fast foods will grow, and the preparation of a delicious product in front of customers gives additional benefits to this business.

  • The business is ideal for beginners and has growth prospects. For example, you can open a second point on the street in the format of a kiosk or a small tent on wheels, which will allow you to take advantageous points: in parks, near universities, markets, train stations, and also participate in city events.

Evgenia Yurkina

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