Own business: Thai ice cream on an island in the shopping center

* The calculations use the average data for the World 350 000 ₽

Starting investments

204 000 ₽


87 000 ₽

Net profit

3-6 months

Payback period

Thai or fried ice cream - a new trend in food service. Even a novice entrepreneur with a budget of 350 thousand rubles can open his own business selling Thai ice cream. Investments will pay off in 4 months.

The Russian ice cream market is actively developing: according to statistics, at the beginning of 2018, the market volume amounted to more than 350 thousand tons, which in terms of value is 72 billion rubles. For every Russian, there are approximately 7 kg of ice cream eaten per year. More than half of our compatriots are regular consumers of this dessert.

The market is growing, replenished with new types of ice cream. Entrepreneurs are looking for interesting ideas that allow you to look at the usual delicacy with different eyes. And a small revolution in the ice cream market happened in 2016, when the Russians learned about Thai ice cream in the form of a roll. Until now, the niche remains free - and this is a great chance to start selling ice cream. Such a delicacy appeared in megacities, and for the rest it is still a curiosity. But Thai ice cream has every chance to conquer the market and become a popular product. And entrepreneurs still have the opportunity to open a profitable business on ice cream.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thai Ice Cream Ideas

Thai ice cream came to us from Asia and quickly replaced the desserts familiar to Russians. Consumers love the news, and the news that causes gastronomic delight, firmly fixed in our menu. Remember how ten years ago everyone was referring to Japanese rolls - and how familiar they are now. So it is not surprising that the fried ice cream business is profitable and promising. The idea is fresh and relevant, so you can seriously think about opening your own outlet.

But first you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of fried ice cream as a business.



  • high demand for ice cream;

  • the ability to run on a small area;

  • novelty and unusualness;

  • high profitability with a small starting capital;

  • a wide selection of ingredients from natural raw materials;

  • quick business launch

  • seasonality;

  • preparing one serving takes about 5 minutes, which can lead to queues and loss of customers;

  • registration of permits;

  • demand depends on the income level of the population;

  • low customer loyalty, which is difficult to accept new products in the food service market

What is Thai ice cream and what does it eat

The middle name of Thai ice cream is fried. This often confuses people because they don’t understand how to fry ice cream. But in fact, fried ice cream is an ice cream swirling in the form of a roll. A delicacy is prepared from the mixture for making soft ice cream using the flat surface of a special freezer. They called him “Fried” for the fact that its preparation is somewhat reminiscent of the process of frying pancakes. No real frying, of course, happens. On the contrary, the temperatures here are minus. A specially prepared mixture is cooled to a temperature of minus 25 degrees. When the mixture reaches the desired consistency, it is rolled up. The process takes no more than 5 minutes. There are different recipes for making Thai ice cream: it is made from natural yoghurts, mixes for soft ice cream and other ingredients. There are many variations. And the buyer is invited to choose them.

The process of making Thai ice cream itself is quite spectacular, so it is recommended to place a point of sale in the islet format. There, ice cream is prepared in the open kitchen, which can attract people's attention.

What equipment is used

The main equipment is a freezer. It is an iron box with a compressor and a cooling control unit. Above is an open round surface, similar to a pan - only it cools. To work with the device, you do not need any skills. Milling cutter - simple equipment, it does not require special care and cleaning. You will have enough hours to get used to this device.

But not everything is so simple with a freezer. It is very important to understand the characteristics of the equipment in order to buy the good. Read reviews about manufacturers, learn the experience of other entrepreneurs. It is recommended to buy a freezer directly from an official manufacturer. Intermediaries sell equipment with a high margin, which reaches up to 200%.

Buy equipment only from a trusted supplier who provides a warranty. Do not try to save on a freezer - this is the main element of your business, the quality of products depends on it. Keep in mind that almost all cheap models suffer from uneven cooling of the work surface. Because of this, the taste and aesthetic appearance of ice cream will suffer.

When choosing a freezer, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. shallow pans are much more convenient, so the smaller the depth, the better;

  2. but the diameter of the cooling surface should be as large as possible. He considers a surface with a diameter of at least 45-50 cm comfortable for work;

  3. the number of cooling surfaces - one working area will be enough for a point of sale with medium traffic. If attendance is high, it is better to choose a freezer with two surfaces;

  4. case size - it is better to choose a high freezer. Working with low equipment is very inconvenient - your back gets tired quickly. But models with low equipment are generally cheaper;

  5. the availability of gastronome containers for fruits and other additives. In addition, among the additional functions included in the package, there may be containers for storing ingredients, devices and other options that increase the speed of work. Of course, you will have to pay for each such additional function;

  6. convenient adjustment and adjustment of a freezer;

  7. compressor - the volume of the apparatus, its efficiency and durability depend on it;

The cost of such equipment is from 50 to 200 thousand rubles - depending on the characteristics. A quality freezer with a comfortable surface and gastronome containers for fruits will cost 150 thousand rubles. In addition to the freezer, it is necessary to purchase auxiliary equipment - an approximate list is given in the table. Investments in equipment will amount to 173 thousand rubles.

The list of equipment necessary for the preparation of Thai ice cream



Soft ice cream machine

10, 000

Ice cream milling cutter

150, 000

Mini fridge for food storage

10, 000

Shovels, spoons, stirrers

3, 000


173, 000

In addition, you will need to purchase another island-type RMU kiosk. It will cost about 100 thousand rubles. You will also have to buy a cash register and terminal for non-cash payment. Total initial costs for the equipment of the outlet will amount to 290 thousand rubles.

How to register a business

To register a business, an IP or LLC is suitable. If you are going to open a single institution, then choose the IP. If you plan to open a network of institutions, you must register as an LLC. As a code of activity of OKVED it is necessary to specify: 10.52 - production of ice cream. Immediately it is worth choosing a tax regime. For catering, the best option is the USN at the rate of 15% "income minus expenses".

The list of documents for opening a point for the preparation of Thai ice cream:

  • Extract from the USRIP;

  • Documents for cash register;

  • SES conclusions;

  • Employment contracts with employees;

  • Sanitary books of employees;

  • Certificates of conformity of equipment and ingredients;

  • Lease contract;

The cost of processing all the necessary documentation will be about 25, 000 rubles. We recommend that you study the lease in detail to immediately determine how the responsibilities for servicing the retail space are distributed between the shopping center and you, as a tenant. Typically, the issues of the electricity network, sewage, garbage disposal and solid waste, protection are decided by the shopping center itself. But it is better to control this moment and make sure of everything.

How to choose a location

An advantageous location is half the success for any catering establishment. It is necessary to take a responsible approach to choosing a place. The Thai ice cream business concept fits perfectly into the islet format in the shopping center. Therefore, at the first stage, you should choose a shopping center with high traffic. The island should be located in the path of the flow of visitors - then it certainly will not go unnoticed. You can place the kiosk on the food court, on the way to the game rooms or in a conspicuous place near the entrance to the shopping center.

Please note that not every area in the shopping center can be considered a favorable location. Firstly, even in the most popular shopping center there is a disadvantageous place. There is no point in staying there - you are just wasting your money. Secondly, there are shopping centers with low attendance. To compare this parameter in different shopping centers is quite simple. Visit different shopping centers where you could open your point of sale. Track 10 minutes and count the number of people passing by, and then compare the readings from different shopping centers. For the purity of the experiment, try to conduct it at about the same time, while measuring the attendance of the place where you intend to establish the island.

Good pedestrian traffic will be considered 800-1000 people per hour (or approximately 135 people in 10 minutes of observation).

When you select a place, you can set the "island". The design for one seller will occupy an area of ​​not more than 5 square meters. m. For the construction itself will have to pay about 100 thousand rubles (including installation). And the cost of such a place for rent in the shopping center (in the regions) will cost about 15 thousand rubles. Tip: rental rates in shopping centers are always overpriced - they say, six-figure amounts must be paid for high attendance. But as practice shows, you can negotiate with landlords. It is possible to reduce the cost of rent by 30%, if you conduct a constructive dialogue. So do not be afraid to negotiate terms of cooperation. If you do not ask about the possibility of reducing the rental rate, then it is unlikely that someone will offer you this.

It is also advisable to coordinate the design of the "island" in advance with the administration of the shopping center. Some shopping centers practice approval of a design project in order not to violate the integrity of the interior of the complex. So this question is better to clarify in advance. Because it’s better to immediately pick up the equipment that the administration will approve, rather than fight with it later. Please note that if the shopping center asks to present a design project, you will have to spend considerable money (from 20 to 60 thousand rubles) to pay for the creation of the layout. More democratic shopping centers require only visualization of the project in the interiors of the shopping center and approval of the technical component.

The creation and equipment of a standard "island" will take about 2 weeks. Installation is best entrusted to manufacturers. As a rule, this is cheaper than engaging third-party contractors.

Since fried ice cream is a specific catering establishment, be sure to check if there are any nearby competitors when choosing a place. Neighborhood with peers is not allowed for a specific format of the establishment - naturally, this can negatively affect sales.

How to choose suppliers and purchase raw materials

The first purchase of ingredients will cost you about 40 thousand rubles. To make Thai ice cream you will need:

  • ready mixes for making soft ice cream. There are many tastes - so pre-determine the menu and recipes in order to purchase only the right thing;

  • additional ingredients: berries, fruits, syrups, etc .;

  • high-quality bottled drinking water for dilution of mixtures.

The main thing is to find a reliable supplier whose products meet safety standards and GOST requirements. In addition, the supply of raw materials must be made exactly on time according to the schedule. The ingredients must be of high quality and fresh. It is advisable that the supplier is located close to you - this will help reduce transportation costs.

What else you need to pay attention to when choosing suppliers:

  • quality certificates for all products;

  • large assortment of goods;

  • supplier reliability (read reviews on cooperation);

  • availability of a loyalty system: discounts may depend on the volume of the order.

In addition to the ingredients, you must purchase supplies for the portioned sale of ice cream. Usually, a waffle cone or paper cups paired with a plastic spoon are used as containers for dessert. The appetite and overall impression of your products depends on the quality of design, so try to make everything beautiful: not only ice cream, but also its packaging. The cost of consumables will be about 15 thousand rubles.

How to determine the format of service and select staff

In the first months of work, you will need two sellers who will work in shifts. If you want to save, you can hire one seller and replace him until the profit allows you to hire another employee. In the future, you can expand the staff to quickly serve visitors. Sellers accept orders and payments, prepare ice cream, and also monitor the cleanliness of the workplace.

The service scheme looks like this: the seller accepts the order and prepares it. Order preparation time should be 5-6 minutes. Ice cream is served in cardboard cups with a spoon.

There is nothing complicated in the work, so you can take a person without work experience as a seller. Preference should be given to young employees. In the preparation of Thai ice cream you need quick service and dexterous hands. Students are great.

Requirements for the staff of a public institution:

  • all employees must have sanitary records with appropriate marks;

  • all employees must be instructed in the safety and operating equipment before admission to work.

The optimal form of wages is a fixed rate plus a motivational component (a certain percentage of sales). At first, two shift workers will be enough. Itself will undertake to perform the functions of manager and accountant.

How to promote fried ice cream

First you need to determine the target audience. It mainly consists of children and youth. Also, couples with children can be identified as a separate group.

The best Thai ice cream ad is a vibrant sign that draws attention. Remember that seller uniforms are also part of the marketing concept. His appearance should be credible.

Try to get to some public event. For example, shopping centers often carry out entertainment programs: presentations, contests, lotteries. If you contact the organizers in advance, you can become a member. One day of work at such an event - and the monthly revenue in your pocket.

If the population of your city does not know what Thai ice cream is, then your task is to introduce the consumer to your products. Create an account in the social. networks, publish mouth-watering photos of ice cream, tell interesting facts, conduct raffles, announce the time of the action. You can print flyers with a discount coupon in your establishment and give them to visitors to the shopping center. Remember the main law of marketing: the more people find out about you, the more visitors will come to you.

An important nuance: plan to start a business at the end of April or the beginning of May - then you will be at the peak of sales, which will ensure high profitability in the first months of the project’s life. Profits earned in high season will be a reserve for the fall.

How to calculate business profitability

It's time to take stock. The table shows the approximate amount of the initial investment. Please note that the item “reserve fund” appears in the expenditure side. What it is? This is the amount that is a “financial pillow” in the first months of work, when the minimac is just about to start functioning. This stage is usually associated with large expenses and a small amount of profit, not able to cover the amount of expenses.

Initial investments will amount to 345 thousand rubles. This amount includes expenses for equipment, raw materials and consumables. In addition to the initial investment, you need to calculate the approximate amount of monthly expenses. On average, they will amount to 112 thousand rubles.

Monthly expenses of a Thai ice cream outlet





Lease of retail space

15, 000


Grocery shopping

30, 000



40, 000



5, 000


Taxes (approximate amount, depends on the amount of revenue)

17, 000


other expenses

10, 000


117, 000

Now you can calculate the revenue side of our project. To do this, we need the following data:

  • The average price of one portion is 170 rubles;

  • Daily sales rate - 40 servings;

  • Monthly revenue - 170 × 40 × 30 = 204, 000 rubles;

  • Net profit for the month - 204, 000 - 117, 000 = 87, 000 rubles;

  • Payback period - 345 000/87 000 = 4 months;

  • Break-even point will be reached in about 4 months. Further, the net monthly profit will be 87, 000 rubles.

    What are the pitfalls in business

    Business in the field of public catering is associated with many risks that can significantly affect the work of the institution.

    The main risk of this business is related to seasonality. Ice cream is in demand from the beginning of May until the end of September, and the main peak of sales falls in the summer. To support off-season sales, add a few winter offers to the menu.

    Another risk is a wrong place. Renting space in the shopping center is not a guarantee of a good location. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate each potential place in order to choose the most successful option. Otherwise, you can pay with revenue.

    Opening a new format of the institution is also a kind of risk. You can never say with 100% certainty that people will like the idea and will be in demand. On the one hand, consumers may be interested in an unusual form of ice cream. On the other hand, there will be few such daredevils, and most conservatives will pass by the news. It is possible to reduce this risk by competent advertising, the purpose of which is to introduce the consumer to a new product.

    Checklist for the opening of the "island in the shopping center" with Thai ice cream

    Key business indicators:

    • The threshold for entering the business is 350 thousand rubles;

    • Payback - from 3 to 6 months;

    • The average bill is 150 rubles.

    • Net profit - 87 thousand rubles / month

    The main steps to open an "island" in the shopping center:

    1. Registration and paperwork

    2. Selection of retail space, conclusion of a lease

    3. Purchase and installation of equipment

    4. Selection of product suppliers

    5. Hiring

    6. Advertising campaign

    7. Revenue Planning and Profitability Analysis

    8. Risk accounting.


    Thai ice cream is a high margin product, so saving on raw materials is not worth it. Get high-quality dry mixes, fresh fruits and milk. The taste of your ice cream is the hallmark of the establishment. If consumers like it, they will not only return to you again, but will also tell acquaintances about you.

    Before you take action to start a business, make a business plan. Examine the market, competitive environment, demand for similar products. Compare the prices of equipment from different manufacturers, find suppliers with favorable conditions. Thinking everything in advance, you will save money and time and avoid stupid mistakes at the start.

    The production and sale of Thai ice cream is a low-cost, but highly profitable business, which, if properly organized, will bring stable high profits.

    Evgenia Yurkina

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