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In any home today there are many electrical appliances, their users usually do not have the slightest idea about the arrangement of equipment and even more about how to repair it in the event of a breakdown. In this case, in most cases, a failed equipment is subject to restoration, and repair is much more economical than buying a new unit. In this regard, the need for the services of craftsmen among the population is constant, a true professional, able to cope with any breakdown, will surely find his client. Building a business on the repair of household appliances is relatively simple, but for this you need to have the appropriate knowledge, and not every master is universal, being able to work with absolutely any equipment from any manufacturer. But even in this case, you can build your own successful business, which will have many development prospects.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the level of competition in this type of business. Due to the simplicity of the start and low costs on the market, there are a large number of players who already have a well-developed client base, they can be found in any area of ​​the city, and the competition forces them to constantly reduce prices for their services. Depending on the market situation in the city where you have to work, it can be very difficult to organize your own business, especially if there is already a workshop for repair and maintenance of equipment nearby. However, due to the great variety of technical products and the difference in their structure, many masters do not even compete with each other, but rather cooperate in different niches and offer their customers repair of different equipment, and a large number of service centers are rarely taken for the same type of work, this is done by one workshop. Thus, there is a complete differentiation of the services offered, and the competition is no longer acute.

However, the way to organize your home appliance repair business can be different and has two directions. The first method is a single-brand salon, which offers repair of equipment of only one specific manufacturer, and does not undertake the maintenance of equipment of others. Which service center often acts as a partner for a household store and provides warranty service for equipment purchased in this store. This method of organization has its advantages and disadvantages. If you maintain your single-brand salon and have cooperation with household appliance stores, you can constantly have service orders, but in this case the store or device manufacturer will pay for the repair of the equipment.

An exception can be called customers who have expired warranty service, but who seek to repair their equipment from an official master. In this case, you will have to keep high quality indicators of the work performed, often act at the direction of the stores, and the range of possibilities is limited to serving only one manufacturer, which significantly reduces the number of potential consumers. A store looking for cooperation with a service center will place high demands on the latter, and often in this case it is necessary to invest more significant funds in its arrangement. All this should be overlapped by a stable and large number of orders, but not every manufacturer or store can offer it.

The second way to organize such a business is opposed to the first, because it involves the maintenance and repair of a variety of equipment from different manufacturers. Relatively speaking, it is a multi-brand, but in fact it does not make any differences in the brand of products, but simply eliminates the problems. Hence the main difficulty in organizing such a business - masters must be universal, be able to understand any devices, taking into account their features, and often the design of similar products from different manufacturers varies significantly. But in this case, the repair shop operates independently of other structures, conducts its own policy and has more opportunities to attract a large number of consumers. With this method of organization, there is a considerable risk that demand will fluctuate greatly, but this problem should be smoothed out by the constant appeal of people with a request to repair products of different brands. It is not worth comparing these two ways of organizing a business, because in each particular case one or the other may be preferable. To do this, it is worth examining the offers of household appliance stores and manufacturers, and then making a decision depending on the proposed conditions.

To start your work, you need to register as a business entity. There is no need to register a legal entity, you can remain an individual by registering as an individual entrepreneur. If you still need to register a legal entity, then it is better to choose the form of a limited liability company, this will make it possible to use a simplified taxation system, as is the case with individual entrepreneurship. However, registration of an IP is much simpler and requires significantly lower costs, an individual entrepreneur is liable for debts with his own property, but as a rule, in such a business, serious debts do not arise. It is also worth choosing the OKVED code correctly, and the activity itself falls under the definition (OKPD 2) 95.2 Services for the repair of personal and household goods, but this grouping includes many provisions, and almost all of them can be suitable for the household appliance repair business . For the repair of mobile phones, the definition of personal goods is more suitable.

The next step in organizing your business will be to search for premises, and in this case, you must first focus on the fact that there are no competing firms nearby. A significant advantage of organizing a business for the repair of small equipment is the ability to work in a very small space, one master with all the necessary equipment can accommodate in a territory of no more than 10 m2. This includes mobile phones and all small, small-sized and easily transported household appliances. If you have to work with large units (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.), then you will not be able to manage a small area and you will have to rent significant spaces for your work. This is due at least to the fact that there will be a need for a place to place equipment, including one that is only in the queue, a space for the convenience of the master and a platform for unloading and loading equipment. The workshop itself can be located in the center of the city, especially where there is very good cross, but the enterprise located on the territory of residential areas can also be successful. Moreover, in some cases, placement in dormitory quarters is more appropriate than in the city center, where there are practically no residential apartments and houses, and this concerns primarily the workshop for the repair and maintenance of large equipment. But even in this case, there is an opportunity to save on rent if you offer your customers home visits.

Ideally, the workshop should offer its customers solutions to problems of any complexity, and not all of them can be solved in the client’s apartment, but at first you can restrict yourself to home repair services. Most clients will be able to help in this case, and it will be possible to rent a large room a bit later, when there will be a developed client base. The provision of repair services at home almost completely eliminates the need for office maintenance, because if the entrepreneur is a master himself, then he can keep all the equipment at home, and accept applications only by phone. For businessmen with limited financial capabilities, this way of organizing a business is much more preferable, but it is absolutely not suitable in the case of work with shops providing warranty service for equipment and a specific manufacturer, and is also not very successful in the case of repairing small household appliances and especially mobile phones, because in this case it is assumed that the master takes the equipment to himself. On the other hand, small equipment and telephones can be repaired at home.

But even if a business was started with the provision of services by one person - an entrepreneur, sooner or later in its development it will reach the level when additional specialists will be required. In the case of working with bulky equipment, you will initially have to attract additional forces. Therefore, you need to think about the personnel issue from the very beginning. It is best to outsource all business processes that are not related to making a profit, only the masters will work directly in the company, and all the administrative and organizational duties should be performed by the entrepreneur himself. Experienced and knowledgeable device features of many products are sought for work. Their number is determined by the level of the enterprise itself, and at first it could be two people, if not one at all.

In addition, when working with large equipment, loaders and a driver are involved, this is only necessary when the work is performed directly on the territory of the workshop. Moreover, in this case, it is critically necessary to purchase a truck, but the simplest such representative will cost about 200 thousand rubles. It will be a used Russian-made car, but for the first time this will be enough to transport equipment. The car body can also become an advertising platform on which information about the workshop is located. Given that the car will move throughout the city, we can count on a fairly large number of people to know about the company's offer.

Work with each type of equipment has its own characteristics, which type of business may not be in demand among the population, if the masters offer maintenance and repair of milking books, which is easier to replace than to repair. Therefore, the maintenance of systems or other types of equipment can be different in terms of economic attractiveness. The most cost-effective undertaking can be called the repair of refrigerators, because this large equipment can be easily repaired, and even a not quite experienced specialist can cope with it. Learning how to repair refrigerators is relatively simple, so there is no personnel issue. At the same time, such devices are expensive enough to change even with a serious breakdown, and many users are much more likely to call the wizard than go to the household appliance store. Compared to other equipment, refrigerators are not so subject to moral wear and tear, they last quite a long time, therefore, even when the warranty ends, the user operates the refrigerator for a long time. Of other large-sized equipment, washing machines can also be noted, but they are more difficult to repair, although in most cases it turns out to be somewhat cheaper than acquiring a new one.

With small equipment, everything is much more complicated, because it costs an order of magnitude cheaper, the price of components is often comparable to the price of a new product, and many users prefer to change such products even with a minor breakdown. Demand for such types of services will be much lower, and consumers who find out the price will often refuse to repair in favor of buying a new product. This issue is especially acute with cell phones, because they become obsolete very quickly, and upon the expiration of the warranty, the phone often becomes no longer needed by the consumer if it breaks down. Even a person with limited means can go to a mobile phone salon instead of repairing his phone and purchase for a while an inexpensive model that he will use until he accumulates funds for a new modern phone. In this regard, the repair of small household appliances and mobile phones is best done as a monobrand service center, which operates at the store and offers warranty service for products. However, even a multi-brand salon can offer its customers simple operations that are much cheaper than buying a new phone. This includes replacing the display, microphone, speaker, receiver, battery for some models, as well as flashing software and simple services not to repair, but to improve the phone. If you plan to work with mobile phones, then it is economically unprofitable to do one repair, but you need to offer additional services up to applying drawings to the case or changing the backlight.

Depending on the complexity of the services provided, various equipment is purchased, the cost of which can vary significantly. Repair of small household appliances requires special tool kits, as well as soldering stations, ultrasonic baths and computers with special software for reconfiguring electronic systems. The cost of such equipment starts from about 10 thousand rubles, but can be slightly higher when buying a more professional and advanced tool. At the same time, not all devices can be useful in work, but for a monobrand service center you will have to buy the most advanced equipment. To repair the overall equipment you will need the same tool, but also special equipment for each type of device. The most important thing is the devices for checking the electrical system. The amount of such equipment can be small if you buy a standard tool, how do self-taught masters cost. Also, if it is planned to transport equipment, special transporting devices will be required. Thus, depending on the complexity of the work and the means available, the arsenal of the master may be different.

This type of business is notable for its low profitability, because the main part of the repair cost for the client is the price of the components themselves. In this regard, when replacement of any parts is not required, the cost of repair will not be high, otherwise it is often more profitable for the customer to buy new equipment. In general, the cost of the services of a repair shop itself rarely exceeds two thousand rubles, and often it is within 500. The masters themselves are engaged in only not difficult repairs (all for the same reason: it is often easier to replace than to repair), it will be most profitable to have a business when there is a large number of small orders. To engage in complex work is unprofitable neither for the master, nor for the consumer.

A repair shop should actively engage in its promotion on the market, because without informing the public there will not be enough orders necessary for the survival of the business. Therefore, the advertising campaign should be given special attention, and if necessary, create your own website, which indicates all the services offered and the cost on them. In order to quickly carry out its task, the workshop must have established relations with suppliers and manufacturers of parts, of course, to make it easier for a single-brand salon. This business can become good knowledge for an entrepreneur who is himself a master, otherwise you will spend almost all of your income on expenses.

Matthias Laudanum

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