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Do you like chocolate? Now imagine yourself the owner of a business that allows you to profit from your little passion. You can achieve this by opening your own chocolate boutique.

There are many benefits to starting a chocolate business. You will have an interesting, festive store that attracts attention. You will always be surrounded by high quality goods. Customers will readily visit your store.

Moreover, the number of sales of high-quality chocolate is increasing 2 times every year, and it follows that this type of business is the most profitable. The income from such a business is from $ 130, 000 per month, while your total starting capital should be $ 15, 000-16, 000, taking into account the manufacture of your own products.

There are 2 main ways to open chocolate boutiques.

Firstly, you can open a full-fledged chocolate workshop, where, in addition to purchased products, you can make chocolate yourself and, possibly, discover new types of it, in any case, you are guaranteed your own style in chocolate business.

If you choose this path, then, in addition to courses on making chocolate, you will need to take special courses on food processing (the price of the issue is from $ 300).

Or you can retail chocolate products. You decide.

Material costs and features of chocolate production

Then you will need special equipment for making / storing chocolate. This item is most important if you decide to make your own chocolate, since the taste of products depends on the equipment in many respects. The approximate amount of investment required for the purchase of equipment and inventory is $ 700.

The production of chocolate involves a large area of ​​the premises, since you will need a room for storing the original products, a room for making chocolate products, a room for storing products, a trading room, as well as a bathroom and a washing area.

Chocolate production room, i.e. Chocolaterie, of course, is many times more than if you were simply engaged in the retail trade of chocolate products (the approximate cost of renting a room with an area of ​​about 60 square meters is $ 800).

In addition, it must be borne in mind that chocolate products are extremely whimsical to high temperature. Therefore, you have to take care of the split system and refrigerators (their cost is from $ 1000). Sudden changes in temperature also adversely affect the product. This does not mean that the goods will be lost, but the appearance will deteriorate, which will not contribute to sales.

Staff recruitment

After the room is fully equipped, it is necessary to engage in the selection of personnel. To produce your own chocolate, you will need highly qualified confectioners, as well as service personnel to work in the trading floor.

It should be remembered that if you want to open a high-level chocolate boutique, your employees must masterfully own product information. And this implies a special briefing (a briefing by a chef of the highest category - from $ 100).

If you choose only retail, then you can use family members as employees.

Now let's talk about deliveries to your chocolate boutique. The ideal option is to make your own chocolate products, as well as purchase an elite type of finished product. But you can make good money only by selling imported goods.

Chocolate purchase

Where should you buy chocolate products? First of all, chocolate produced abroad is in high demand. In particular, the famous Belgian chocolate of such chocolate houses as: Wittamer, Leonidas, Neuhaus and Godiva, chocolate of German (for example, Moser Roth) and Swiss (Toblerone) manufacturers. But one of the best in the world is considered chocolate of the Italian brand Amedei.

Buying such chocolate is the key to the good reputation of your boutique. You can also use the assortment of Russian factories, but it is worth paying attention to the composition of the products. In no case should it be chocolate bars, you need exactly good quality chocolate.

Variety of assortment of chocolate products is the key to success

It is necessary to monitor the variety of assortment. A variety of chocolates with various fillings; praline; Truffles classic black, milk, white chocolate, with or without fillers; chocolate figures, chocolate fountains - this is only a small part of what should be included in the assortment. Starting capital for the purchase of goods is approximately $ 5, 000. Thus, you can purchase basic products to start your business.

But it is worth paying attention to the fact that handmade chocolate is in special demand. Many customers consider this chocolate a true work of art. A large percentage of sales of handmade chocolate products is especially high during the holidays. Great attention is drawn to products made on the theme of the festival.

The price of such goodies varies in the range of $ 1-150, the price of chocolate sets of elite chocolate can reach up to $ 300-350 in retail.

Your signature chocolate boutique design and interior

Particular attention should be paid to the store’s interior and packaging design, it is best that everything is in the same style. As a rule, the following colors prevail in chocolate business: red, burgundy, gold, brown, green. Cardboard boxes, bags, pouches, envelopes can act as packaging.

The main thing is colorful and elegant. The buyer must immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the holiday. Use of tapes and other attributes is possible. A great solution would be your own label on the package.

Secrets of attracting customers

Take care of business cards and advertising brochures. An excellent customer attraction is advertising in glossy publications, flyers with a colorful description of the product (advertising and packaging costs will be approximately $ 700-800 per month).

Another way to attract customers may be broadcasting the process of making chocolate on plasma panels in the store. Another trick is aromatherapy. As you know, our sense of smell directly interacts with taste receptors, so by purchasing flavors and installing equipment for spraying them in the store premises and beyond, you will provide your business with a flow of customers.

It is necessary to take care of the opening of the store. A bright discovery is already half the success. Belgian Chocolaterie, as a rule, arrange a tasting of products during the opening. Then you can hold such tastings, for example, once a month on a certain day. This will provide your customers with the opportunity to get acquainted with the assortment of chocolate boutique. According to statistics from Belgian chocolate factories, it is the conduct of such tastings that provides stores with regular customers and allows you to identify which products are in great demand.

Also a great commercial solution is to open a cafe in the format of your store. This will not only provide you regular customers all year round, but also increase your income. This idea is especially relevant if you still decide to make sweets yourself.

Belousova Julia

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