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Despite the apparent filling of the dumplings market with the most diverse assortment of varieties, names, manufacturers and quality, the production of dumplings is one of the most profitable productions.

The popularity of dumplings (manti, lizards, etc. products) and their comparative low cost with high nutrition and satiety provides year-round stable demand. It does not decrease even during fasting, since in parallel it is possible to produce vegetarian dumplings, which eliminates the decline in demand due to religious reasons.

The production of dumplings, like many others, is optimal to create small: firstly, it does not require significant areas of premises and high costs, and secondly, it is small, family and similar industries that are now most in demand in terms of price and quality - after all, small enterprises strive to improve quality and lower prices by competing with each other.

The list of equipment necessary for opening dumplings is not large.

For a full production cycle, a line of equipment for the production of dumplings is required consisting of:

1) dumpling machine

2) equipment for the preparation of dough (flour sifter, dough mixer, dough sheeter - separately or in one unit)

3) equipment for the preparation of minced meat (meat grinder, meat mixer - separately or in one unit)

4) equipment for freezing and storing dumplings and raw materials (at least 2 cooling chambers: low and medium temperature).

Material costs for opening a dumpling production business

As for the equipment for forming dumplings, you can purchase it for only 550-750 thousand rubles. The difference in price is predetermined by the capacity of the minced bunker, and, as a consequence, by productivity. In this case, the minimum productivity is considered equal to 100 kg per hour (when purchasing equipment for 550 thousand rubles) and 200 kg per hour (respectively, when purchasing equipment for 750 thousand rubles). The staff of the device - 2 people in both cases.

The next production unit, the test one, is also serviced by two people. It consists of a flour sifter (30500 rubles), a dough mixer (326860 rubles) and a dough sheeter (42 thousand rubles). Total costs for the equipment of this unit are 399360 rubles, and cumulatively - 949360 rubles.

A meat grinder (24059 rubles) and a meat mixer (93972 rubles) are served by one employee. The cost of equipment is 118031 rubles., Total: 1067391 rubles.

Two chambers - medium and low temperature will cost 39985 and 45568 rubles, respectively, total - 85553 rubles. They do not specifically require service, but it is advisable to hire another person who will be a loader and an auxiliary.

The total total for all items is 1152944 rubles. Staff - 6 people with a salary of 15, 000 rubles. each.

Dumplings production profitability

Now let's try to calculate the approximate profitability. The composition of the classic dumplings is taken as the basis. Production - 800 kg per day - corresponds to the development of a machine for molding dumplings for 550 thousand rubles.


% by weight of finished products

price, rub.

per kg

Expense on

800 kg






RUR28, 593.62





23 603, 01 rub.





3, 10 rub.

Ground pepper




530, 72 RUB





$ 904.32





1 472, 28 RUB

Egg powder



2, 4

4.77 rub.





0, 00 rub.

Total costs of 800 kg of finished products (or 1 shift of work) are 55111.82 rubles. The material cost of 1 kg of dumplings is 68.89 rubles. The price of 1 kg of dumplings ranges from 77 to 107 rubles. The arithmetic average of the amounts presented is 92 rubles.

Net profit per 1 kg is 23.11 rubles. Gross profit for a month, subject to 1 shift for a 24-day working month - 1766400 rubles, of which net profit - 443712 rubles, and net - taking into account wages for 6 workers - 353712 rubles.

Even if you consider the costs of utilities equal to 25% of net profit, the balance is 265, 284 rubles. per month.

The last figure is the minimum monthly income of the entrepreneur. Thus, the return on business is 4-5 months.

In addition, dumplings considered as an example are not the cheapest option. To reduce costs, it is possible, for example, to use chicken meat and minced meat, offal, etc.

Pavel Biryukov

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