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Today, there is a fashionable trend for breeding neither dogs, nor cats, nor even rabbits, and whom you would think are pigs. Yes, the so-called mini-pigs, who have already conquered Europe and the USA, and now conquer Ukraine. These animals are unpretentious, non-hungry, small, obedient, live 20 years and bring offspring up to two times a year. You can earn up to 12 thousand dollars from two offspring.

The first mini-pigs appeared in the 50s of the last century. In Germany, where pigs are especially kindly treated, they were reduced specifically for domestication. In parallel, a similar work was carried out in Russia, but already for research purposes. The efforts of breeders have led to the fact that today there are several conventional varieties of small domestic pigs. The largest among them are Vietnamese lop-sided pigs weighing from 45 to 100 kg. They are bred mainly as elite meat - an individual costs about $ 300.

Mini-pigs weighing from 15 to 45 kg are now especially popular in Europe and Russia. And the smallest pigs, micro-pigs, appeared literally three or four years ago by breeding existing small-sized breeds. At birth, such pigs weigh only 150 g, and the maximum weight of these pigs is 6 kg.

It is better to buy micro-pigs from breeders. By the way, the only mini-pig club in all of Europe is located in Russia. The cost of a thoroughbred pig will cost $ 1.2 thousand, when buying in a Russian club. When buying abroad, you will have to pay additional costs for transportation, paperwork and quarantine.

When choosing an animal, experienced breeders are advised to definitely look at its parents. Indeed, according to the exterior features, it is difficult for an inexperienced person to distinguish young micro-pigs from mini-pigs or even from ordinary meat pigs. Therefore, it happens that under the guise of "mikrushek" they sell either mini-pigs or bastard pigs.

Keep such a little animal at home is not difficult. Firstly, unlike cats and dogs, they do not have hair, so they can coexist quietly with their allergic owners. Secondly, mini-pigs do not have a specific smell. They are obedient and affectionate, well trained.

Mini-pigs do not require special care. It is enough to clean their ears every six months and cut their hooves. Like other pigs, pigs are very clean and like to wash. Mini-pigs, like cats, quickly get used to the toilet, for this they need only a low pallet or regular walks in the warm season.

Piggies aren’t picky in their diet; they eat little, but are omnivorous. Especially like fruits, vegetables, cereals. The monthly cost of feeding along with vitamins will be $ 30.

Another advantage of breeding these exotic animals is that they practically do not get sick. Therefore, you will not have to spend money on medicines and a veterinarian.

Ideally, for breeding mini-pigs you need to have a country house and at least one sow. However, you can get by with your own apartment and one heroine mother.

Mini-pigs live on average about 20 years and during this time they become full members of the family. They get along well with children and other pets.

Give birth to mini-pigs twice a year. The usual flush is five piglets. Pregnancy lasts three months, three weeks and three days. During pregnancy and childbirth, mumps requires increased attention. It is better to invite a veterinarian doctor during childbirth, whose services will cost from 50 to 100 dollars.

In general, the maximum cost of maintaining one pig is about $ 450 per year. Thus, the cost of joining this business is approximately $ 1.5-2 thousand. It should also include advertising costs, visiting exhibitions ($ 500-600). What kind of profit can be made in the end?

The rates for micro-pork livestock vary from country to country. In England, it is EUR3 thousand, in Russia - from $ 500. The price of a micro-pig is mainly determined by its “format”: the smaller the pig, the more expensive it is. If you take the average price of micro-pigs $ 1.3 thousand, then with two offspring you can count on $ 10-13 thousand profit.

Based on materials from an article by Oksana Opryshko published in the journal Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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