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Our article contains more specific information for a novice restaurateur, and in this case, the topic is the purchase of table linen.

Some novice restaurateurs immediately make a mistake - consider the purchase of tablecloths and napkins as a matter of tenth. And all because, in their opinion, rags are not serious matter. and rags are serious matter. The table linen of the restaurant is like a dress for a movie star on the opening day of the festival. Only this “dress” is worn every day, and every day it should be like new.

You need to order linen for your restaurants carefully and long before the opening. Some experts say that you need to think about linen at the stage of interior decoration. Why? The delivery time for imported material is very long and often unpredictable. And firms do not want to overstock their warehouse. Typically, firms work on order from a catalog. Something is needed - they carry as much as necessary. After all, fabrics have a rich gamut of shades, textures, prints (i.e. - drawings), and each restaurateur wants his own.

Domestic or imported?

All market experts unanimously answer this question - imported. As a rule, domestic firms fool the consumer as follows. They offer the finest tissue samples, but upon delivery of the array, it turns out that the uniformity of the pattern or texture of the fabric is violated or the wrong color comes in general.

Table linen for the restaurant must be made of linen or, at worst, cotton. Moreover, it should be high-quality flax, that is, imported, although it is 10 times more expensive than the domestic counterpart.

One meter of imported fabric costs about 50 euros (width from 2.5 to 3.3 m). with fabrics here as well as with dishes - the main requirement is professionalism.

What is a professional tableware or tablecloth?

One that is designed to work with intense load, but at the same time look like brand new. This is not a tablecloth in your house, which is extracted from the chest of drawers once a year. Savings on professional dishes or table linen will immediately become noticeable to the client, and the company will bring a loss.

In addition, serious manufacturers take on the intricacies and nuances of the care and maintenance of their goods. Because the washing should be professional - it’s not for you to wash the Myth-universal powder with a powder for summer residence.

The restaurant must have at least three sets of the same linen. One is on the tables, the other goes through the washing phase, the third is laid down and “paired”. How much does it cost pleasure, if you count at the very minimum?

To derive very modest figures (there is nowhere more modest) we counted domestic material and company, but they proved to be good. Next - multiply this figure by whatever you want. So:

average order of tablecloths for 50 tables of size 80 80 + 200 napkins

120 m of fabric is required to make one set.

So, four thirty-meter rolls will be required.

1 m costs 102 p. 64 kopecks


Total fabric price - 12.5 thousand rubles.

Plus further

Packing - 120 rubles .;

Transportation - 2.5 thousand rubles.


15 thousand rubles.

Sewing one tablecloth: another + 4.5 thousand rubles;

The cost of the kit is 19.5 thousand rubles;

30% - margin of the company.


Three sets of linen - about 76 thousand rubles.

For exclusive orders, manufacturers use freelancers of the highest category - “21st Century Gold Seamstresses”. The bulk order is sewn in factories or ateliers. In addition to tablecloths and napkins, so-called “skirts” are also referred to table linen - these are beautiful tablecloth extenders in frills that cover the table legs to the floor and are used for gala dinners. Sewing such skirts is more time consuming and more expensive.

When choosing fabrics, one must not forget about the quality of the threads that will "hold" all these pieces of cut material. The worst thing is low-quality threads. It is precisely because of them that the thing loses its appearance after washing. In addition, the threads should absolutely coincide in shades of color and texture, so they need to be taken where you take the fabric.

Spanish and Finnish brands that manufacture table linen for restaurants are listed on the market. But most importantly, their quality can be trusted. By concluding an agreement with a local manufacturer, you will be forced to touch every meter of fabric with your own hands, and you will still see a marriage, only when the item is in the wash and there will be no one to return it.

Nazarenko Elena

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