Own sausage shop - profitability of sausage production 30%

* The calculations use the average data for the World

Its sausage shop is a rather profitable enterprise, the profitability of sausage production at the level of 30%. And the payback periods for this business are short - 2-3 months. But in terms of product quality, such a workshop can quite compete with the giants of the sausage business.

Own sausage shop: Room

To open your sausage shop, first of all, you need to choose the right room. According to the instructions of the veterinary inspection, the premises of the sausage shop should not be located in former kindergartens, saunas, rest homes, residential premises. It is worth inviting a specialist in the meat industry who will analyze the possibilities of using the premises, indicate where the meat will be deboned, where the production process will take place, and where refrigerators will be installed. According to the new "Interim Sanitary Rules for Meat Processing Enterprises" dated September 30, 1996, the following must exist in your sausage shop:

· Low temperature chamber for storing raw materials;

· Cold stores: one for ripening minced meat, the other for storing finished products;

· Department of defrosting raw materials and preparing them for processing;

· Raw materials shop;

· Production workshop: grinding and salting of raw materials, preparation of minced meat, sludge sludge;

· Thermal department;

· A warehouse for storing dry bulk products;

· A room for storage and preparation of spices; a pantry for storage of equipment and auxiliary materials;

Washing washing containers;

· A room for storage and preparation of a solution of sodium nitrite;

· Domestic premises: dressing room, bathroom, shower rooms, kitchen, storage of sanitary clothing;

· Expedition.

There is a second option for organizing the work of the sausage shop - to buy a one-piece mini-shop in a container. Such a workshop is mounted taking into account all the requirements of the SES. In this case, to start the sausage production, you just need to rent a piece of land and bring in communications. Monoblocks are very convenient for the countryside, where it is difficult to find a suitable room.

For sausage production to be cost-effective, the productivity of the workshop must be at least 200 kg of sausage products per shift. Such a workshop requires an area of ​​at least 45 - 50 sq / m:

· A refrigerator with a volume of 6 cubic meters (designed for a weekly supply of raw materials) will occupy 4 sq / m;

· Refrigerator (for finished products), the volume of 400 liters will occupy an area of ​​2 sq / m;

· The equipment itself will fit on 15 sq / m;

· The rest of the area will be occupied by driveways and other utility rooms.

Thus, renting a room for a sausage shop with an area of ​​50 sq / m will cost you 3, 500 USD per year. More powerful sausage production (800 kg per shift) will require a room area of ​​100 sq / m, and will cost $ 7, 000 per year.

To service the sausage shop, personnel are required, which consists of a technologist who monitors the quality of the products and makes recipes for sausages, two butchers for cutting carcasses and deboned meat, a forwarder, an accountant, a mechanic, and two workers. Since all the processes of modern sausage production are automated, one person may well combine two positions.

Own sausage shop: sausage production equipment

The minimum set of equipment in the sausage shop includes: a boning table, a special set of knives for cutting carcasses, separating meat from bones, trimming and grinding bacon, two cold rooms, a meat mixer, a spinning top (electric meat grinder), a meat cutter for cooking minced boiled sausages and pastes, a syringe for stuffing minced meat in a sausage casing, a furnace with a smoke generator.

It’s better not to save on the furnace, since the productivity of the workshop will largely depend on its quality. A universal oven must perform the following operations: drying, frying, cooking and smoking.

It is possible to purchase equipment for sausage production both from foreign and domestic firms.

Foreign equipment is much more expensive, for example, a domestic line for the production of cooked sausages (200-250 kg per shift), depending on the configuration, can cost from 8, 000 USD, then imported analogues cost up to 80, 000 USD.

The main differences are in automation, design, service capabilities, materials. However, Russian conversion equipment is no worse.

By the way, today the lowest prices for domestic equipment for sausage shops are at the Orekhovo-V company. The production lines of this company are characterized by compactness and economy (power consumption is 5-8 kW / h, compared to 30 kW / h of other companies). In addition, this company provides warranty service for a year, and service for the entire life of the equipment.

Own sausage shop: Raw materials for sausage production

You can buy raw materials from large domestic suppliers, from small farms and abroad. All goods (meat, casings, threads for dressing sausage loaves) that you buy for the production of products must be certified. It is best to conclude an agreement with a sanitary or merchandising doctor who can evaluate the authenticity of the accompanying veterinary documentation and the quality of the raw materials. And the attitude from the SES and veterinary supervision towards you will be completely different.

If you buy small batches of raw materials from farms, then medical examination is carried out during production. For this purpose, for example, you can conclude an agreement with the veterinary and sanitary laboratory of the nearest market, the specialists of which will be able to do all the necessary tests (examination of carcasses, heads, internal organs, bacterioscopy, dosimetry) and put stigmas.

If you buy raw materials for sausage production abroad, then you need to get an import permit. For this, no less than 30 days before the import of the controlled cargo, its owner must contact the veterinary service of the region (region, republic) in writing with the characteristics of the cargo, the purpose of the import, the CIS country, the place of storage, quarantine, processing. The cargo must comply with all veterinary requirements: have a general certificate or a certificate agreed with the veterinary service of the exporting country, agreements (conventions, agreements, protocols) concluded between the veterinary services of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

Experienced entrepreneurs are advised to collaborate with services such as ROSTEST, SES and Vetnadzor. Friendship with regulatory authorities will quickly change attitudes towards your company. In this case, you will always be happy to meet and help solve the problems.

Own sausage shop: Issue price

Mandatory costs of opening your own sausage shop:

· Registration - 700 USD

· Equipment - 8 000 USD

· Refrigerator compartment - 4 000 USD

· Initial purchase of raw materials - 1, 500 USD

· Rent for 2 months - 600 USD

Total, to open your own sausage shop you will need about 15 000 USD. This amount does not include possible expenses for the repair of the premises.

We calculate the income on the example of the production of wieners. To do this, you will need 160 kg of beef (1.5 USD per kg) and 68 kg of pork (1.8 USD per kg) per shift. Total, the raw materials will go 360 USD. From these components, you will get 250 kg of finished products in the amount of 680 USD.

Gross monthly income - 17, 000

Expenditure part:

1) the purchase of raw materials - 9 000 USD

2) salary fund - 2 200 USD

3) utility bills - 700 USD

4) rent - 300 USD

Total profit of sausage production is about 5 000 USD per month. Usually sausage shops work in two shifts and the turnover increases accordingly. Profitability is 25-30%. Equipment pays for itself in about 2-3 months.

Based on materials from the site //www.equipnet.ru


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