Pizza-cup: production and sales experience

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Pizza-cup: production and sales experience

The site, as part of a joint project of the Community of Information Portals Promoting the Development of Small Businesses, continues a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who are ready to share their own experience in creating a business and help newcomers take their first steps in business.

"... the profitability of the business for the production and sale of pizza-cup is at least 250%"

Grigory Brynza, General Director of GARANTiYA PLUS LLC, shared his own experience in the production and implementation of pizza-cup with readers of the project.

- Gregory, tell us about your company.

- Today our company offers the business community a proven, highly profitable turnkey business. Just a year ago, few people heard about a pizza-cup in Russia, and today this queen of fast food has thoroughly aroused the RU-zone of the Internet.

We are not only engaged in the production and sale of pizza in a new format, but we offer small businesses and future entrepreneurs a comprehensive package for opening and organizing such a business.

The company itself is very young - only 2 years were celebrated at the end of this March. Her appearance was dictated by the crisis. It is not in vain that they say that a crisis can serve as a cause of a crash, as well as a springboard for a very successful startup.

I am a television journalist by profession. His beloved business - journalism - he gave almost a quarter century. He worked at regional TV studios and federal channels, preparing military reports from Chechnya. Friends, by the way, always joked: “But you are lucky, they say, and the whole country knows by sight, and Putin and Medvedev graduated from the same university as you - LSU.”

At first, we were engaged in pension insurance. By that time, I, the founder and CEO of the company, had experience working with non-state pension funds. Soon, however, it became clear that only this line of business would not allow us to survive in a crisis. It was then that I decided to change the profile of activity. There was no doubt or hesitation in the fact that this would be the sphere of public catering. It is well known that a person with the last money will not buy new socks instead of full of holes, but will buy products for his family.

- How did you come to the idea of ​​starting this particular business? How was the idea of ​​this business born?

- Pizza glass, like traditional pizza, is also an invention of Italians. In Russia, in fact, this is an absolute novelty. The product, of course, is both promising and highly profitable. I immediately caught fire with this idea as soon as I saw an advertisement on the Internet.

Even without any marketing analysis, based only on intuition, it was obvious to me: a pizza cup would go to Hurray. It is understandable, the product is new and even visually very attractive and mouth-watering. Pizza can be eaten in the car and on the go, without risking "planting" a stain on clothes. In addition, (now based on personal experience) I will take the liberty of asserting that it is much tastier than traditional pizza.

True, my bright plans immediately clouded. The cost of the Italian miracle equipment for the production of no less wonderful pizza did not get along with my financial capabilities. If we talk about delivery and customs duties, then these concepts generally diverged diametrically.

The situation was not saved even by the same class, but cheaper Chinese equipment. I had no such working capital at that time, and I wanted to start such a business insanely. And then I began to think.

Here, forgotten technical knowledge gained at the railway technical college came in handy. As a result, after two days, our own drawings of pizza-cup baking dishes were ready.

But this turned out to be only a quarter of the matter. It was still necessary to find an enterprise in which it would be possible to place an order for the manufacture of these forms. In our region, in the resort cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, this is very problematic, since the industry is practically absent, mainly health resorts, boarding houses, and sanatoriums. But it’s not in vain that they say that the road will be overpowered by the traveler.

Today, all technical and technological issues have been successfully resolved and our company, so far the only one in Russia, offers small businesses and individual entrepreneurs everything necessary for the production and sale of glass pizza.

We are talking about the fact that in the proposed package not only the forms themselves, but also technological and production instructions and recommendations, marketing research, recipes: dough, fillings, sauces. Along with this, we provide support at the stage of starting a business and mastering production technology, in other words, we are engaged in distance learning.

In fact, the proposed package is the same franchise, only without an entrance fee and monthly deductions, without strict corporate standards and regulations.

But perhaps the most important thing in our proposal is a well-developed detailed business plan that allows an unemployed person to become the owner of their own business. Moreover, by registering with the Employment Center and submitting this business plan, anyone can count on receiving a free grant in the amount of 58 thousand rubles. This amount is enough to open a business for the production and sale of pizza-cup. Thus, we offer the hungry not a fish, but a fishing rod and bait. In the appendage, we still show them a lured fish place.

- What is the uniqueness of this idea? How does your offer differ from existing ones on the market?

- The uniqueness lies in simplicity, versatility and affordability. Today, not everyone can invest nearly a million rubles in imported equipment for the production of pizza of this format.

However, things change dramatically if you use baking dishes for a pizza-cup. In this case, you save about 90% of the investment. In the absence of initial capital, you can get by with the bare minimum: a domestic oven (it can be either gas or electric), or an electric oven and microwave. This will be enough to start.

With 2 sets of molds, you can bake up to 60 cups per hour. By the way, glasses do not lose their taste even on the second day. They can be baked for future use.

Versatility refers to several trading formats. You can trade pizza-cup directly in the cafe, if you have it, using shopping carts, trays and other options. Along with this, you can arrange the sale of products through grocery chains and fast food stalls.

Another win-win option is a delivery service. A particularly popular pizza cup will be in those areas of the city where shopping and office centers, campuses, various government agencies, exhibition centers, and entertainment complexes are located. Alternatively, consider selling baked cups. True, in this case, you run the risk of acquiring competitors.

The glass itself is not conical in shape, but classical, and this is its significant advantage compared to foreign counterparts. Everything is more functional, and does not entail additional costs when working with this product.

For example, it is difficult to store cone-shaped cups and the client in a cafe can’t just let go of it. We need a cardboard stand holder, because you can’t put such a cup on a plate (everything will fall out of it). Our cup is stable, can be put on a plate, can be sent to the microwave, etc.

Two-part baking dishes - external and internal. Working with them is extremely simple. The working surface is lubricated with vegetable oil. Then lower the dosed portion of the dough and insert the inner cup, which is fixed in the outer one. Send the forms into the oven and after 10-12 minutes take them out and remove the baked cups.

Next, you prepared the ingredients for different fillings in advance: fried mushrooms, boiled chicken, chopped salami and tomatoes, grated cheese, etc. Depending on the preferences of the client, fill the cup with the filling and send it to the microwave. After 1.5-2 minutes, your PIZZA-GLASS PACK is ready.

You can add a little more grated cheese and a sprig of dill or parsley on top, as the filling will “sag” as a result of heat treatment, and also wish the client a pleasant appetite. Agree that there is absolutely nothing complicated about this.

In my opinion, this is not even uniqueness, but the exclusivity of our offer.

- How long did the implementation of the idea take?

- It took at least six months to solve purely technical issues. I have already noted that in the resort region it is much more difficult to solve such problems than in a large industrial center. Molds are made of food grade aluminum. It is a soft and pliable metal that is easily deformed and requires careful handling. Otherwise, the percentage of marriage will be large. Well, in addition, the baking dish consists of two parts, which give the piece of dough the shape of a classic glass. It is important that it turns out smooth and has a presentation.

- How did you implement the idea from concept to final implementation

- Since the matter is new - and there is no one to take over the experience from, and no one to consult - it was necessary to use the eternal trial and error method. After all, after solving technical issues related to the production of molds, we were faced with technological issues in baking the cup itself.

And the main problem was the recipe of the test, which would not stick to the forms and would have a good “germination”. All other questions were given to us much easier. Recipes for toppings and sauces, as well as recipes for dessert pizza - this is the case, which they say: "There is no limit to perfection." In addition, in this aspect, our customers have the widest field for their own imagination and their own creativity.

It seems to me that this is a very important moment for any owner (especially mistress) of their business. But we decided to offer this business to potential customers only when we were convinced by personal experience: the product is very tasty, popular and very profitable.

- How much did the start of the project cost you?

- I will not operate with specific numbers. I note that the main financial burden at the launch stage is associated with the manufacture of equipment, it can also be called a matrix for the manufacture of molds. Quite a costly part, no less expensive than the purchase of imported equipment. And then come the unavoidable costs for the purchase of raw materials and the cost of producing molds, which is determined by the subcontractor.

- What can you save on and what should you save on?

- As for the production of molds, there is nothing to save on. Moreover, the cost of raw materials, as well as the prices of the manufacturer, increase every two to three months, since fuel and energy prices are rising. But on the production and sale of the pizza-cup itself, savings are possible.

True, there is a big “BUT”, but is it worth saving on this? Buying cheaper ingredients and getting a lower quality product is really not worth it. It is also difficult to carve out even a thousand or two on staff salaries and on leases. Another thing is saving on logistics.

Our own experience has allowed us to develop a whole range of measures to minimize costs and make the business as efficient and profitable as possible. To our joy, this is exactly what our clients and partners note, who, having applied our schemes and recommendations, were quite satisfied with the proposed business.

- Many people think about starting their own business, but not everyone opens it. Was the decision to become an entrepreneur easy for you?

- Remember the expression "Under the lying ..."? I modified it and in my interpretation it sounds like this: “Cognac does not flow under the seated fifth point”. I really like it.

Yes, indeed, doubts - big and small - were. In my opinion, they should be present, because there is also benefit from them. It is they who make the future business owner more than once or twice weigh everything, and again and again return to the calculations.

I also admit that today there is a certain instability. The tax burden on business has increased significantly this year, but let's not forget another thing: a person wants to eat much more often than he would like. Forgive me this tautology, but this truth is undeniable.

The consequences of the crisis are palpable everywhere - people save on everything, even on their own food. But precisely this circumstance is, one might say, a guarantee of success in this business. After all, even in the austerity mode, people will not buy low-quality and tasteless products.

If you offer an extraordinary taste and delicious pizza at a reasonable price, then you will definitely not be left without customers. Let's not forget that the share of fast food in the field of public catering is increasing year by year. Actually, it was precisely these aspects that I analyzed before setting to work.

As for our potential customers, their risk is generally minimized. Having in your hands start-up capital - a free state subsidy for starting your own business, having a business plan and step-by-step instructions on starting and running this business, in addition, having a production tool (baking dishes), you need to be a “genius” to not cope with this task .

By the way, it is interesting that one third of our customers are owners of pizzerias ordering forms for pizza cups in order to expand the range. I can also note that this business at the initial stage can be safely classified as a family business. Subsequently, having adjusted the production and expanding the client base, there is no doubt that one cannot do without additional hiring of personnel.

It is also noteworthy that pizza-cup with equal success will be in demand both in a large metropolis and in a small regional center on the periphery.

- What difficulties did you encounter at the initial stage of doing business?

- Television journalism and production, as well as catering, things are far from identical. There is nothing in common between them. Therefore, everything was new. Difficulties, of course, were, but not so much that the desire to do business was completely gone.

I have already noted that we are engaged in two areas: we sell a ready-made business for the production of pizza-cups and we ourselves produce and sell this new fast food.

The production of molds, after the manufacture of prototypes, did not bother me anymore, since the manufacturer, just like us, is interested in cooperation. In general, organizational issues are not so complex.

To select the appropriate premises, to complete production, to find qualified personnel - all this is solved. But the pizza cup itself made me solve a number of puzzles.

The first alarm was that the product was new, the consumer was not familiar with it, and often did not even hear about such a curiosity. Subsequently, it turned out that if you do not spare the cheese and conduct a reasonable price policy, then word of mouth is the best promoter and assistant.

Good rumor is much more effective than expensive advertising. Well, the super-task of the initial stage was to “switch” hot dog admirers, hamburgers, pasties and pies to a brand new product. At that time, a pizza-cup was to occupy a foothold in the fast food segment and declare itself, not only as a novelty, but also as a healthy food product. In addition, it was very important that the pizza of the new format was accessible to people with not very large incomes. It seems to me that both we and the pizza in our execution coped with these tasks.

- Have you recouped the initial costs?

- Catering, even in Soviet times, at very affordable prices for food sold, was more than profitable. Remember the first cooperatives in Russia. Almost half of them were engaged in barbecue. And today, with constantly increasing prices for everything and everyone, it is still profitable to engage in this business.

Having organized production correctly, costs can be recouped not even in months, but in two to three weeks. Moreover, investments, frankly, are not so hot.

- What can you say about the profitability of your business?

- I can say that the profitability of the business for the production and sale of pizza-cup is at least 250%. I am ready to confirm this with a concrete example and exact figures.

The cost of the dough cup itself is not more than 3.5 rubles. Ready-made pizza in the simplest version - sausage, tomatoes, egg, cheese, greens - 22-25 rubles.

Selling price can be limited only by common sense and moral principles.

From experience, I can say that 60-65 rubles per cup for the buyer is both realistic and acceptable. The same option when the price is harmoniously consistent with quality.

By the way, in large megacities, the price, at the same cost (with the possible exception of rent), will naturally be higher.

If you make bulk purchases at specialized bases, then even premium-class pizza (salami, filet, carbonate, etc.) will not cost much more. But in this case, the average check will be higher.

With proper business organization, in a city with a population of 200, 000, only one point of sale and a delivery service with good advertising support at the start can bring at least 300-350 thousand rubles per month

- What can you say about competition in your business?

- Well, firstly, I would say that this particular niche is 90-95% free. Во-вторых, если подходить творчески – в моем журналистском понимании это как подготовить яркий и запоминающийся репортаж – то конкурентов легко обойти.

Давайте начнем с главного. Любой владелец бизнеса заинтересован в том, чтобы как можно быстрее окупить капиталовложения. Приобретение комплекта импортного оборудования для производства пиццы-стаканчика с учетом доставки и таможенных тарифов обойдется в 700-800 тысяч рублей. Правда, эти чудо машины надо еще запустить и отладить, что также обходится в копейку.

Я уж не говорю о том, что их обслуживанием и профилактикой сторож дядя Вася заниматься не будет. К тому же, в плане потребления электроэнергии они ведут себя не совсем скромно.

Совсем другое дело - формы для выпечки. Их стоимость на 2 порядка ниже и всего-то необходимо вымыть и вытереть насухо, и они вновь готовы к работе. Вот теперь резонно задуматься о себестоимости и ценообразовании. В отпускаемом нами стаканчике будет 40-50 амортизационных копеек, но уж никак не 3-4 рубля при работе на импортных аппаратах. Таким образом, получается, что можно экономить не только на стадии капиталовложений и открытия бизнеса, но и сделать эту экономию константой.

То, что даже незначительные мелочи могут привести к победе в жесточайшей конкурентной среде, факт общеизвестный. Качество и ассортимент явно не назовешь мелочами.

Вот тут, невзирая на отсутствие конкуренции, мы постарались на совесть. Не стали пренебрегать и такими нюансами, как удобная и функциональная упаковка, красивая этикетка. Это было важно для нас самих, поскольку упаковка, позволяет пицце сохраняться свежей и аппетитной. А когда потенциальный покупатель еще и видит (упаковка прозрачная) эту красоту, то получается, что пришел он за привычным гамбургером, а купил пиццу-невидаль.

Мы также специально разработали несколько сортов соусов к нашей пицце, которые порционно упаковываем и отпускаем на выбор.

Все перечисленное в своей совокупности, поверьте мне, хороший задел в борьбе с грядущей конкуренцией.

Я уже отмечал возросшую налоговую нагрузку на бизнес. Думаю, именно поэтому различные институты власти перестали так же активно, как и прежде, вести речь о социальной ответственности бизнеса перед обществом. Говорю это к тому, что в какой-то степени наша фирма может позиционировать себя, если не как социально ответственная, то уж точно как социально ангажированная компания.

Лично меня это радует, больше, чем уверенная победа над возможными конкурентами. Ведь при таком раскладе ты не только занимаешься бизнесом и развиваешь свою компанию, но и даешь возможность десяткам и сотням людей начать собственное дело. И они, в свою очередь, тоже создают рабочие места. Это как в прошлом наставничество на производстве. К сожалению, ныне напрочь забытый термин.

- Существует ли сезонность у этого бизнеса, и как вы решаете проблему низких сезонов?

- Человек хочет кушать и зимой, и летом, поэтому данный бизнес не подвержен сезонным колебаниям. Да, в период массовых отпусков определенный спад ощущается, но его легко восполнить в другом сегменте клиентов. Дело в том, что в летние месяцы наполняемость санаториев, пансионатов и здравниц, как правило, 100%-ая.

Курортники, а также гости и есть та категория, которая замещает уехавших на моря постоянных клиентов. Так что в данном вопросе я проблем не вижу. Более того, мог бы отметить иную сезонность – пиковую. Это когда спрос увеличивается в 2-3 раза.

Такое бывает в праздники и в дни массовых гуляний. Те же здравницы и пансионаты заказывают пиццу в качестве сухого пайка для своих постояльцев, отправляя их в Приэльбрусье и предгорья Кавказа.

- Какие еще «подводные камни» у этого бизнеса?

- Если говорить о нашей пицце, то сейчас обходимся без особых хлопот. Продвижение и сбыт бизнес-пакета тоже радует. Есть, правда, определенные нюансы. Сводятся они к тому, что наши клиенты, потенциальные в будущем предприниматели, по их собственному признанию, терзаемы страхами и сомнениями. Тут и контролирующие органы, и увеличившиеся налоги, и простой вопрос: «А смогу ли я?».

Их, кстати, легко понять. Проработав многие годы на государство или на дядю, трудно взвалить на собственные плечи бремя ответственности и самостоятельности. Тем более, когда отвечаешь не только за себя, но и за свой коллектив.

Продолжая тему «подводных камней», наверное, следует сказать и о том, что многие до дрожи в коленках настраивают себя на общение с СЭС. В торговле и сфере питания без этого никуда не денешься, но не так это страшно.

Если у персонала есть санитарные книжки, если арендуемое помещение соответствует всем требованиям и при этом у вас свежие продукты – проблемы вас не коснутся.

Можно говорить и о человеческом факторе. Приведу пример. Две молодые девчонки работают продавцами в разных сменах. Одна - хохотушка и оптимист по жизни, создается впечатление, что на этом свете ее мало что печалит. Другая более сдержана и сосредоточена. Обе вежливы и учтивы. Как вы думаете, в какую смену выручка всегда больше?

- Как у вас выстроена сеть продаж? Занимаетесь ли вы прямыми продажами, предлагая свои услуги ресторанам и заведениям фаст-фуда напрямую?

- Пицца-стаканчик, к счастью, уже, что называется, сама себя продает. Вначале прибегли к рекламе в печатных средствах массовых информации. Сейчас же в этом нет никакой необходимости. Запас емкости рынка еще есть – об этом из месяца в месяц говорит динамика роста реализации.

С ресторанами – мы, пожалуй, антиподы – не работаем, а некоторые заведения фаст-фуда охотно сотрудничают с нами. Сейчас ведем переговоры с не очень крупными региональными торговыми сетями.

Нашу продукцию в городе уже достаточно хорошо знают, поэтому, надеемся, что это сотрудничество будет взаимовыгодным.

- Как вы продвигаете ваш бизнес-пакет? What is the main promotion channel? How much customer traffic does your website provide? Which advertising media have proven their effectiveness, and which ones did you end up with?

- В основном занимаемся интернет-продвижением. Стараемся выходить на целевую аудиторию через специализированные сайты. Благо пицца в России столь же почитаема, как и у себя на родине, в Италии.

Не сочтите за лесть, но не могу не отметить высокую действенность сайтов вашей тематики и содержания, на которых рассказывается о новых идеях бизнеса, новшествах и инновациях. Вот они-то и дают гораздо больше откликов, чем собственный сайт.

Эффективна также и директ-реклама. Практика показывает, что прочие рекламные интернет-инструменты и рекламные носители, увы, не работают.

- Как вы видите перспективы дальнейшего развития вашего бизнеса?

- Я их вижу самыми радужными. И у пиццы-стаканчика, и у бизнеса, связанного с ней, все еще только впереди. Бренд только-только раскручивается. Бывая в разных городах России по делам бизнеса, постоянно интересуюсь: знаком ли продукт жителям региона? И очень часто слышу в ответ: «Не видели, даже не слышали!».

- Какие советы вы могли дать новичкам, только планирующим открыть свой бизнес?

- В первую очередь – набраться решительности. Особенно это касается нетрудоустроенных людей, чей возраст перевалил за 40 и даже за 35 лет. Уж они-то знают, что в нашем обществе возрастная дискриминация при приеме на работу и очевидна, и повсеместна.

Надеяться, что завтра будут лучшие условия для старта, право же, не стоит. Страхи и сомнения никогда не были лучшими советчиками. Да, несомненно, будут и ошибки, но сколь бы велики они не были, их все равно не отнесешь к разряду фатальных и роковых - они исправимы. Ведь от намеченного вектора и от дурманящей сознание мысли, что вы хозяин своего дела и своего бизнеса, вы так легко уже не отойдете. Поэтому: «Вперед, господа, вас ждут великие дела!».

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