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In common parlance, the label market is now quite developed, they are produced both as souvenir products (key chains, magnets, badges, stickers on mobile phones) and as commercial (kettles, air conditioners, refrigerators with manufacturers logos). At the same time, the number of firms engaged in this business is extremely small. So the idea of ​​trying yourself in this market deserves attention.

Take, for example, a segment of volume letters for cars. Until recently, only offers from Turkish and Chinese manufacturers supplying plastic and metal letters existed on the Russian market. At the same time, metal can only be attached to a flat surface, and plastic was offered only in one font, straighter or in italics, and the spectrum of colors was small.

For the production of nameplates, you will need supplies and special equipment. That is the cutter ($ 650). The principle of its operation is reminiscent of the operation of the printer, only instead of the writing head of the cutter knife. An image is fed to it from a computer and cut out along the contour. It remains only to separate the excess film from the substrate and stick it on any flat surface, for example, glass, then the image is filled with resin and dries.

Your company’s website, dealer network, agents (you can use students as them who will never be hindered by extra income) - all this will help in finding customers.

The project for the production of nameplates will pay off in 1.5-2 months, because the costs of organizing a business are very small. At first, capacity utilization will be no more than 20%, but soon this figure will increase to 50-60%.


The production of nameplates should not be opened in winter, since during this period car owners care little about their appearance, but in the spring the demand for stickers will increase significantly, the main thing is to make the product recognizable.

First, the entrepreneur focuses on customer loyalty. This includes delivery to the regions and the absence of restrictions on the minimum order amount. Thus, he seems to be investing in the future. First, the car enthusiast will order stickers for his “iron horse”, and then he will think about the fact that they can be used to advertise the enterprise where he works.

The main consumers of nameplates are car owners (80% of orders). The easiest way to find them on the Internet, in automotive forums. Therefore, the main principle of product promotion is the presence at the maximum number of forums. You can also establish original contests, together with forum administrators, for example, on the most interesting inscription for a car. It all depends on your imagination.


By the way, to promote the business, you can use advertising of your own production, placed on your own car.

Recently, a service such as resin-filled photographs has appeared on the market, so that they remain like new not for 2-3 years, but 10-15 years, while they do not need to be kept under glass. Photos do not fade, do not crack and do not turn yellow.

Based on an article by Andrey Olshevsky for the magazine Power of Money

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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