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To create a business for the production of decorative concrete is one of the less expensive business options, while the profit from such activities is constant and very high. It should be remembered that the demand for concrete has not been falling for many decades, since concrete is one of the main building materials.

Concrete is a durable and cheap material. Concrete-based materials are widely used in a number of finishing works.

Currently, decorative concrete decoration is widely used in construction. The difference between such concrete is in its diverse color palette.

In addition, it is characterized by many impurities, which allows to obtain completely new and more diverse materials for work.

Among other things, concrete and by-products based on it are distinguished by a presentable appearance, good sound insulation, high strength (for example, a concrete poured site, unlike asphalt, can serve for decades), and most importantly, this material is environmentally friendly products, so as it does not produce harmful fumes during heating and other adverse factors.

Manufacturers in European markets are actively offering a new direction in the development of this business - the production of decorative concrete, as well as artificial stone based on concrete.

The production of decorative concrete and decorative artificial stone was widespread in the United States, then this fashion spread to Europe and the CIS. Given all the advantages of concrete products, these materials allow you to get high-quality, fashionable design of interiors and land with a minimum amount of cost.

Investing in a decorative concrete business

The benefit is obvious both for the manufacturer and for the consumer of this type of product. The fact is that concrete production is one of the cheapest areas to start.

So, to open your production you will need investments not exceeding 400, 000 rubles.

At the same time, further costs for the purchase of materials and rental payments will be approximately 250, 000 rubles per month.

Choosing a room for concrete production

For the production of concrete products, a room of at least 70 square meters is required. m. Rent of such premises on the outskirts of the city or beyond it may vary in the aisles of 30, 000-65, 000 per month, depending on the region.

In this case, you should choose a room with a good ventilation system, as well as a heating system.

The roadway and well-equipped parking near your production will be of great importance. Your purchasers should have free access to your factory.

Costs of equipment for the production of decorative concrete

Equipment for the production of decorative concrete is not required much, which is an undoubted plus for the budget.

You have to purchase the following inventory:

  • Forms for filling - approximately 50 pcs. (the price for one form is 1, 150 rubles.)
  • Vibration table - 1 pc. (15 000 rub.)
  • Shelving - 60 pcs. (price for one rack - 400-600 rubles.)
  • 250 L concrete mixer (approximately 22, 000-23, 000 rubles.)
  • Electronic industrial floor scales (12 000 rub.)
  • Household floor scales (1 000-3 000 rub.)

Also, additional equipment will be required: a uniform for workers, gloves, spatulas, scoops, shovels and other accessories. The amount of costs will be approximately 15, 000-20, 000 rubles.

Costs of raw materials for the production of decorative concrete

Raw materials for concrete production is also one of the cheapest and most affordable. Therefore, you will not have problems with the purchase, moreover, often, when purchasing products, the supplier himself ensures their delivery. So you do not have to decide on transfer issues. So, below is an approximate list of raw materials with an average cost of goods:

  • Cement (2 400-2 600 rubles per 1 t.)
  • Granite screenings (700 rubles per 1 ton.)
  • Plasticizing additive (3 700 rubles per 1 t.)
  • Pigment (55 rubles per 1 kg.)
  • River sand (500-600 rubles per 1 t.)

Also, do not forget about additional costs, which include payment of electricity, heating, water and other utility bills. The approximate amount of such costs will be 15, 000 rubles.

Staff needed

Labor productivity will directly depend on the qualifications of the work team. Therefore, when hiring a job, the main point for you should be the competence of your employees in the production of concrete, both non-ferrous and ordinary, as well as the production of artificial stone.

In addition, you can take a training course in this production or get information in specialized literature. In addition, you and your employees will have to undergo a mandatory specialized three-day training course, after which you will be able to receive:

- production license,

- technical documentation

- formulas for the production of decorative colored concrete.

The number of employees will depend on the volume of your production. It should be assumed that 3 people per shift produce up to 40 square meters of material.

With regard to staff salaries, the average employee salary is approximately 15, 000 rubles. per month; the wages of the master 17 000-20 000 rubles .; salary of an accountant 16 000-20 000 rubles.

Secrets of sales of decorative concrete

When selling concrete and products based on it, it should be remembered that you are not the only ones involved in the production of this material. Therefore, the main factor in successful sales will be the correct presentation of this product to the buyer.

Also important will be the samples of your products in the form of decorative concrete and artificial stone.

The consumer should be able to see the real result that he will get if he uses your products. Therefore, you will need to prepare samples of decorative concrete in the form of small squares, as well as pieces of artificial stone.

In the future it will be necessary to take photos of your products directly in the interior. Thus, you will have your own portfolio, which will give a clear idea to customers about the building material that you produce.

Advertising in such a business, as in any other, has one of the main roles. In addition to commercials on local television channels, radio ads, print ads, you have a great opportunity to attract consumers through advertising banners with information about your products.

Also, an excellent move would be the distribution of mugs, stationery with the image of your sign and contact information. Such advertising tricks help attract attention from both wholesalers and retail customers.

It is worth noting that the production of decorative concrete is a very promising business, in which any innovations constantly appear. Therefore, do not stop there, continue your education in the field of your activity as much as possible. Attend courses and seminars. You should always be informed about the latest production. It is also a good experience to visit building materials fairs where you can present your products.

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