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Denis :

There are not many hives in our family, we mainly try to keep 35 families (but last year there were 52), and so:

Firstly, regarding LIVING WITH PASECA.

I’ll just estimate income based on last year’s prices.

The average selling price was (wholesale) 1700 rubles / flask.

Recounting everything by 1 ton, we get 32, 700 rubles / ton.

Minus the main expenses (and this is a solarium of about 700 liters x 9.5 = 6650 p .; products ~ 3000 p. TOTAL: 9650)

It turns out to be "clean" 23050.

If we distribute this ton by months, it turns out 1920 rubles / month.

And do you think this is a good income in our time?

The answer begs for itself.

Hence the conclusion number 1. (IMHO).

The price of honey should in no way be less than 80 rubles / kg for wholesale. (at current price conditions).

Then the cost of the same ton of honey becomes 80, 000 rubles. and monthly income is 5862.5 rubles. Already more or less significant in comparison with the first calculation.

In order to get a ton of honey, you need approx. 20 bee colonies (in Primorye, under normal conditions of detention (50 kg. Per bee colony).

Those. the beekeeper, who has 100 bee families, will receive 5t under the same conditions. honey and, accordingly, will earn 400, 000 rubles - 9, 650 = 390, 350 rubles. Those. in recalculation for 1 month it turns out 32529 rubles. (12820 rubles at a low price of honey, the first option). This is a real income worthy of a beekeeper and his labors.

Of course, I did not take into account other expenses (wax, framework, ) and other incomes (wax, propolis ...) only honey. In general, the calculation is quite approximate. But the big picture is clearing up. To have an income that allows you to LIVE from an apiary, you need to have many bee families.

Now on.

Having 100 bee families and keeping them using traditional technology, one cannot cope. Or it will be very hard.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce such methods of beekeeping (I mean when pumping honey) that would reduce labor costs to a minimum.


You need to take a closer look at the first year, but in the first year you can pay back everything and weld 100 percent.

Simple calculation:

We buy 10 bee families (if 4-5 then the trailer is not needed) we spend 10t.r.

The trailer can be bought for 4-5 tr.

Sushi for each family of frames of 15.-about 2000-2500r.

Honey separator -1500 (maximum if hand-held)

Hives 300-500 p. = 5t.r.

Chisel, smoker, masks, well, etc. = 1000 (maximum)

10000 + 5000 + 2500 + 1500 + 5000 + 1000 = 25000


The family will bring a minimum flask of honey.

If like this year, then they handed over honey in bulk at 65 rubles. The flask pulls 53-56 kg.

53 x 65 = 3445

3445 x 10 = 34450

The whole calculation was done, the expense is max., And the income is min.


Families this year brought (if in a circular) 85kg each.

85x65 = 5525

5525x10 (families) = 55250

55250-25000 (costs) = 100% of the fat.

If you need more detailed information on opening and running this type of business, I advise you to visit the Joint Beekeeper Forum

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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