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Anyone who has ever lived in a residential area (or spent his whole life in it and still lives) knows all about it. About the lack of asphalt on the sidewalks, normal grocery stores, normal architecture of houses. Microdistricts remote from the city center, built back in Soviet times, were and in many ways remain slums of the metropolis. However, the trend towards the growth of large cities gradually leads to the fact that in such corners far from civilization and comfort, point houses are built for the middle class, and residents of old panels, even inside their apartments, strive to create human living conditions.

The acute shortage of beauty is partially compensated for by the fact that in such places hypermarkets began to be built, filled with leisure infrastructure - ice rinks, mini-disneylands, multiplex cinemas and, of course, restaurants and cafes. But this is clearly not enough. And it doesn’t quite work - to your advantage.

The fact is that going to the shopping mall for the whole day is a novelty even in the West, moreover, it is fiercely criticized by left-wing writers and the anti-globalist part of society, which, we must be aware of this, is great both here and here and is growing with each in the afternoon. Europe is tired of globalism and the cult of consumption, and a hypermarket, or rather a shopping and entertainment center, is clearly perceived as a symbol of the era of globalism, giving way to McDonalds only on the hatred scale.

The shopping mall, which absorbs the middle class for the whole weekend, according to experts, destroys the centuries-old cultural archetype - spending leisure time in the open air in urban scenery. Planning along the boulevards, where expensive restaurants and affordable cafes are concentrated ... An avenue with neon advertisements of fashionable boutiques stretching for many kilometers ... Created over the centuries and competently modernized architectural ensemble, you can combine the pleasure of walking around the city with the pleasures of shopping. Those who were tired of the city sought to its outskirts - in a landscaped park area or "farm villages", turned into outdoor restaurants. And in our country, large cities had their own "Broadway".

In general, everywhere and everywhere people prefer to walk around their hometown, “stretching their legs” and to spend their money impressively on the frivolous pleasures of the day off. Even in dormitory neighborhoods, people retain the same psychology, although there is especially nowhere to walk there. Satisfied with the fleeting fashion for spending the day in the shopping and entertainment complex, the residents of the "sleeping bag" missed what can be called the "real" restaurant. And, of course, it’s very inconvenient for them to go to the city center to sip jelly. Try to get home from there on Sunday evening! Gradually, the streets of sleeping areas become like streets, walking areas appear in them, and, consequently, expensive shops, designed for the attention of a walking pedestrian. That's just the problem with restaurants. So far, the outskirts of the city can offer only the same type of bowling alley, discos and cafeterias, designed for the undemanding teenagers segment. This means that most of the restaurant niches are empty and you urgently need to take up space so far!

The best possible solution would be such an idea. Located in the sleeping area, a small family restaurant with an entertainment component and a large menu including alcoholic drinks, oriented to the lower middle class.

It will be quiet and cozy on weekdays - the townspeople always appreciate places where you can calmly sit and talk at certain hours in a half-empty room. But on weekends and holidays the hall will not be empty so that you have to enter the mode of "table reservation". Five years ago, the market for restaurants in residential areas was empty, but there were risks that nothing could come of this venture. Now you will have quite a few competitors, you will have to work on the originality of your concept in order not to turn into a dull clone, but the market has already proved itself well, as the main idea - to arrange a restaurant in a residential area - turned out to be cost-effective

So, let's move on to specific tips.

Buying or renting? Practice shows that immediately buying a room is not profitable. Better lease with option to buy. Otherwise, your business will pay for itself too long. You can buy something in less than six months of successful work.

The art of choosing a place. Here, in fact, there is nothing complicated. You just need to know how the client will get to you: on foot or in a private car? With proper construction of the business, profitability can be from 30% to 70%.

Which suppliers to look for? Of course, those who give deferred payments! And those who want to deliver goods to you in small batches. It is very unprofitable to buy as much as no one can eat.

Do not limit the menu. One ice cream will not bring money, just as one sushi or one pizza will not bring money. And fast food will not “beat off” the invested funds, unless it is an untwisted franchise (you yourself know who it is).

Somewhere I already saw you ...

People are one of the components of success. The restaurant, like the bank, carries a lot of temptations. Do you know that the sphere of trade and nutrition is a place where there is no formula "requires a specialist with experience"? Why ask? Because seasoned sellers, unfortunately, have only experience of theft. All "trade" worked and works on the principle of "four U": shrinkage, utruska, boil, leak. All businessmen have long agreed that it is better to recruit a team of fresh, "green" people and grow restaurateurs out of them. Smart people learn fast. Yes, and there is nothing special to learn there. Hire an “experienced salesperson” and soon your visitors will begin to suffer from an upset of either nerves or digestion. And what will be poured into bottles instead of brandy, I will not say so as not to escalate the negative. This primarily concerns ordinary personnel who work on the front front.

And the boys are bloody in the eyes ...

The classic mistake of novice restaurateurs is to recruit many waiters for faster table service. An experienced waiter easily works simultaneously with six tables. Gathering a company of waiters, you deprive them of work, tips, qualifications, they begin to get more tired of idleness and the realization that they stick out at work, and they earn nothing.

Ax soup

Here are your three main areas: fashion, personal experience of the chef, traditional Russian and European cuisine. It is better if you cook dishes familiar to people, but well and with a twist.

Lilac Ice Cream!

You decide how to advertise yourself. A good result is given by mailing with discounts, especially immediately after opening. But all experts are unanimous in their opinion - media advertising is useless, especially for those who are not yet open. The campaign itself should not be started early, but about a month before the opening - people who are overloaded with information will simply throw you out of their heads. It is best, oddly enough, to catch a visitor with a pillar standing right at the entrance, and a beautiful neon sign. At a time when there is a downward trend, discount cards and club cards are effective. The client does not so much want to save, but is proud of his club card. This is a game, but people love it when they want to play with them. So play with them!

And finally, the last.

The social filling of your cafe depends on whether you are able to simultaneously attract a stream of people and not let people get bored, as in public transport at rush hour. The hall should be thought out so that no one intrudes into the "personal zone" of vacationers. Then the middle class will pour in to you in a wide stream, and not the marginal ones languishing from idleness. Success to your restaurant on the outskirts!

Elena Nazarenko specifically for the project

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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