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With one “cube” of lumber, you can easily have from 750 to 1, 000 rubles with the so-called “dirty” ones. What your net profit from the sawmill will be depends on many additional factors.


The simplest and cheapest sawmill produces the following product range:

1. "raw" board

2. "container" board,

3. whetstone,

4. timber

5. all kinds of pallets,

6. As well as cable reels.

To open a sawmill, you need a production site. It includes concepts such as:

1) hangar (with an area of ​​at least 600 square meters),

2) a canopy,

3) overpass,

4) warehouse No. 1 for logs and

5) warehouse No. 2 for finished products,

6) a yard for loading and unloading.

You will also need dedicated power - 400 kW.

The cost of the rental rate today ranges from 75-80 thousand rubles per month.

The staff that you have to hire on the basis of piecework wages (approximately 300-400 rubles per cubic meter of sawn timber) should not exceed 10-15 people.

You will also have to purchase the following set of equipment (all prices are for Russian-made goods):

1) circular saw (800 thousand rubles)

2) multi-saw machine (150 thousand rubles),

3) tape power-saw bench (100 thousand rubles).

Starting investments in a simple sawmill amount to about 3 million rubles. This figure already includes equipment and the cost of the initial purchase of timber to fill the warehouse.

The expected annual production capacity (under the project) is approximately 4.5 thousand cubic meters of lumber.

In reality, it comes to the figure of 2.1 thousand cubic meters.

The annual turnover of such an enterprise is about 11.2 million rubles.

Such a sawmill reaches the breakeven point in a year and a half, at best - a year. And this is provided that the construction market picks up the pre-crisis pace.

The system of taxation awaits you - the usual.

A novice entrepreneur from the middle zone should remember that in the suburbs near Moscow, logging has long been completely and completely prohibited. In the wilderness, working is much more profitable. There, rent and connection to capacities are cheaper and easier.

Today sawmills buy wood at a price of 1, 250 rubles per 1 cubic meter of dead wood, and at a price of up to 1, 850 rubles for raw wood.

Redemption at auction of his plot in the leshoz (where the price is already going at 700-900 rubles per cubic meter) results in very unprofitable savings - two hundred and three hundred rubles per cubic meter, and this is the most optimistic figure. And if you are not lucky (which in this case happens more often) then you will not succeed at all. Only the availability of your own specialized equipment will allow you to really enjoy the benefits of buying your own plot in the leshoz. But it pays off only with large-scale projects - a small private sawmill does not reach these scales.


Five thousand rubles per cubic meter of lumber. With delivery.

Associated production

Actually, the cable reels and pallets already mentioned above are the very accompanying products. It is made from waste, scrap.

For a shift, one worker is able to produce up to 30 pallets (for each pallet he receives 25 rubles)

These pallets are sold for 150 rubles a piece.

The main costs of the sawmill:

rent - $ 3, 000 per month,



Salary to staff: mechanic (ruler drank), manager (sawmill manager).

Advertising (on the Internet) from $ 500 per month.

Forest export from our country abroad has fallen, the state has increased duties and is going to increase even more, so it is worth starting a small production that focuses on domestic, unpretentious needs, on products of "non-European" quality. This can feed, that is, give a predictable, low, but stable income.

Almost every sensible entrepreneur can afford to produce such timber products.

If we were competing with each other for the interest of Western partners, then doing business would be much more profitable, but also much more difficult.

However, fortunately or unfortunately for a small entrepreneur, armed with a domestic-made saw constantly breaking and chasing marriage, we are still only interested in the foreign market as suppliers of raw materials.

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