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Few people do not like a holiday like New Year. He is looking forward to children and even adults. The latter, although they have not believed in Santa Claus for a long time, are nevertheless ready to spend a lot of money to make something pleasant for themselves and their loved ones. Favorite Russian holiday gives entrepreneurs a good opportunity to earn extra money. And although this business is seasonal, nevertheless, even for one or two pre-holiday months you can earn a very impressive amount.

Among the traditional New Year’s business types are the following: trade in Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations, costumes and souvenirs, the implementation of New Year’s gifts, the organization of congratulations, children's morning performances and theater performances, the departure of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, the manufacture and sale of congratulatory letters (paper, music and video clips). Let us consider in more detail one of them - the manufacture and sale of “sweet” New Year's gifts, without which not a single children's New Year's event can do. Sweet New Year's gift is a weighted assortment of confectionery in a beautiful bright packaging with festive motifs.

The cost of a gift depends on its weight, contents and packaging material. The composition of it includes chocolates, caramel, cookies, as well as individual sweets, small souvenirs, chocolate eggs with surprises, soft toys, etc. Plastic bags, fabric bags, boxes made of cardboard, plastic and tin are used as packaging. Premium gifts are packed in wooden chests and boxes, baskets and baskets made of birch bark and vines, in containers made of porcelain, ceramics and other materials.

Despite the fact that almost all confectionery enterprises prepare a certain number of sets for the New Year holidays, companies that themselves do not produce sweets and other sweets are also successfully selling confectionery gifts. They buy confectionery and packaging, and then just pack them up and sell them wholesale and retail. This business requires relatively small investments (from 150 thousand rubles), and its profitability reaches 200% (on inexpensive sets).

Despite its simplicity, this seasonal business for the manufacture and sale of “sweet” gift sets has its own nuances. First of all, great attention should be paid to packing a sweet New Year's gift. In the store, buying gifts for the new year, people, first of all, pay attention to the appearance of the set and only then read the composition (and then not always). Packaging should be bright, colorful, made in various colors. Modern printing technologies are used for decoration: full-color high-quality printing, glitter varnish (with sparkles), embossing, holography, various decorative elements. The more shine and colors, the better, because the main target audience of such products is children.

In your assortment should be present sets of the widest price category. At the same time, the cheapest gifts (budget option) are most in demand. They are lightweight and simpler in packaging. Plastic bags and bags made of netting, taffeta and other materials are usually purchased directly from manufacturers, but cardboard boxes may need to be ordered at the printing house. When placing an order, find out if the selected printing house produces similar products, and ask them to show you their samples.

For packing inexpensive New Year's gifts, in most cases a microcorrugated cardboard is used. But chrome ersatz and pressed cardboard can also be used. Mid-range gifts are packed in containers made of plastic, plastisol, tin, faux fur, and textiles. The hardest thing is to accurately predict the required number of gifts that you can sell in the season. The remnants of the confectionery you purchased and unsold cannot be stored until the next New Year, and packaging (for example, made in the form or with the symbol of the coming year) may also lose its relevance for the next season.

If the stock remains too large after the new year, you run the risk of not receiving any profit from the sale of gifts. On the other hand, if you purchase an insufficient amount of confectionery and packaging, then you will also find yourself in a difficult position, since it will be very problematic to purchase all this during the season. The New Year season lasts only 1.5-2 months, and you cannot afford to lose a week or two of custom-made gifts and their packaging. Keep in mind that for Christmas trees, as a rule, inexpensive gifts are purchased in packaging made of chrome ersatz cardboard with a lightweight confectionery set, while for kindergartens they are bought gifts in plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging has a number of advantages, in addition to the low price (more expensive than cardboard, but cheaper than tin): light weight, durability, variety of shapes, vibrant colors and, most importantly, the difficulty of opening it by a child alone, without the help of an adult, which is especially important for preschool kids ages who adore sweets and do not know the measures in its use. As corporate gifts, kits in the packaging of micro-corrugated cardboard, from tin, or in the form of a soft toy or backpack are in great demand. The design will also vary, depending on who the gift is for. For children's sets, packaging is used in the form of animals, with fairy-tale characters, and boxes for corporate gifts are decorated in a more restrained, albeit festive, style. Gifts of medium and, especially, high price category should have added value in the form of beautiful packaging that can be used after eating sweets, or in the form of a toy (souvenir with a symbol of the coming year) inside the gift. Experts advise not to save on the contents of the gift. Ideally, the contents of cheap and expensive sets should differ only in weight and assortment, not in the quality of confectionery. All components of the sweet gift should be fresh and safe, as evidenced by certificates from the manufacturer of sweets. Caramel predominates in cheap sets, and chocolate in more expensive sets. New Year's sweet gifts are bought in small batches by kindergartens, schools and other kindergartens, and parents themselves purchase them. However, for a company that does not manufacture confectionery products, but only carries out their packaging in boxes, it will be almost impossible to get to retail stores. For this reason, it is best to sell your products in bulk. Although it can even be difficult for confectionery enterprises to negotiate with retail chains, which are the main retail channel for selling New Year's gifts. Many retailers put manufacturers who want to place their goods on their shelves, the condition is to issue New Year's gifts for them under their own brand, which is unprofitable for confectioners.

For this reason, more and more manufacturers are reducing the production of sweet New Year's presents. There is another difficulty faced by firms and companies operating in this segment. If before a sweet gift was an indispensable attribute of the New Year's holiday for children of all ages, now the popularity of traditional sets with sweets is gradually declining. Many parents prefer to buy another toy for their children, rather than packing candy. Therefore, large companies producing such products are trying to reach not only children but also adults, offering gift sets for every taste and budget.

Liliya Sysoeva


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