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Now you rarely meet a person who would not have a single house flower. “What's wrong with that?” You ask. Absolutely nothing. Flowers are very good and useful. Especially when it comes to cacti, it is proved that cacti help reduce harmful radiation from a computer and TV. And since they are so positive, why not open a business for growing and selling cacti?

I can say that the costs are small and care does not take much time, and the profit is quite tangible. So, let's begin. Cacti can be planted in two ways: seeds and cuttings. The first is longer, but no less interesting than the second, so I’ll tell you about each.

Propagation by cuttings. Cuttings can be asked from acquaintances, as well as bought in a store or in the market. The price is from 30 rubles. Cut the knife with a knife and leave for a while so that it dries. Further, before planting, it needs to be grown in moist soil, it is best if it is sand. The soil must be moistened daily until the roots appear on the handle. After that, a small cactus can be planted.

For planting, choose porous soil, a special "store" soil for cacti or a mixture of sheet and turf soil with the addition of sand will do. The temperature of the room where the cacti will grow should not be lower than 18 degrees (with the exception of the winter period, when the plant falls into "hibernation." At this time, the temperature should be 7-10 degrees). Be sure to pour drainage into the bottom of the flower pot.

In winter, cacti should not be watered often, as a spiky flower will begin to grow from an excess of moisture, but due to a lack of light, young shoots will be thin and dull. Limit winter watering to twice a month. In summer, on the contrary, watering should be frequent (but still less than other indoor flowers).

Water the cactus in a special way. Dip the pot into the water three quarters until a wet spot forms on the surface. After that, remove the pot from the water and place it on the pallet. Water once a week. Cacti need to be transplanted as needed. This is best done in the spring.

Before transplanting, do not water the plant for 2 days, so that the roots are better separated from the ground, and after - a couple of days, keep the cactus in the shade for its better rooting.

Cactus from the seeds. The process of growing cacti from seeds is quite long and a bit troublesome, but if you decide to do this, your work will not be in vain. First you need to take a small container and make a few holes in the bottom. After that, drainage, soil and a layer of sand are filled up to the bottom. Remember that the soil must be sufficiently porous and poor, since the seeds cannot absorb a lot of nutrients. All components must be sterilized: drainage - calcined in a pan, and sand and soil - steamed.

Before planting, seeds must be disinfected in a solution of manganese for at least 12 hours (small seeds can be planted without disinfecting). After this, the prepared earth must be wetted. Place the seeds on the surface and cover with a glass lid. The glass must be raised periodically to ventilate the seeds. The light in the room must be diffused, the ground is always moist.

Carefully monitor the sprouts, it happens that they can not get rid of the seed peel and they need help. To do this, take the tweezers and carefully remove the shell. 5-7 days after the seedlings sprout, they must be transplanted. Do not forget to constantly maintain humidity, as the seedlings dry quickly. As they grow, humidity is gradually reduced. Transplant small cacti as needed.

Product distribution. So, there are cacti, now they need to be sold. There are several ways to do this:

1) sell through a flower shop, receiving interest from the sale.

2) create a site dedicated to cacti. The site must have all the information about these prickly colors, a photo gallery, price list, contact phone number and name. Remember, the more colorful your site is, the more customers you will have. Do not forget about discounts, this will increase your sales.

3) sell cacti at specialized fairs.

4) advertise in a newspaper (preferably with a photo of your flowers)

So, depending on the cactus variety, you can get from 100 to 1000 rubles per flower. And if you still decorate cacti for certain holidays (for example, on St. Valentine's Day you can attach hearts from a piece of red velvet to thorns), then your green “hedgehogs” will diverge to “Hurray”. So grow cacti and be in profit! I wish you success in the prickly business!

Olga Denisova

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