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Own cafe is a fairly common small business. It is believed that opening your own catering establishment is not too difficult and not so costly. However, if you believe the calculations, then starting from scratch your business in catering is not cheap at all.

Own Cafe: Location

The first thing you need to pay attention to the future owner of the cafe is the advantageous position of the room. When choosing a place, it is important to take into account the orientation of the institution. More sophisticated cafes designed for evening entertainment will work well on the promenades or in the historical center, rich in tourists.

If the institution is planned as a culinary store of convenience foods, in which people can have a bite to eat, then such an institution is better located in a sleeping quarter. Converted ground floor apartments are well suited for such a fast food establishment.

In large cities, the point of sale of semi-finished products, designed to facilitate the life of a bachelor or increase the speed of cooking dinner for the working mother of the family, is often based in large shopping centers.

A good warrant for the location of cafes in the business part of the city, where offices and institutions are concentrated. An institution located in such an area will be stably in demand at lunchtime.

Own cafe: room

The premises for the cafe can either be acquired or rented out. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

For a future owner who does not have significant financial resources, renting will be a more profitable option.

Well, if there are no financial problems, it is better to purchase a property. This is, on the one hand, a profitable investment. And on the other hand, own property can become, for example, a good guarantee of a loan.

And of course, if you plan to open a catering point in a residential quarter, it is much more profitable to convert a rather large apartment on the ground floor to the needs of your company. For example, in Veliky Novgorod, one square meter of housing costs an average of 600-650 dollars.

Giving her the status of non-residential premises will cost you a little more than $ 300, plus a state fee of 2, 900 rubles.

The cost of repair and refurbishment, of course, depends on the imagination of the customer and the requirements of regulatory organizations. But an apartment already converted for commercial needs costs 50 - 70% more. For the owner, this is a significant difference. Therefore, in any case, repair and design is best done by ourselves.

Own cafe: Equipment

The next stage is the internal equipment of the room. Firstly, it is necessary to purchase technological equipment for the kitchen. The minimum set includes: a stove (about 24 tons), a cabinet (about 20 tons), a microwave oven (about 8 tons), a deep fat fryer (up to 7 tons) and a refrigerator (20 - 30 tr.), Cutting table (7 tr.) Note that sanitary standards require a separate cutting of meat products and vegetables, so one table can hardly be dispensed with. You will also have to spend at least 10 thousand rubles on a variety of kitchen utensils.

Next, the design of the hall. In addition to design, the cost of which is limited only by the imagination and the purse of the owner, tables (about 2 tons) and chairs (from 750 rubles) are needed. Significant funds will go to a set of dishes and cutlery. Moreover, the dishes are consumables in the cafe and its quantity requires constant replenishment.

Own cafe: expenses

The next considerable expense item is the salary of employees. The number of employees in the cafe, subject to shift work, is at least 16 people. By the standards of Veliky Novgorod, the average remuneration for a cafe employee is approximately 4 thousand rubles. Experts recommend introducing a piecework-premium salary payment scheme at your small enterprise, making it dependent on output.

Here it is not superfluous to mention such a feature of the Russian soul - as the theft of food by staff, because the habit of under-filling, under-weighing and not reporting, the prestige and purse of private entrepreneurs suffer. The owner just needs to establish tight control over the kitchen workers and the bartenders. One way is to install a video surveillance system.

In addition to the monthly expenses for wages, monthly expenses for electricity, heating, sewage and other utilities and security should be planned. By the way, in this article, you can save costs by installing autonomous water heating systems. So you will immediately solve two problems - reduce the payment for the use of hot water and eliminate the dependence on interruptions in hot water supply.

There is another voluminous expense item - food, which takes more than 10 thousand rubles a day. Moreover, not everything that you purchase will eventually go into business and bring profit. Products tend to deteriorate, and it is rather difficult to predict which dish will be in demand by customers tomorrow. That is why in most medium-sized cafes offer a fairly limited set of dishes.

As one of the solutions, cooperation with companies selling semi-finished products. The benefits of this approach for aspiring entrepreneurs are obvious. Starting a business in a catering company according to this scheme is much cheaper.

In this case, you can significantly reduce costs and optimize the process of purchasing products. Firstly, less kitchen equipment, less room space and fewer workers are required. Secondly, the food delivery scheme is much more profitable for the cafe owner: semi-finished products arrive daily, transported by the seller’s company, and products unused during the day are returned to the supplier. You can also negotiate with suppliers about the daily form of payment and deferred payment.

Managing your own cafe can be called a creative business. You can show your creative imagination and imagination everywhere. Starting from the arrangement and design and corporate identity of your institution to the development of its menu and customer acquisition. Creativity in tandem with an entrepreneurial flair can turn your institution into a real attraction of the city.

Based on the article by Alexei Gromsky for the site

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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