Student canteens make a profit of $ 10,000 per month

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Student canteens can be a cost-effective business, if you get the job right. The profit here is not associated with high margins, but with high turnover. The main thing is to feed more people and do it quickly and tasty.

Entrepreneurs Vitaly Ivanchenko and Elena Bekesheva, who were able to breathe life into collapsed student canteens in Pushkin, tell about the secrets of student catering.

Now LLC "Food" serves two student canteens - at the Engineering School of Clothing and at St. Petersburg State Agrarian University.

It took more than a year to create your own enterprise. During this time, the company created its own confectionery workshop, where it bakes pies and cakes, organized a cafe for teachers and plans to expand by opening canteens in all hostel buildings. Today, 4, 000 students a day feed at the canteen of OOO ProPitanie.

When entrepreneurs started, they did not know anything about catering, but they had experience in trading (their TD “Elite Product” is a supplier of meat products).

The first step of the company was a complete replacement of personnel. According to Elena, the main problem of public catering is that chefs who work in cafeteria for 30 years work without enthusiasm. They searched for their employees through acquaintances and announcements. The main selection criterion was a positive attitude.

The company was able to select good suppliers and find suppliers. When they opened the second dining room, they already had the necessary experience and knowledge.

Student canteen can be a lucrative business if done right. The most important thing here is technological effectiveness. It is necessary to feed a large number of people and do it quickly, satisfyingly and without consequences. Not written-off products are needed, but fresh, and the variety of dishes should be large. The kitchen should be simple, homely.

The success of a business is determined by three criteria: lack of competition, low-cost rent and the correct distribution of labor. When all three are present, then the canteen may be comparable in speed to the bistro in the passageway. At the same time, the total income of the student cafeteria can be higher, and the costs are lower: since if the staff is engaged in the bistro all day, then part of the staff in the student cafeteria can be released in the evening.

Step-by-step algorithm for creating a business:

Rental of premises in an educational institution.

The main thing here is to agree with the management of the institution and convey the idea that they will only win and take off unnecessary worries if a separate company engages in their dining room. Inexpensive rents are offset by a partial payment of utilities.


Interior decoration matters. It is better to make it modern and fashionable, taking into account the tastes and preferences of students. You can equip a bar and wi-fi zone, which will attract additional visitors. The cost of repairing a dining room with a dining area of ​​300-400 m2 will range from $ 100 thousand.


The staff of the canteen is from 25 people: cooks of workshops, confectioners, barmaids, cleaners, movers, etc. It’s better to select people in a team who can communicate with students.

By the way, the staff is better to wear a uniform corresponding to the interior design of the dining room.

Holding stocks

It is necessary to arrange all kinds of actions, attracting students during low attendance hours. For example, '2 pizzas for the price of one', etc. You can enter additional services, such as ordering food at the hostel, servicing birthdays and parties, etc.

Development of special programs

It is possible to develop special social programs for some categories of students, for example, a comprehensive lunch for 60 rubles or porridge for 1 ruble. In this case, the educational institution compensates the rest of the cost for the canteen by buying out lunch coupons.

Calculation of costs for starting a business

Investments in the opening of a student canteen with an area of ​​300-400 m2 will amount to $ 100 thousand.

Monthly expenses for the maintenance of the dining room will amount to 450 thousand rubles (staff salary, rental of the dining room, transportation and other expenses).

The monthly profit in the first year of operation will amount to 300-400 thousand rubles.

Based on an article by Anna Dzhanibekova in the newspaper Business Petersburg

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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