Vegetables for storage and subsequent sale of vegetables

* The calculations use the average data for the World. The business of storing vegetables with subsequent sale to the consumer may be interesting in the long term, as he has the opportunity for further development: installation of equipment for calibration, cutting and packaging of vegetable products, freezing or deeper processing, which will increase the range of products, reduce the return on investment and increase return on sales.

However, in this article, in the economic aspect, the business of storage and subsequent sale of vegetable products (onions) to the consumer is considered.

Information obtained from open sources and on individual requests.

Manufacturers of hangar-type vegetable stores, mainly Russian producers, are widely represented on the market.

The best option for storing vegetables is frameless vegetable stores. As a rule, organizations present on the market do not offer “turnkey vegetable stores”. There is a clear separation when “picking vegetable stores”: the project, the frame, and all construction work are done alone, others supply ventilation and climate equipment, and refrigeration - third. In some cases, “fourth organizations” are the suppliers of climate / refrigeration equipment.

At the same time, ventilation, climate and refrigeration equipment is supplied both from the CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus) and foreign countries (Germany, Italy, etc.) due to the fact that imported manufacturers have lower energy consumption and higher performance properties (Efficiency, MTBF).

Price: from 1700-2 500 rubles / sq.m. (Note: Without insulation, refrigeration, climatic and ventilation equipment at the prices of 2010) With insulation, concrete floors from 5000 - 6000 rubles / month. Construction time: from 50-60 to 90 days. On average, a vegetable storehouse of 2.4-2.5 thousand tons with insulation, concrete floors, but without ventilation, climate and refrigeration equipment costs from 9 to 12 million rubles. Refrigeration equipment (depending on the manufacturer and the statement of work) costs from 3 to 7 million rubles. Ventilation and climatic from 3-4 to 5-7 million rubles. Payment, as a rule, in 2-3 tranches (40-50 percent prepayment). A more accurate cost - only after the approval of the technical specifications. In the terms of reference, as a rule, the storage volume is specified, directly the vegetable, the storage method (bulk or in containers), etc.

Of the communications needed - electricity. Power consumption: Ventilation equipment - 70-120 kW. Refrigeration equipment - 40-50 kW. The load factor of the equipment is about 0.4-0.6.

The offer of LLC Agrotrade, Nizhny Novgorod, on the basis of which the economic calculation of payback was carried out (2010 prices).

A commercial proposal for storage equipment with a bulk storage of onions of 2400 tons consisting of the following elements:

We are sending you a proposal for the construction of a warehouse - arochnik of bulk storage with dimensions of 72x20 (30x20x4.0) x2 m.

Organization of design and construction work

Estimated period of work from the moment of obtaining a building permit - 3 months

The project for standard solutions of the AR will be prepared within 1 month, after the decision to start the project

Location binding:

- issuance of the construction plan section after land acquisition for 2 weeks

- QOL section (foundations) after receiving the results of surveys for 2 weeks.

Before starting work, it is necessary to prepare:

- a leveled construction site with dimensions of 70x80 m.

- get an urban development plan (based on the results of the design of the AR)

- provide the construction site with an electrical panel with a supplied power of at least 30 kW (for the construction period) and 120 kW (to ensure the operability of the ventilation system)


    The dimensions of the vestibule for equipment placement are 20x12 m. Entrance to the vestibule is provided from 2 strons

  • GOAL

    The size of the gate to the vestibule N = 4.2; B = 4 m. The size of the gate to the warehouse N = 4.2; B = 4 m.


    The floors can be either reinforced concrete or asphalt - your choice.


    Warming is done by spraying a polyurethane foam mixture onto the inner surface of the storage.


    The ventilation system ensures the maintenance of an individual storage mode in each of the boxes.

Integrated calculations and project payback

Assumptions and Limitations

1. Gross profit is calculated as the difference in price between the purchase of onions and their sale at a higher price to wholesale buyers in bulk and in bags.

2. The storage volume of the greenhouse is 2600 tons. Sales volume with coefficient. 1.5 - 3 900 tons. (although the sales coefficient may be greater).

3. We accept losses in the amount of 5%.

4. We accept energy consumption (refrigerator-fan) (ventilation equipment - 120 * 5 * 24 * 30 * 0.3 = 129, 600 rubles / month, refrigeration 2 times less. - 64, 800 rubles / month).

5. We accept the cost of buying onions - 12, 000 rubles / ton, sales - 16, 500 rubles / ton.

6. We accept the value of investments (assets - 40, 000, 000 rubles at current prices).

7. Depreciation per year - 6 666 667 rubles. (6 years).

8. The cost of repairing equipment accept 1% ​​of revenue per year.

9. The calculations are given without taking into account the cost of loading and unloading.

10. Taxation: income - expenses (15%).

Net profit from the sale of packaged onions

Costs (Click on image to enlarge)

Return on sales - 5.2%

The above calculations show that with investment costs of at least 40, 000, 000 rubles. in construction and equipment, the payback period of investments will not exceed 5 years with a return on sales of at least 5%.

Other information

Terms and conditions of storage of vegetables

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