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To fish on an industrial scale is risky. The product is too perishable. But the master’s business is afraid. If you and your family have been happy in salting and smoking fish all your life, then this is your business. And if you are a professional technologist with a diploma and experience in the relevant field, then it’s time for you to do this long ago.

We look in the book - we see a fig

Most fish lovers work their whole lives for family recipes. But when they decide to become respectable businessmen, they try to forget the covenants of their grandfathers and become zealous adherents of GOST, thereby striving to prove their loyalty. Beginners who repent and grab the GOST Book as a Bible will have to be disappointed.

First, GOSTs contain only the basic standards that any reasonable person must adhere to, so that instead of cutlets, say, do not sticker the wallpaper. That is, in other words, the descriptions of these tricks, because they are vague. They are like the speech of a diplomat who can speak for two hours, but not say anything.

Secondly, the GOST does not describe the distinctive features of certain ingredients, they only give a concise description of quantitative norms. Follow GOST blindly and only him - spoil everything. For example, the same salt - discord salts. It happens, oddly enough, of different salinity, depending on the region of production. And in GOST they simply write: “Add so much salt.”

Therefore, enterprises received the legal right to produce products according to their own registered specifications (technical conditions). According to them, you can depart from the letter of the law of the State Standard, while observing its spirit and take creative initiative. After all, our task is to have an original, and therefore a product quoted on the market with a special, memorable taste.

And one more nuance. The use of TU is the road to the release of fish products under its own brand.

But do not think that TU is something so unprofessional and frivolous. Each technical specification is coordinated with the bodies of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision and is registered in the State Standard. And before that, it should be correctly and formally written - just like a dissertation. Just not sent to the HAC! And all this splendor is being written, as in the case of the thesis, by hired specialists. Do not master the theory yourself, even if you masterfully cook fish in practice.

But why bother to reinvent the wheel? There are places where ready-made bikes are already sold. In Moscow, for example, these services are provided by the All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography. This is where you can buy recipes and documented TU

We equip life

Food production is subject to special requirements. So, the law on sanitary protection zones places food production at a distance of 300 m from:

1) human housing (so as not to harm you);

2) enterprises with harmful emissions (so as not to harm you).

In general, read the document called “Sanitary Rules and Norms” (or SANPiN for short).

So, in addition to veils and fleur-d-orange, you will need:

1. heating

2. hot plus cold water supply;

3. sewage;

4. container washing system,

5. conditioning

6. ventilation

7. bactericidal lamps.

Where to get it all? The necessary, as always, is at hand. For example, by renting a former student’s canteen or any other inexpensive building, in which all this was taken into account during construction, you will immediately remove a lot of problems from yourself.

More details

The release of fish delicacies is not licensed. But it requires a certificate. Quality certificates are issued for each position.

Be prepared for the fact that the SES will constantly patronize you, once a month taking samples for laboratory analyzes directly from the stream.

Magician's props

Equipment for fish processing - the sea.

But there are “Black seas” on this market, and there are “Mediterranean seas”. So, experts unanimously advise against contacting domestic equipment. And this is not a manifestation of rootless cosmopolitanism, it is a cry of the soul.

The fact is that domestic engineering and technical thought has not yet bothered with the development of truly competitive apparatus for processing fish.

So to the point. You will need:

1) Two refrigerators with a capacity of at least 50 cubic meters each. One for raw materials, one for finished products.

Option 1. If you order a strictly necessary amount of fish from suppliers and immediately send it for processing - you can have one refrigerator, but then SES employees will get to grips with you. And they’ll just fault me, so this is not an option.

Option 2. (If there is no money to buy a large specialized refrigerator). Use a car refrigerator removed from the wheels and converted to an electric drive.

Option 3 buy a sea container refrigerator. This is a ready-made refrigerator, adapted for installation on the street, inside it is finished with high-quality food steel. This technique is written off to land regularly. Ads for sale flicker in newspapers such as "From hand to hand."

2) a bath or a rack for defrosting fish,

3) washing bathtubs

4) technological tables for cutting fish,

5) pickling baths,

6) a set of knives and cutting boards. For salting, they are used, depending on the volume of $ 170-260.

7) smoking chambers

8) slicer - an apparatus that cuts fish into neat slices at a given angle and independently puts the slices,

9) vacuum packing machine,

10) electronic thermal printing scales. They weigh the final product and issue a label.

11) machines for removing small bones, for removing scales and separately skin, for sorting fish by weight, preparing fillets,

12) chain mail gloves and aprons assembled from tiny metal rings. They are designed to protect workers from knife cuts while cutting fish. .

My raw materials

It is important to avoid some mistakes.

It is better to order the delivery of raw materials to wholesalers. In this case, you should check the quality of the party at acceptance.

Find a great technologist. He will see when the fish was caught: before or after spawning, in summer or winter, as these subtleties affect the quality of its meat. Take the fish with the technologist! The specialist will immediately determine in appearance how much time has passed since the moment of catch and whether the shelf life has been exceeded.

Never pay in advance, first delivery - then payment.

Before you cook the fish, find stores that will not refuse to take it from you for sale. Anyone who did not heed this advice sat in an overstocked warehouse and sadly watched the damage to their goods. To do this, get acquainted with the directors of stores.

Success in promoting your products depends entirely on the professionalism of sales managers. At first, they will go with samples of goods, like advertising agents, which are not allowed everywhere, and arrange free tastings. Everyone works that way. The average person has to feel your goods.

And finally. In a business such as the production of fish delicacies, one cannot be mistaken. The price of such errors is too high. Players of this business work according to European patterns and international quality standards. You will simply be squeezed out of the market with shame if you are engaged in Russian cap-making.

If you are not going to open an underground workshop operating in unsanitary conditions, then do not save on anything. The best advertisement in such a business is information about whose supplier you are. And to become a supplier of respectable gentlemen, you need to "pass an exam" in a special laboratory on the quality of your products. If you don’t get such a “wedding general” as an embassy or pathos restaurant, then the business has failed - the average person usually disdains to eat “unfamiliar fish”.

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* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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