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Today, the window repair niche is almost empty. Most often, repair services exist as an additional service to the main business. Although there are opportunities for implementing an independent business model in this segment, along with an acute need for high-quality repair of old wooden windows.

Despite the increase in the well-being of the population, the vast majority of Russian residents still lack funds to install new windows. However, this situation suggests a simple solution - the development of entrepreneurship in the field of renovation of old windows at affordable prices for the middle class. In addition, these services are also needed by budgetary institutions, which, through repair, solve the problem of energy conservation.

In general, energy conservation is a priority and the main goal of the window repair business.

The technical support of the proposed energy-saving glazing programs is based on three main areas: insulation, comprehensive repair and window replacement. Naturally, the first two are cheaper, therefore, less costly and more profitable.

By window insulation, it is customary to understand the elimination of cracks and leaks in windows without changing the characteristics of translucent filling. The cost of such work depends on the contractor and the condition of the windows. Warranty 3 - 7 years is determined by the service life of the windows. Comprehensive repair provides for the insulation of the window and the replacement of its translucent filling at the same time.

The pioneer in this business in Russia was Reon-FM, which in 1995 began to offer a similar service using the efficient and affordable repair and insulation technology for wooden windows and balcony doors EUROS TRIP. This technology allows, without changing the appearance of the restored window, to reduce heat loss by 30%. The essence of the technology is that a fixing groove is milled around the perimeter of the sash or window frame, into which a Swedish tubular seal is inserted using a special tool. The flaps are adjusted, handles and latches are adjusted so that the windows open and close easily, the glass around the perimeter is treated with liquid silicone sealant. The service life of such insulation reaches 15 years. % But the main thing is that the costs are 6-10 times less than the cost of installing new windows.

But so far only the market is gaining momentum. There are not so many independent companies providing window repair services. Yet basically, this service exists as an extra. This is explained by low profitability and low tariffs for this service. On average, repairing a window costs a customer 10-15% of the cost of a new one, which is about 600-2000 rubles. The amounts are small, therefore, a business can exist only as an additional direction to the main business.

The most popular area in this business is the repair of plastic windows. It makes up about 95% of all orders. The second most popular area was the repair of wooden windows with double-glazed windows. And the third area of ​​repair is aluminum structures. The advantages of this material are obvious - large facade glazing, where plastic does not withstand. True, there are also disadvantages - there is little possibility of repair and adjustment. It’s easier with plastic - it’s softer and more flexible, you can even “pull out” the most hopeless window. ”

So, insulation, restoration and repair of windows is a rather poorly developed niche, while there are millions of potential customers. To date, in the homes of Russians installed about 700 million square meters. m of windows that do not meet modern requirements for thermal protection, sound insulation and tightness. About 800 million square meters. m of windows, stained-glass windows, skylights are located in industrial and public buildings. Thanks to new buildings, a new niche has appeared on the window repair market, which, according to experts, is huge. This is the so-called Euro-window repair. Unexpected breakdowns are experienced by both owners of low-quality new “packages” and owners of expensive and high-quality, but installed by unscrupulous firms. Manufacturers often forgot to instruct the client on how to care for windows. Although now specialists from manufacturers and companies involved in the installation and installation of plastic windows instruct the consumer in writing about operation in separate leaflets, the buyer does not bother


Following and following the instructions. It is easier for someone to call a specialist once a year so that he does the necessary prevention. And firms do not always want to spend time explaining, so to speak - set and forget. Therefore, the potential of such a line of business as the repair of eurowindows has, and considerable.

The range of window repair services that companies could provide is quite wide: adjustment, repair, hardware replacement, micro-petriation installation, installation of a balcony latch, installation of a balcony handle, installation of a ventilation lock, installation of a child lock, elimination of window and door blowing, elimination sagging windows and doors, installing anti-evil window handles, replacing handles, installing a tilt-and-turn mechanism on pivoting sashes, installing opening sashes and blind parts of a window, replacing double-glazed windows, replacement of gaskets, updating and sealing of adjoining windows to an aperture, installation of drainage and window sills, mosquito nets, adjustment of flaps for free running and pressing of gaskets, correction of installation errors, installation of a joint according to GOST 30971-2002, insertion of gaskets with fitting of doors and locks, installation window stoppers, replacement of window sills, maintenance and restoration of plastic windows and aluminum structures of all types, alteration

and types of opening, complete remounting of products, cleaning of foam formations, installation of a crossbar-air supply system, elimination of scratches and scuffs on a plastic profile, diagnostics of the correct manufacturing and installation of PVC windows, restoration of the sash if it is impossible to open, close, and tilt ( removing the leaf from the locked position), flushing and cleaning the fittings from contamination, adjusting the fittings (eliminating the “grazing” of the leaf), eliminating various other malfunctions and malfunctions whose additional work.

Previously, a few years ago it was possible to start a repair business with $ 1, 500. But today, its opening will require significant investments. Most of the investments will have to be spent on equipment. His list is impressive:

1. A milling cutter designed specifically for cutting grooves in wooden windows and doors to install a seal.

2. Angle grinder (grinder).

3. Cup peeling discs for processing soft stone and wood.

4. High-performance WEXFORD gun for standard cartridges (310 ml) with sealant.

5. Joiner stapler is needed more often in the winter, for instant installation of a heat shield.

6. Hot glue gun.

7. Roller on the handle for installing the seal in the groove.

8. Electric drill with reverse.

9. Electric extension cords.

10. Hammers are metalwork.

11. A cycle on a tree with a straight knife.

12. Chisel plumbing.

13. Joinery chisels.

14. Pliers.

15. Side cutters are small.

16. Scissors.

17. The knife is a boot.

18. Hacksaw for metal or spline.

19. Nail pullers.

20. A set of screwdrivers at least 4 pcs

21. Personal protective equipment: glasses, respirator, gloves, etc.

22. A hose for a milling cutter.

2.23. Euro-Strip sealant of various diameters made of rubber based on a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and diene monomer.

Window repair is not an easy task, and professionalism of specialists plays an important role here. This profession is not taught in educational institutions. Usually, specialists come from other window companies, where they have already gained some experience. As a rule, the company itself further educates the employee “in practice” under the strict supervision of a mentor and prepares an experienced qualified specialist from him who is able to deal with various profiles and systems, brands of accessories, etc.

The salary of the repairman is usually piecework - a certain percentage of the order. Repair firms have long had their fixed rates and tariffs for various types of work, so the master receives payment depending on the complexity and volume of work.

Based on an article by E. Pavlova and V. Volskaya published on the website

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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