WOK catering circle: tear off your noodle

* The calculations use the average data for the World 370 000 ₽

Starting investments

300 ₽

Average check

70-300 thousand rubles.

Net profit

6-10 months

Payback period

Noodles wok is one example of a food service in the format of a single-food cafe. Thanks to simple business processes and small investments, even a novice entrepreneur can open such an institution.

The catering market continues to develop and form new offers for the consumer. In the last few years, there has been a tendency to create establishments with a single product: dumplings, pancake, burger, smoothie bars, etc. The cafe selects one dish and builds the whole concept around it. This is a simple and understandable format for everyone.

From the consumer’s point of view, everything is easy, you don’t have to think and choose a dish from the menu for a long time. From the owner’s side, the institution allows you to focus on a small menu better than spraying on hundreds of items, half of which will be unprofitable. Working with a limited number of suppliers simplifies the procurement process and product quality control. That is why in modern conditions it is more profitable to open a single-product cafe.

Considering consumer preferences, it can be concluded that Asian cuisine continues to maintain high demand. Only if many Russians are tired of rolls, then wok-noodles can still interest consumers. Today, Chinese wok noodles occupy its niche in the fast food market.

In Russia, the first wok-cafes began to appear in 2009. During this time, regional markets managed to determine their preferences. For example, in St. Petersburg a similar format did not take root (the share of wok-cafes among fast-food establishments is less than 3%). But in Kazan and Yekaterinburg won 6% of the total revenue of fast food. At the same time, in small towns, the wok-noodle format is practically not presented on the market. To open noodles in such conditions is both a big risk and a chance to become the first in the local market.

Why is it worth opening noodle



  • a monoproducted cafe is more profitable to open than a restaurant with a full menu;

  • narrow niche;

  • no need to hire a large staff;

  • relatively small amount of investments for the industry;

  • simple production technology;

  • high business profitability (up to 60%)

  • high level of competition in the catering market;
  • high risk of losing customers when changing consumer preferences and trends;
  • expensive rental of retail space;

Product Features and Cost of Dishes

What is wok noodle? This is noodles cooked in a special wok pan. Deep capacity allows you to quickly fry the ingredients. The noodles are cooked with vegetables, seafood or meat, and then placed in cardboard boxes. The result is a hearty meal that is convenient to eat. The contents of the wok boxes are neither like Italian pasta nor pasta familiar to Russian people. Rice, buckwheat, egg noodles or udon are used for wok. Filling and sauce are added to it.

A kilogram of such noodles costs 100-150 rubles. One serving contains approximately 200 grams of noodles. Other ingredients (filling and sauce) 40-100 grams of weight, also cost cheap. As a result, the cost price of a portion, taking into account the employee’s working time and utility costs, will be approximately 100 rubles. The selling price of one serving of wok noodles is 250-300 rubles.

How to register noodle

To start, it is necessary to formalize a business in government bodies and obtain permits for catering establishments. We will have to prepare an impressive package of documents, since the catering industry is carefully controlled by the relevant authorities. In detail about what documents are needed to open a cafe, you can read in this material.

It is recommended to register an LLC with a simplified tax system (“income minus expenses” at a rate of 15%). Type of activity according to OKVED-2: 08/18/2019 "The activities of restaurants and cafes with full restaurant services, cafeterias, fast food restaurants and self-service."

How to choose a room for noodle room

Finding the right room for noodles can take a lot of time, so it’s best to take care of this in advance. Thanks to the simple cooking process and fast food format, noodle can be located on a small area. For example, you can open an island in a shopping center or your own food court and sell noodles in special boxes.

For noodles, whose profit is determined by a large volume of sales, it is very important to be in a crowded place. The territory of the shopping center is ideally suited for this purpose. Another advantageous place is the gallery at the exit of the supermarket. To accommodate an island-style pavilion, 6 square meters will be enough. In shopping centers in the regions, renting such an area will cost about 10 thousand rubles, for large shopping centers in cities with a population of over one million, the cost can be several times higher.

What equipment do you need for noodles

The standard format of a trading island with an area of ​​2.3 * 1.7 m will cost about 100 thousand rubles. In order to save, you can consider purchasing a used pavilion. In this case, it will cost, on average, 50 thousand rubles. In addition, you will have to spend money on its design and furniture filling, and this is another 20 thousand rubles.

The next item of expenditure is kitchen equipment. The main element here is a wok-frying pan. Its cost is from 3 to 8 thousand rubles. Buy 2-3 pans - this will speed up the execution of orders. You also need to purchase refrigeration equipment, stove and kitchen appliances. This is another 50 thousand rubles.

In total, we get that about 120 thousand rubles will have to be spent on equipment.

How to organize the supply of noodles

You must find high-quality and profitable suppliers who can uninterruptedly supply your establishment with the necessary products. Main products: various types of noodles, seafood and meat, vegetables, various spices, drinks. It is advisable to limit yourself to 2-3 suppliers in order to simplify the procurement process and save on delivery. It is most advantageous to conclude contracts with wholesale suppliers of noodles.

At least 40 thousand rubles must be allocated for the purchase of ingredients.

How to choose staff

To service a small noodle room, a minimum of personnel will be required: 2 cashier chefs who will work in shifts, a manager and a cleaner. An accountant will also be required. It can be outsourced. The functions of a manager can be performed by the entrepreneur himself.

Please note that all employees who are involved in the kitchen must have health books.

This is the minimum staff for noodles. As orders increase, you will have to hire additional employees to avoid queues. At the start, labor costs will amount to about 70 thousand rubles.

How to advertise noodle

Before planning a promotion, you need to clearly understand who your potential consumer is. The target audience for noodles is the youth of 18-30 years old, regardless of the level of income.

  • employees of the shopping center who come to dine come for lunch;

  • shopping center visitors who prefer to eat in the food court area;

  • Active young people who want a quick bite to eat or prefer take-away food.

To promote noodles, you can use various tools: social networks; installation of billboards and signs; promotions, contests, specials. offers; distribution of business cards, flyers or booklets from the menu; advertising in elevators and more. In this case, advertising on social networks will be effective, because it is where your target audience is located.

The best advertisement for a catering establishment is delicious food and quality service. If the visitor likes it, he will definitely come back and tell others about you.

How much money do you need to open noodles

We summarize the information discussed above and calculate how much it costs to open noodle. As reflected in the table, the initial investment will be at least 370 thousand rubles.

Expense item

Amount, rub.


20, 000


120, 000

Rent for the first 2 months of work

25, 000

Initial purchase of ingredients

40, 000

Starting advertising and other

25, 000

PHOT for 2 months

140, 000


370, 000

You can pay back the invested funds during the first year of work. At the same time, the profitability of noodles will be about 20-35%.

How to plan income

Planning revenues in the food service industry is quite difficult. The assessment is usually subjective and does not coincide with real indicators. Sales volume depends on many factors that are difficult to assess. As practice shows, in a month the institution on the food court can fulfill 1000 orders - a little more than 30 orders per day. The indicator is real, although in the first months it can hardly be achieved. Be prepared for the fact that 2-3 months will go to the buildup, getting used to the audience and your adaptation in business. In the future, it is quite possible to receive a monthly revenue of 300 thousand rubles.

Here is an approximate calculation of revenue:

  • The cost of 1 portion of noodles - 100 rubles

  • The average price of noodles is 270 rubles

  • Number of sales per month: 1000 units

  • Monthly revenue = (270-100) × 1000 = 170, 000 (rubles).

To calculate your net profit, plan your fixed costs (utilities, employee salaries, taxes, ingredients, etc.).

Determine the amount of net profit. To do this, we subtract from the revenue all expenses (rent of space, payroll tax, taxes and other expenses). We get a net profit of about 80 thousand rubles per month. With these figures, you can pay back the initial investment within 6-10 months. For catering establishments, this payback period is quite good.

What difficulties may arise in the work of noodle

What difficulties can be encountered in the field of catering and how to react to them? The specifics of the institution determines the following risks:


What is dangerous


Bad location

May result in low sales. Location in the shopping center is not the key to success

Carefully approach the analysis of the outlet and take into account various factors: pedestrian traffic, the presence of competitors, etc.

Competitors reaction

Competitors can lure visitors to themselves, which threatens low sales

You need to conquer your customer base, regularly monitor the market, and also form competitive advantages and unique offers

Supply problems

May occur due to supplier errors, rising raw material prices, etc. Because of this, the quality of your products will suffer.

It is wise to choose suppliers and conclude long-term contracts providing for liability of the supplier, as well as have backup options.

Staff problems

It arises due to low qualifications, lack of motivation. It threatens to reduce the quality of service and losses

Introduce a motivational component, provide for training and staff development

Food spoilage

May occur due to low demand, scheduling errors or improper storage. All this entails monetary losses.

Proper planning, regular maintenance of equipment and monitoring staff

Evgenia Yurkina

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