Work plan for opening a new restaurant

Restaurant and hotel business A restaurant

(a fragment of the book by Alexander Zatulivetrov “Restaurant: where to start, how to succeed. Tips for owners and managers”, published by the publisher Peter. Published with permission of the publisher)

Create a project working group

To develop and approve the concept of the restaurant being created

Choose a restaurant general designer

Design a presentation booklet

Develop and approve a restaurant design project

To develop a working draft of the restaurant

To conduct preliminary negotiations with potential sponsors of the project

Choose a general contractor for construction work

To approve project documentation in government bodies - UGPS, SSES, KUGI, SIOP, Technical Supervision

Transfer premises to non-residential fund

To carry out the repair of premises in accordance with the project

Carry out preparatory work on the possibility of installing gas equipment

Carry out security, sound and computer networks

Install a ventilation and air conditioning system

Install a water treatment, water supply and sewage system (in accordance with the project)

Make a choice of computer accounting system with software and pay

To hand over the finished premises to the representatives of the state bodies of the UGPS, SSES, KUGI, GIOP, Tekhnadzor, MVK

Choose furniture for the guest area

Select and order the necessary technological equipment

sending a request to supplier companies

determination of necessary equipment

tender arranging

definition of suppliers

order and prepayment

final payment and commissioning

Choose a supplier of dishes, appliances, glass

Create a staff training plan

Draw up and approve the organizational structure of the restaurant

Prepare and approve staffing

To approve the design, print business cards of the restaurant and other promotional material

Choose and order uniforms for staff (including badges)

Provide training for those responsible for fire and electrical safety

Conclude marketing agreements with partner firms

Select the manufacturer and approve the design of the facade sign and street advertising with the chief architect

To approve the preparatory work for the installation of burglar alarms and fire warning systems

Install a lighting system (built-in, pendant, wall lights, emergency lighting system)

Install a burglar alarm and fire alarm system

Purchase and install fire extinguishers

Make a selection of musical equipment (background music and stage equipment)

Select and purchase furniture for utility rooms, including lockers

Recruit staff for positions: production manager, calculator, senior chef

Conclude agreements with beverage suppliers

Conclude contracts with product suppliers

Conclude contracts with tobacco suppliers

To negotiate and get free equipment from suppliers - refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Finish work on the cosmetics of premises and carry out post-construction cleaning of premises

To recruit staff for the following positions: deputy director, senior cashier, cashier, cook / baker, assistant cook / baker, hostesses, waiter, assistant waiter, bartender, cleaner, cleaner (including night), auxiliary worker (steward), the purchaser. .

Start menu work

Approve and print the start menu of the restaurant

Install the main equipment

Get furniture for the guest area

Set the furniture of the guest area according to the plan of the halls

Install a computer accounting system with software, train staff and receive a package of cards


Encourage the installation of additional computer equipment

Purchase software (accountant, calculator, warehouse)

Get dishes, appliances and glass

Install sound equipment and networks

Install software (accountant, calculator, warehouse)

Select and install an internal telephony system (PBX)

Obtain the approved assortment and approval of the SSES

Get permission from UGPS

Get permission from the Municipal Council

Prepare and submit a package of documents to the licensing chamber

Prepare and submit a package of documents to the certification body

Conclude a garbage disposal agreement

Conclude service contracts for basic and computer equipment, systems and communications

Conclude an agreement with the medical center on the passage of a medical examination by the restaurant staff

Get uniforms for staff (including badges)

Check on SB all management and financial group

Conclude a collection contract

Conclude an agreement and establish a credit card terminal

Perform fire treatment of wooden interior elements

Place free equipment in units: refrigerators, freezers, dishes, etc.

Drawing up a presentation plan (menu, program, equipment) and a list of invitees

Test all installed main and computer equipment and eliminate possible problems

Place necessary decor elements

Install a facade sign, facade lighting, street advertising and a sign at the main entrance

To receive KKM cards and certified in NI: cash book, book of cashier-operations officer and journal of technical inspections

Get permission to trade in alcohol

Get a certificate of conformity

Perform staff training according to the training plan

To carry out processing of premises against rodents and insects

Draw up a regulation governing the key economy and sealing procedure

Fulfill the order and purchase the necessary quantity of products to start the restaurant and for the presentation

goods, drinks and tobacco (working capital)

Presentation preparation

Clean the premises

Conduct an advertising campaign - the opening of a new restaurant (media, outdoor advertising)

Give a presentation

We draw your attention to the fact that this is just a small fragment of the book by Alexander Zatulivetrov “Restaurant: where to start, how to succeed. Advice to Owners and Managers, released by Peter.

In the book itself you will find many proven tips on key aspects of running a restaurant business: from recommendations on staff selection, development and design of menus, interaction with regulatory authorities and ending with ways to prevent theft.

The openbusiness project strongly recommends that all entrepreneurs involved in the restaurant business purchase this really useful and rarely applied guide.

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“Restaurant: where to start, how to succeed. Advice to owners and managers "can be in the bookstores of the country or on the website of the publishing house" Peter "

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