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Margin in this business can be from 20 to 30%. According to experts, the equipment of the so-called “full-cycle workshop” will cost from 50 to 60 thousand euros. We are talking about equipment of domestic assembly. The dominance of Italian manufacturers reaches 100 thousand euros and higher. But this, we repeat, is a calculation for a serious workshop.

Workshops where such important processes as are automated:



rolling out;


There is a more lightweight option when it comes to making all the blanks (let's call them "semi-finished products") to produce at home and manually. The technique (in the second, lightweight version) is used only for the baking process.

The peculiarity is that baking is carried out directly at the point of sale. Equipment required for this:

2 ovens (right - an oven);

a set of baking sheets;

refrigerator with a freezer - for storing semi-finished products (fillings) and puff pastry.

It is clear that such equipment, which can not be called professional, is quite cheap and is sold in large quantities on the market both new and used equipment at very different prices, up to ridiculous.

The oven differs in price from an industrial oven (18 thousand euros) as a tricycle from a Mercedes.

Approximate prices for various equipment

dough mixer - 3 thousand euros;

rolling out for dough - 3 thousand euros;

molding machine (it is also called a "croissant machine") - 7 thousand euros.

It’s worth starting to dream about all this only when the volumes grow so much that manual work will slow down the business.

This volume is from 300 pieces of products per hour of work.

The ideal volume that all small entrepreneurs go to is 500 pieces of products per day. With such a volume, you can pretend to import your products to several retail outlets - for trading in one place is unreasonable.

With points of sale you need to enter into a formal supply contract. To do this, you must have two main documents:

certificate of an individual entrepreneur (IP);

issued at SES "Certificate of quality and conformity of the assortment of your pastries

In addition, you must have the following documents:

registration as SPD on a single tax;

registration in tax;

registration in a social fund;

permits from SES;

cash register registration;

obtaining a certificate of compliance with product quality.

The last document in the list above (more precisely, its absence, expiration or inconsistency) is the most frequent stumbling block, the reason for closing the trade.

Point of sale rental

In order to relieve the headache of communicating with firefighters, require the landlord that his premises, which he kindly provides you, should be impeccable from the point of view of firefighters - otherwise, consider this as a lack of space for rent. This is called so: the lessor himself is responsible for the fire condition of the property.

So, if you prepare the filling and the dough itself at home, and at the point of sale you bake it "in the heat of the heat", then ... read on.

A trade stall in which bake should not be big at all - 20 meters is enough. Equip it:

two three chamber chambers;

three sets (in each set of 8 pieces) are baking. Why nastier - three sets? The fact is that there are three types of baking sheets (and you need all three types):

baking sheets for baking;

baking sheets (to make the dough fit in the product);

baking sheets for cooling (so that the baked product does not “sit down”).

We also equip a point of sale with a refrigerator (with a volume of not less than 100 liters)

Initial procurement of products:

100 kg of flour

50 kg monolith margarine

50 kg of sweet filling

50 kg of granulated sugar

10 kg of yeast

packaging materials

And always save some money for unforeseen expenses

What does the food technologist say?

The food technologist says that 18 pieces of the finished bakery product weighing 80 g should go out of 1 kg of flour

What does the economist say?

You need to sell at least 250 units of goods per day. Look for points of sale such that the driver (that is, you) wound up to no more than 50 km per day. Otherwise - unprofitable. With normal trading, you will exit to zero in six months. Good luck

Nazarenko Elena


* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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