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The hotel is a large property with a developed infrastructure and engineering systems. Investments in the construction of a new hotel or reconstruction of an existing building under a hotel are very high. The location of the future hotel may be ideal for future guests, but capital costs can be so high that the payback period of the project will be significantly higher than when using this site or building for other purposes.

To forecast capital costs, the following factors must be considered:

- the cost of marketing research and development of a business plan;

purchase price (lease) of the land; redemption (rental) cost of the reconstructed building; the presence of an encumbrance on this site and / or building; the cost of preparing the site, including engineering infrastructure;

the cost of additional work to improve the nearby territory;

the cost of design work, including a design project; the cost of project approvals in the relevant authorities;

construction or reconstruction costs; the cost of equipment and equipment; loan repayments; Unexpected expenses.

For efficient and optimal execution of work on the creation of a new or reconstruction of an existing hotel, an effective team of specialists is needed who could work together, but each member of the team should be responsible for his own area of ​​work.

The main participants in such a working group should be:

investor (owner);

professional hotelier or hotel business consultant;

project manager;

an architect and his staff, including a designer;

representative of the general contractor.

Rooms of a small hotel

When designing rooms, you also need to remember a few simple rules:

the hotel must have a minimum number of types

numbers, with the names of room types must

match traditionally accepted in the hotel


the area and equipment of the rooms must comply

or exceed regulatory requirements;

furniture and equipment should be comfortable for both

living, and for staff.

Any, even small, hotel works with travel agencies or corporate clients. Groups require the same conditions and cost. It often happens that several people come from one company, which must be accommodated in separate rooms. Since these people pay the same money, they want to live in the same conditions. If one double room has an area of ​​30 m2, and the other is 15 m2, then even if you offer them different rates for accommodation, there will be a conflict over whom to live in which room.

The main type of room that should be used in the hotel is double rooms, because if you have two beds, you can always rent this room to one person, but it is problematic to rent a single room for two (see photos 9 and 10 on the inset) .

This does not mean that the hotel should not have single rooms, which are cheaper and also in demand. On the other hand, their presence can be dictated by the planning decisions of the building, when there is simply no way to make a double room in some part of the house.

If you have more than six rooms and your hotel belongs to the business class, it is advisable to have a suite (suite). Just do not forget that a suite is a two-room suite, and not just a large and beautiful one-room suite. If the hotel has just a large room, the equipment of which is better than in the rest, call it a superior number, improved or some other way (see photo 11 on the inset), but do not call it “deluxe”, since upon arrival the guest who booked it, there may be a scandal: “I ordered a suite, and you offer me a regular double room!” Also, the Russian invention “Junior Suite” scares me. There are no such numbers. Junior suite is about the same as a semi-hotel, that is, neither that nor that.

For a small hotel, the main task is to maximize the use of rooms. One of the key points of using rooms in any hotel is the ability to provide both TWIN rooms (beds are separated) and DOUBLE rooms (beds are moved together or a single double bed is installed).

In order for any clients and groups to receive such rooms that they demand, it is proposed to use hotel bases (beds) of 90 x 200 cm in size without a wooden edging, which can be either moved apart or installed together, moving along the wall panel. Since there is no wooden edging on such bases, in a shifted state they represent almost a single bed. If customers need exactly a single bed with a single sheet, then they use single mattress covers with a size of 180 x 200 cm and a double sheet.

To preserve the maximum possible free space in the rooms, it is proposed to install TVs on the brackets fixed to the wall. This allows you to install as needed an extra bed (cot) in most standard rooms. At the same time, minibars can be installed in the cabinet of the desk, and safes - on one of the shelves of the wall cabinet. In the halls, it is better to use sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors, which allows you to visually increase the hallway and increase the comfort of living due to the presence of a full-height mirror in the room.

If the hotel is part of a recreation center that provides sports and fitness services (skiing, fishing, hunting, cycling, etc.), then at the same time as wardrobes there should be a wardrobe (or compartment) for drying sportswear and equipment.

Luxury rooms and apartments as the most expensive should be equipped in accordance with the expectations of the target group. Representatives of this target group usually require a bath (preferably a jacuzzi) and a bidet in the bathroom.

In suites and apartments, it is advisable to provide the ability to enter the bathroom from the bedroom. This remark is not obligatory for execution, but, nevertheless, the availability of access to the bathroom from the bedroom in multi-room rooms has already become traditional. This is also due to the fact that, for example, during a husband’s reception of guests in the lobby, a wife can enter the bathroom without changing clothes.

Suites and suites must include armchairs or sofas in the halls. At the same time, it makes sense to install sliding sofas (chairs) to use them as extra space. If the area allows, install a television in the lobby on a pedestal, in which a minibar or (if necessary) a VCR, etc. can be placed.

A second TV is required in the bedroom of the suites and apartments. It can be placed on the wall bracket.

To increase the attractiveness of the hotel in all bathrooms that are not equipped with a bidet, it is necessary to provide a hygienic shower next to the toilet. In suites and apartments, whenever possible, a sink should be installed in the marble countertop.

If you want to match a business class hotel, then it is already considered the norm to have high-speed Internet access. This access can be either wired with outlets near the desk, or wireless (Wi-Fi).

Wireless access has two advantages:

the ability to connect it already in the finished hotel without

drilling walls and other repairs;

opportunity for a guest to work with a portable computer

yuter in any part of the room.

When there are pluses, of course, there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the Wi-Fi system is the difficulty in securing the connection to the Internet and limiting unauthorized access to it.

Do not forget that under the new hotel requirements, all new and reconstructed hotels must have rooms for people with limited mobility (disabled).

These rooms are distinguished by a larger room for the installation of a wheelchair and a bathroom, a wider entrance to the room and bathroom, and special handles and props in the bathrooms. Given the Russian specifics, which so far does not imply mass travel of handicapped groups, the number of representatives of such groups per year will be minimal. Specially equipped rooms psychologically sometimes frighten away other guests who may not want to live in them. To ensure that these rooms do not stand idle, it is necessary to provide removable devices for handicapped groups, which are installed in the rooms as necessary. In the absence of such a target group, they are removed, and the number becomes ordinary, just slightly larger compared to the rest. Such a room can be rented year-round to various guests.

With a small number of rooms, the question arises of the need to create a suite, which, on the one hand, has greater profitability than a standard room, and on the other hand, its occupancy (load) is lower than other standard rooms. If you are unsure of the high fillable ™ suites ™, you may want to consider a compromise. This option implies such an optimization of the layout of the room stock, when a suite is created by converting standard double rooms. Most of the time the hotel sells two standard rooms, and if necessary transforms them into a two-room suite.

Small hotel as a business: Room facilities

Type of room in the room / Equipment / Number / Required (O) / preferably (F)

Room / Bed with mattress cover (at least 90 x 200) / 1 per person /ABOUT

/ Bedside table / 1 for each bed / 0

/ Sconce / 1 above each bed / Oh

/ A set of linen with a pillow and a blanket / 1 for each bed / o

/ Bedspread / 1 per bed / o

/ Chair (half chair) / 1 per person /about

/ Writing desk / 1/0

/ TV / 1 / o

/ Wall mirror / 1 / о

/ Phone (preferably with built-in radio and alarm clock) / 1/0

/ Wastepaper basket / 1 / о

/ Glass / 1 per person /about

/ Bottle with mineral water / 1 / f

/ Heater / 1 / f

/ Surge protector / 1 / f

/ Internet access (plug or wireless) / 1 / w

/ Information folder / 1/0

/ A set of writing instruments (paper, envelopes, pen) / 1 / О

/ Box with face wipes / 1/0

/ Fumigator / 1 / f

Bathroom / Sink / 1 / о

/ Toilet / 1 / o

/ Bidet or hygienic shower / 1 / f

/ Bath or shower / 1 / о

/ Mirror above the sink / 1 / о

/ Shelf for accessories / 1 / о

/ Soap holder / 1 / w

/ Toilet roll holder / 1/0

/ Towel holder / 1 / o

/ Towel dryer / 1 / о

/ Trash bin / 1 / о

/ Brush in a closed container / 1/0

/ Hairdryer / 1 / о

/ Toilet paper / 2 / o

/ Disposable shampoo / 1 per person /about

/ Dispenser with liquid soap / 1 / о

/ Glass / 1 per person / 0

Hallway / Wardrobe / 1 / о

/ Suitcase / 1 / w

/ Hanger (coat hanger) / 4 per person /about

/ Shoe brush / 1 / o

/ Clothes brush / 1 / о

/ Add. blanket / 1 / o

/ Add. pillow / 1 / o

/ Spoon for shoes / 1 / о

/ Slippers / 1 per person / w

And in conclusion, an example. The amount of investment costs for the construction of a hotel with 12 rooms in Sochi in 2003

Name of investment / Cost, rub.

Construction, including: / 5, 181, 000

Ventilation (air conditioning) / 189 000

Telephony, alarm, access control / 180, 000

Payment of builders / 150, 000

Building materials / 4, 500, 000

Getting additional powers / 90, 000

Gas boiler / 72000

Materials for construction, including: / 1 347 150

Doors / 240, 000

Windows / 450, 000

Floor covering / 180, 000

Tile in s / y / 90, 000

Radiators / 100500

Sanitary equipment / 286 650

Equipment, including: / 1 447 350

Furniture in the rooms / 360, 000

Furniture in technical premises / 150000

Furniture in the hall and restaurant / 120000

Household appliances / 120000

Phones / 18750

Lamps / 78000

TVs / 105600

Textile / 120000

Crockery / 90, 000

Lingerie / 90, 000

Household goods / 45000

Office equipment / 150000

Motor transport / 300 000

Other expenses / 300, 000

Total / 8 575 500

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