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* The calculations use the average data for the World 450 000 ₽

Minimum starting capital

20 %


from 12 months


from 650 000 ₽

Net profit

Shashliks are very popular - catering establishments, in the menu of which the leading place is occupied by grilled meat (kebab). The most relevant are such specialized cafes in large cities where multi-storey buildings prevail and where many people do not have the opportunity to cook barbecue on their own. This business is highly profitable and does not require large expenses for the organization.

How to register a kebab house and issue permits

As is the case with any other catering establishment, a number of documents must be issued to open a barbecue. First you need to choose the appropriate legal form for such a business. In this case, there are only two options - register as an individual entrepreneur or open a limited liability company. The most preferable form of IP is considered, even if you think big and plan over time to create a whole network of barbecue facilities in your city (or even beyond its borders).

In the future, you can always open an LLC if necessary, and the start of your business as an IP will save time and money. The costs of registering an IP are several times lower than the costs of organizing an LLC. When registering with the tax authority in the list of OKVED codes, indicate code 55.30 “Restaurant and cafe activities”. Decide on the form of taxation in advance and notify the tax office about this. A simplified form with a rate of 15% is considered optimal.

Among other necessary documents for conducting such activities, you will need a sanitary and epidemiological certificate (or a hygienic certificate) and a permit for accommodation, which are issued at Rospotrebnadzor after checking your institution. The validity of the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion can be from 1 to 5 years, depending on the place of opening of the barbecue and the result of inspections.

In principle, it is possible to engage in obtaining a certificate and permission (collecting and preparing all the necessary documents) independently. All this will take about two months. If you do not have experience in paperwork and working with the relevant authorities, it is best to contact intermediaries for help. The costs in this case will be higher, but you will save a lot of your own time and effort. In addition, each of your employees who are related to the supply of raw materials, the disposal of industrial waste or directly to the production process must necessarily have a medical book issued.

The procedure for issuing a personal medical book, passing hygienic training, certification and medical examinations are regulated by the following documents: Federal Law No. 52 “On Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-Being of the Population”, Federal Law No. 29 “On Quality and Food Safety”, Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 229 dated 08/18/2019 "On professional hygienic training and certification of officials and employees of organizations", Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 122 dated 08/18/2019 "On a personal medical book and sanitary passport for vehicles for the transport of food ”, as well as regional regulations.

Medical book can be issued independently. In this case, the cost of issuing a medical book will not exceed 700 rubles. You can also use the services of intermediaries or arrange medical books through the organization, calling all specialists to undergo a medical examination on the territory of the employer.

How to choose a format for barbecue

Before you start writing a business plan and, especially, organizing a cafe, you should decide on the format of your barbecue. Until recently, such establishments worked mainly in the format of a seasonal cafe. Like other similar catering establishments, barbecue facilities worked only in the summer. And for their opening did not need a stationary room. The principle of organizing such a barbecue is similar to the principle of opening a regular cafe. It is usually located in a tent, next to which a barbecue is installed. However, now the most popular "stationary" barbecue, which operate throughout the year. Previously, such establishments were located mainly on highways along the roadway. Now they began to open in cities, mainly in residential areas.

The stationary cafe format has obvious advantages: its work does not depend on the season. Moreover, during year-round operation, the seasonal factor is partially offset, which complicates the work of summer cafes. Summer barbecue facilities are suitable for working in cafe mode, but rarely take out orders are made in them.

In addition, when working in this format, you need to take care of the availability of a toilet or open your own cafe near others with all amenities. Rent a toilet will cost in the amount of 5 thousand rubles per month. For any format of work you have chosen, the barbecue should be located in a place with high traffic. It is best if it is a sleeping area, close to shopping centers and markets or at the entrance / exit to the city.

What equipment is needed for barbecue

For the work of the barbecue, you will need certain equipment. The main one is a barbecue with a lot of skewers, a showcase plus a counter, which on the one hand divides the room into two parts - for receiving an order and a kitchen, on the other hand, it allows you to put up for sale related products, a refrigerator for storing meat, as well as chairs. The latter are needed not only if you are working as a cafe, but also when you are preparing a barbecue to take away. Your customers can safely wait until their order is ready. Grilled meat is one of those dishes that you need to eat immediately after cooking.

When cooling and subsequent heating, it loses a number of its taste qualities, so experts recommend thinking through packaging for the finished dish. As a rule, disposable containers are used to transport kebab, but they do not retain heat well and require additional wrapping (for example, in paper). You will also need the products themselves for the production of barbecue - meat, spices, onions, as well as charcoal for barbecue. It is most profitable to purchase meat in small wholesale in retail chains or at bases. Ideally, of course, it would be desirable to establish supplies directly from the farm.

In addition to the meat itself, include a number of additional products in your assortment. In the hot season, you can sell soft drinks and light snacks, and in the cold season (if you have a stationary barbecue, not a summer cafe) - hot tea, coffee, pastries, etc. In addition to barbecue, you can also make other dishes with meat content, such as shawarma. But such an expansion of the range involves additional costs.

What you need to open a barbecue

To open a barbecue room 1, you will need an area of ​​60 square meters. meters (when working takeaway) or from 100 square meters. meters if seats are supposed. Of the equipment you need a barbecue, refrigerator, microwave, oven, utensils, dishes, etc. The total cost of all this will be about 150 thousand rubles. Furniture can be made independently or used. In addition, you will need to purchase disposable tableware, order packaging, overalls for braziers and sellers, etc.

This one will take about 200 thousand rubles. To work in a small barbecue, about five people will be needed - two braziers, a marinade cook, a cleaning lady, and a salesman. An accountant may be coming. The average salary will be from 15 thousand rubles per person (the exact amount depends on the region). Permanent monthly expenses range from 120 thousand rubles, including the cost of rent.

Profit depends on the operating mode and assortment. One person in one shift (8-12 hours) can make about 150 portions of barbecue. Barbecue selling prices range from 650 rubles per kilogram. The profitability of such an institution is estimated at 20%. The payback period is from one year. But they can be reduced by offering, for example, delivery services of ready-made barbecue in the city (on the principle of pizzerias). Thus, you can cover not only the small area where your barbecue is located, but also almost the entire city. True, the organization of such a delivery service will require additional costs.

You will need order managers and couriers. In addition, you will have to take care of special packaging for the finished barbecue so that the dish does not cool down on the way to the customer. Do not forget about advertising your services. In this case, outdoor advertising works effectively, distributing leaflets in the region and the city as a whole, business cards with the address and phone number for the order, as well as its own website with contacts and a price list for products. Over time, it is worth thinking about expanding the network of its barbecue. Such institutions can be opened in other areas of your city and even beyond.

Liliya Sysoeva

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