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Business in the field of public catering is considered a rather complicated and risky undertaking, because the level of competition here is always very high. The opening of a children's cafe is to some extent a particularly difficult undertaking, because here you have to please not only the children themselves, but also their parents, be able to work with such an audience, and always determine the needs of their client. At the same time, the state carefully monitors the activities of enterprises engaged in the field of public catering, so constant checks are a normal thing for such a business. On the other hand, a well-organized cafe can bring its owner a very good profit.

The first step is to contact your local tax office and register your legal entity. A limited liability company is best suited. After registration, you will need to contact the Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Emergencies to obtain permits for the work of a children's cafe. For registration will have to allocate about 20 thousand rubles. It should also be noted that a separate permit is required for the sale of alcohol products, but since we are considering the option of opening a children's cafe, this issue is often irrelevant. Often, but not always, because some cafes offer the opportunity for parents to purchase alcoholic beverages - in general, to do this or not, and how much this will affect the reputation of the institution, the entrepreneur himself decides. Just note that this is a very complex process and, as a rule, requires considerable additional investments. In fact, if you sell alcohol on the territory of a children's cafe, then it can remain "childish" only in words. We will not consider in detail the obtaining of a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages, and everyone who wants to get acquainted with this can, for example, read the information in the articles about opening a bar or restaurant.

Next, you should think about choosing a room for your children's cafe. Here the entrepreneur already has many options, depending on the format in which he is going to work. The fact is that in general cases it is optimal to find a place somewhere in the city center, however sometimes it makes sense to think about the option of opening a children's cafe in some residential area. Moreover, this is often an even more attractive option, because in the center there will almost certainly be many competitors, but somewhere in the sleeping area there may not be any interesting places for the rest of the family. In general, the selection of a placement is a very responsible and rather difficult stage, because the success of the initiative depends on the location in many respects. A children's cafe, opened in a place with poor traffic, will almost certainly not last several months, but a successfully selected premises and located in a favorable location will almost never be left without visitors. If you don’t have your own premises, you will have to look for it for rent, at the moment there should be no problems with offers, however, the cost of rent can be very significant, especially the premises, which were originally equipped and meets all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. Of course, the price level can vary greatly in different cities, moreover, within the same settlement, premises that are practically identical in terms of level can cost a different amount per month - depending on where they are located geographically (central areas are almost always the most “expensive” ) It is necessary to count on the fact that the cost of one square meter can be from 500 rubles per month, that is, a cafe measuring 100 square meters will cost the entrepreneur 50 thousand rubles.

The next important point is the arrangement of the premises of the children's cafe. Let's start with the guest room. The amount of expenses depends on the size of the cafe itself - we will make an approximate calculation for a room with an area of ​​about 100 square meters. The cost of one good table is 3-4 thousand rubles, a good chair costs 2-3 thousand, if you buy upholstered furniture, you need to understand that sofas cost 20-30 thousand. Of course, there are more expensive options. In a cafe of this area there can be 40 seats for visitors (taking into account the fact that about 30-40 square meters will be allocated for the organization of a game room and kitchen). It turns out that you need about 10 tables, 30 chairs and 2 good sofas. 75 thousand are needed for chairs (2.5 thousand for each), 35 thousand for tables, 50 thousand rubles for sofas. It turns out 160 thousand rubles. It also makes sense to think about how to decorate your premises inside - after all, this is a children's cafe, and the service should be aimed primarily at children, which means it makes sense to think about ordering a design project. The cost of design work is from 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles per square meter of space, that is, everything for the same 50 m2 of development will have to be paid from 50 to 75 thousand. Whether it is worth contacting design studios is a moot point, but if an entrepreneur himself can develop just an interesting interior project (interesting for children, of course), then there is usually no sense in contacting a third-party company. You can also think about opening a game room in the cafe - that is, a room where some events will take place, for example, custom-made birthdays. In the case of a children's cafe, this is especially true.

The next important point is the equipment of the kitchen of the children's cafe. Here, again, it all depends on how expensive the cafe will be and what services it will offer. However, many participants in this market note that in the case of a children's cafe, you have to have a rather varied menu, from which the conclusion follows - you have to invest in a large number of different equipment. This can be not only stoves, kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances, but also ready-made settings, for example, for making pizza; a separate block for baking (children love sweets), you also need to think about how to prepare immediately on the spot ice cream, and sometimes some other sweets. Let's take the following calculations - 40 thousand rubles for a pizza oven, an oven - 50 thousand, 2 frying surfaces - 30 thousand, 2 refrigerators - 60 thousand rubles, a large dishwasher for a large number of dishes - 70 thousand rubles, another about 100 thousand rubles for small equipment such as mixers, vegetable cutters, meat grinders, blenders. There is a more complex, expensive, but productive equipment, for example, a professional pizzeria, designed for a large number of manufactured products, will cost separately 500 thousand. At least another 100 thousand - on tables and cabinets for the kitchen of a children's cafe. In addition, it is necessary to purchase a sufficient amount of dishes and other table setting elements, but this money, unless, of course, you buy expensive silver sets, will be small compared to kitchen equipment (from 50 thousand rubles). You also always need to have dishes in reserve, because with an enviable frequency the dishes beat (and children generally do this especially often), it becomes unusable, so it is better when there are some reserves. As a result, we can say that half a million for kitchen equipment and the purchase of appliances is the minimum even for a very small children's cafe. Moreover, additional funds for the delivery and installation of equipment may be required. Thus, for a small cafe, you will have to allocate 500 thousand rubles to equip the kitchen, but in large cafes, which prepare a variety of dishes and drinks, the cost of equipment can reach 1.5-2 million rubles.

The next important issue is personnel. We need to hire a certain number of waiters - we will assume that for our children's cafe we ​​need only 4 people per shift, which means that it is 8 people a day if they work according to the standard schedule or only 4, but work in 2/2 mode. The cafe’s work schedule is almost always at least 12 hours a day daily. That is, the minimum is 8 people, but usually more waiters are hired in a cafe. Their average salary starts from 15 thousand rubles (in small cities) or 20 thousand rubles (in relatively large, in large and even more). Next - the administrator, this is at least 2 more people. These people already receive 25-30 thousand rubles a month. At the same time, all business processes that are not related to profit-making by the organization are best outsourced; this includes, for example, bookkeeping, security and the already mentioned room maintenance services. Thus, the minimum cost is about 20 thousand rubles, depending on the size of the cafe. The next moment is hiring employees to work in the kitchen, a good cook also receives 25-30 thousand rubles, his assistants (2-3 people at least) 20-25 thousand each. That is, according to the most conservative estimates, the amount of remuneration and outsourcing services will cost 320 thousand rubles per month, but usually this figure is much larger. If the children's cafe intends to deal with the holidays, then you need to hire at least one animator - he receives 20-25 thousand rubles for his work, however, this person works only in case of orders, that is, at first one employee can do this work. It should also be noted that in order to develop our client base, it makes sense to start cooperation with event agencies that organize holidays - if you conclude a partnership agreement, some of the events people order at the agency will take place on the territory of the children's cafe. In many cases, this becomes an article of additional income, and often it is a children's cafe that receives in this direction an amount almost comparable to the income from the sale of food. But here lies another problem - unlike restaurants, cafes and bars “for everyone”, there is no significant income from the sale of alcoholic beverages, namely, due to them, many catering establishments earn a considerable part of their income.

Now you can calculate how much it will take to open an average children's cafe:

  • The rent for six months of work is 300 thousand rubles.

  • Registration - 20 thousand rubles.

  • The equipment of the children's cafe hall is 160 thousand rubles.

  • Design project - 50 thousand rubles.

  • Kitchen equipment - from 500 thousand rubles.

  • Salary for the first month and outsourcing - 320 thousand rubles.

  • Purchase of products - from 50 thousand rubles (this figure can vary quite a lot depending on the selected menu).

It turns out 1 million 400 thousand rubles according to the most conservative estimates. The amount of monthly expenses for a children's cafe is 370 thousand rubles. Such a large amount of monthly expenses is covered by a large margin on their goods. It is no secret that in many catering establishments the mark-up for a dish is from 200%; a lower indicator is for food that is not cooked in a cafe, but purchased on the side (for example, baked goods). At the same time, the profitability of such an undertaking with competent organization and a sufficient number of visitors will be very good, the operating profit of an average successful cafe starts from 100 thousand rubles a month, however, it is unlikely to reach such an indicator even in the first six months of work, so you need to have some reserve funds. After tax, the profit will amount to 85 thousand rubles under the simplified taxation system. To get such an indicator, it is necessary to take at least 32 people a day, taking into account that the amount of each check is an average of 500 rubles.

In any case, this type of business is very complex, and not always a children's cafe will work at its full potential, and at some points visitors will have to refuse at all because of the lack of free places. For example, on holidays and weekends there will be many visitors, but on weekdays - much less. However, this is typical for many areas of catering. Summing up, we can say that a children's cafe as a business is primarily suitable for those who already have experience in organizing public catering enterprises and are ready to invest considerable funds, understanding that the payback period of such a project is quite long. Cafe can receive additional income due to the holidays, but still you should not count on it at first.

Matthias Laudanum

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