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Despite the fact that over the past two years, real estate sales have fallen noticeably and the number of houses under construction has decreased, the demand for repairs and, therefore, the materials needed for repairs have not changed. Not everyone has the opportunity to exchange an old apartment for a new one, but most people can afford to “upgrade” the interior of their apartment or house.

Depending on the starting capital, as well as the range of goods you have chosen, you can open as a small pavilion with an area of ​​up to 100 sq. m., and a store of finishing materials, aimed at more selective buyers.

The store of finishing materials of the first budget type is opened, as a rule, on the territory of markets or shopping centers in the sleeping areas of the city (ideally, near new buildings).

When choosing a room for a store of finishing materials, keep in mind that only 40-50% of the area will go under the window. The remaining part of the premises will be required for storage of goods.

Before opening the store of finishing materials, you must obtain permission from the SES and the fire inspection for this type of trade. Rent per month will cost, on average, in the amount of 35-40 tons, depending on the area and location of the store.

Such outlets usually represent a cross between a hardware store "near the house" and a budget store of finishing materials. Their assortment is small (about 20 items of the most popular goods, 100-150 items), and in addition to the materials for repair itself, it also includes household goods.

Before opening the store of finishing materials, monitor the assortment of competitors, compare their retail prices and those that you plan to put on your product.

For the purchase of the first batch of goods will have to spend the amount of about 150 tons To these costs add from 20 t. monthly salaries to sellers (based on two people).

Now let's calculate the profitability. The average trade margin in decoration stores is about 30%. At the first time after the opening, perhaps your margin will be slightly lower than the average market.

The payback period of a finishing materials store is 9 months and depends on many factors - location, assortment, qualifications of sellers, working conditions with suppliers.

Keep in mind that peak sales fall between spring and fall. However, even under the most favorable circumstances, hoping for high profits with such sales volumes is not worth it.

If you have a solid start-up capital or you have investors who are ready to invest money in your decoration materials store, you should think about opening a decoration materials salon, designed for buyers with an average and above average income level.

Under such a store you need a room of about 200 square meters. m. When searching for a suitable option, pay attention to the location, condition of the room, the presence of cosmetic repairs.

It is desirable that the decoration materials store be located near the city center (or at least close to major highways), have convenient access roads and a parking place. In addition, you will have to attend to the search for storage facilities in the area of ​​the store itself.

Pay particular attention to staff recruitment. Only for work in the trading floor you will need a store manager, cashier, sales consultants (at least two if the store’s area is small), storekeepers, movers, drivers (if you plan to provide delivery services to customers). Purchasing goods is also best entrusted to professionals.

Another significant item of expenses for the store of finishing materials is advertising and promotion. As statistics show, media ads and outdoor advertising attract about 50% of buyers. Based on this, plan the cost of advertising from the first day of the store.

It’s not always justified to engage in the selection of advertising media on your own, as well as to hire a separate employee for this (especially in the first months of your work). Many small stores of finishing materials prefer to work with advertising agencies, whose employees successfully carry out the whole complex of work on promotion and at the same time are much cheaper than their own advertising department.

Average advertising costs are about 100 tons per month.

So, in order to open your own salon-shop of finishing materials, you will need at least 1.5 million rubles. This amount can vary significantly depending on the area of ​​the room, its location, condition, product range, number of employees, methods of attracting potential buyers.

Also, be prepared for the extra costs in your first year of operation. The payback period of the store of finishing materials with such investments and an average trade margin of 40% is from 2-2.5 years.

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