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You can open your joke store with an initial capital of 10 thousand dollars. But profitability reaches 40%. This business does not require special knowledge and skills; it is enough to have an entrepreneurial nature and a sense of humor.

According to entrepreneurs, to open their own joke store, 10 thousand dollars is enough, of which half goes to purchase goods, and the second half to rent and equipment. The required store area is 10 square meters. m. The minimum assortment is 200 items. Ideally, of course, it is better to offer customers at least 400-500 types of products so that he does not leave empty-handed.

The most popular goods that are bought up by residents of the capital throughout the year are status gizmos - huge packs of pressed money, xivas, diplomas with photographs of celebrities, etc. In the regions shockers are very popular - devices that shock. Costumes are in demand among show business representatives. Such goods as figurines and underwear (motorist’s underpants, shorts in roses, etc.), medals and teats are massively purchased by corporate parties for the holidays. In general, orders from legal entities in the demand structure occupy about 10-20%.

In addition to the formation of the assortment itself, it is important to correctly position the goods in the store. You can do this on a pricing basis. However, this is not all. All players agree on one thing: it is important not only to place the goods correctly, but also to position the buyer to the outlet. And here a lot depends on the seller, whose monthly costs, depending on the region, range from $ 250 to $ 500. First, the seller needs to study the goods. This usually takes two to three weeks.

You can expand the range of a fun store with souvenirs, pyrotechnics and carnival costumes. Jokes and jokes are sold mainly on holidays, but there is always a demand for them, but the high season for the sale of fireworks is winter, these products successfully complement each other.

The main countries producing cool goods are China, Taiwan and India. And only a fifth of all production comes from Europe. This does not affect quality in the best way, but it reduces the cost of the goods. More than half of the goods for the draws are in the lower price segment - from 1 to 25 UAH.

One of the directions that will enable this business to develop successfully in the future is the organization of holidays and script writing. Many entrepreneurs are already taking this path. Sales of event services are not only a good additional source of income, but they themselves stimulate sales in the fun store.

As for another area of ​​franchising business development, while the owners of the draw shops did not seriously think about it, most likely this is the business of the future.

There should not be many such stores in the city. For the capital, their maximum number is -10, for the region, 3-4. And in a city with a population of 250 thousand people, one is enough.

Yakovleva Natalya


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