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Today, there are almost no problems with the acquisition and even tailoring of clothes to order. And doing business based on this almost never makes sense. However, recently a new service has appeared that attracts an increasing number of consumers. This is an order of clothes via the Internet, and the order is by unique parameters. That is, this, in essence, tailoring clothes on an individual order, only the client does not have to go to the atelier - he simply passes all the necessary information through the website, the atelier performs the task by the standards, and then sends the finished clothes to the specified address. As a result, a person gets the shirt that he exactly wanted, and for this he does not have to leave the house. Currently, several similar services are already working in Russia, and they are ready to take orders in most cases from all over the country, so they won’t be able to become the first in the region and thus conquer the market. On the other hand, even a beginner can work all over Russia from the very first day, which can be very profitable. In general, despite the competitors already working, you can find a place in the market and even successfully develop, for this it is worth deciding on the format of your work, as well as choosing a niche that is weakly occupied. For example, today many of these ateliers are engaged in sewing shirts and polos, but almost no one is engaged in shoes and even pants. Also, as researchers of this market note, there are problems with women's clothing, there are few specialized services, which is surprising. In this regard, you can try to do what is still not available on the market, however, you can even open an office that is engaged in the production of absolutely any clothes, regardless of who ordered it or what he wants - that is sew everything from simple shirts to uniforms and even theatrical costumes. After all, in fact, an online order is just part of the company’s service, in its capabilities it does not limit it.

First you need to register as a business entity. In general, if the company is small, then you can register simply as an individual entrepreneur. If there is a need for registration of a legal entity, the limited liability company will become the preferred form, because in this case, as in the case of individual entrepreneurship, a simplified taxation system will be available, which involves transferring to the state's benefit no more than 6% of income or 15% of operating profit as taxes. The amount of the state fee for registration of even a legal entity is 4 thousand rubles (for the registration of individual entrepreneurship - even less), and this will not take too much time. That is, the registration process should be relatively quick and easy, the main thing is to understand that work with clients will go through the Internet, and hence the simplified requirements from the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and many other authorities. In general, an entrepreneur can independently resolve this issue without the need to contact special law firms, and besides, such activities do not require any special permits, which greatly simplifies the activities of the enterprise.

When all bureaucratic issues have been resolved, you can go directly to organizing your business. First of all, of course, you need to create your own website, and here you will have to invest a lot of money and effort. Creating a simple web page will lead to the collapse of the undertaking, in connection with which you need to either find an office that develops Internet portals, or hire a staff of specialists who will contain the resource. The second, perhaps, is more convenient, because you will have to work with the site a lot, it will need to be constantly improved, so full-time programmers will obviously come in handy. Although, of course, you can easily get by with outsourcing services, attracting specialists from outside or even ordering full-fledged service of your company in a third-party organization. In any case, to create a site, you will almost certainly have to contact a specialized office that can provide a place on the host, a domain name, and take care of the registration of the site. It also makes sense to think about initially ordering the optimization of your site, because subsequently it will be very important where it is when searching in the main search engines. In general, the cost of creating and optimizing a site will cost a considerable amount - at least 100 thousand rubles for a fairly simple option. It should be understood that business features require the creation of a very functional site. The user should be able to fully select the option of clothing that he needs, usually this can only be achieved using relatively complex technical solutions, so you need to invest a lot in the site. Do not forget about ergonomics, design and other things that attract visitors. As a result, the site should compare favorably with competitor sites, including externally, so it makes sense to attract designers. Since the site is the main tool of the company’s work, you will have to invest in it constantly, the development of the site will allow you to develop a business, without a well-created portal all customers will soon leave their competitors. Thus, 100 thousand is almost the minimum that will be needed only at the very beginning of your business, later this amount will increase with each new investment in your Internet resource.

However, the entrepreneur can save himself from the need to maintain the studio itself. That is, in fact, several options for his business are available to him, and if a simple organization is opening an atelier and accepting orders mainly through the site, then another option is pure mediation. The fact is that many of these ateliers are not actually engaged in the manufacture of clothes, they just take the order, and then transfer it to an already working factory or clothing salon. The site owner receives a small percentage of the order, and the bulk of the price of clothing is set directly by the manufacturer. As many researchers of this market note, it is even more profitable to engage in simple mediation here, because you can establish cooperation with many ateliers and take a considerable number of orders, which significantly increases profit. Of course, in this version of the organization of business there are also drawbacks, the most important, perhaps, will be the inability to affect the quality of the clothes produced, that is, customer dissatisfaction is transferred to the intermediary, but not to the manufacturer. And even if the site owner finds another partner, his reputation can be very badly damaged.

In this regard, if you plan to engage in business based on intermediary services, you should carefully select ateliers and studios with which you will have to cooperate. In the search process, it will also be possible to determine exactly what exactly this or that salon specializes in and subsequently transfer only profile orders to it. Good feedback from customers about the studio also needs to be collected, it is not worthwhile to address the proposal to the recently opened studio, moreover, not every master can sew without trying on with the customer. Difficulties can also arise if the entrepreneur himself is in a small city, because it is not always possible to find a sufficient number of good salons, which at the same time are able to produce goods exactly at the right time. In general, it is worth spending a couple of months to study the market and identify your capabilities before starting work, so that later there are no problems with orders.

Now we will dwell in more detail on the option when the entrepreneur decided to independently produce the ordered clothes (and / or even shoes). It is pointless to open your own tailoring factory, even relatively large firms cost just more complex and large ateliers, without hiring a huge number of people and not buying a lot of equipment. You need to buy professional, but not too complicated cars and related equipment. The cost of the machine starts from 20 thousand rubles, all other devices (irons, overlocks, accessories) are much cheaper, and together with the table one workstation can be equipped for about 50 thousand rubles. The number of jobs is determined by the entrepreneur on the basis of his business plan, but the beginning office rarely starts with an atelier, the number of jobs in which is more than three. That is, the equipment will require a maximum of 150 thousand rubles. Additionally, you need to buy general furniture, appliances, install lighting equipment, carry out repairs - here you need to add about 100 thousand more rubles. That is, you can open a small atelier for relatively little money. The opening of a full-fledged factory, of course, will cost several million rubles, but it certainly will not be needed at least for the first time, and even if the number of orders suddenly becomes very large, the entrepreneur can at least temporarily transfer them to outsourcing.

Thus, a different number of people will be required to work. Moreover, in the simplest case, there is no need to attract employees at all - everything is outsourced, and the entrepreneur himself is developing concepts for his business, plans innovations, and holds negotiations. At the same time, the site contains an outsourcing IT company, and sewing is carried out in third-party ateliers. Even all other business processes can be outsourced, for example, bookkeeping. If you have to attract people to the company’s staff, you need to understand that human resources pay for themselves only in the case of a sufficiently large number of orders, when there are no downtimes at all. And all the same, at first, two workers in the studio and even one as a programmer, or rather, the site administrator, will be enough. Only if an entrepreneur wants to purchase their own servers, buy all the necessary equipment for an autonomous website creation, then he needs a staff of technicians. A programmer can receive different wages, depending on what kind of responsibilities he will have. In general, the salary for a "programmer" starts at 20 thousand rubles, but here the studio employees receive other money. Usually they work for a small fixed salary, but get a considerable part of the cost of the order. In general, the average salary of such an employee is 30 thousand rubles per month, it’s worth counting on such an amount. So, it turns out that you will have to allocate about 80 thousand rubles per month to employees, along with deductions to the pension fund and accounting outsourcing (which is very inexpensive here - up to 5 thousand rubles), the amount is approximately equal to 100 thousand rubles.

If you maintain your own studio, you will also have to pay rent. In general, you can save by finding a room somewhere on the outskirts of the city and with not too good repair, because the studio is not designed to receive customers. The main thing is simply an established workflow. The cost of renting a room of about 30 m2 will be about 20 thousand rubles a month, but this is a very average figure, which generally depends on a huge number of factors. You will also need to find a supplier of materials that are used to manufacture clothing. Simply put, you need a supplier of fabric and other raw materials. The cost of materials is still invested in the final cost of the product, however, you need to know exactly what customers order and what is the best choice for clothing production, in which price category the material should belong. Today, the most popular products are knitwear, cotton linen or some others. However, it is perhaps necessary to count on the client to choose the material of his future clothes, that is, you must always have at hand different raw materials. However, in almost any city there should be no problems finding any raw materials other than the most exotic type of some rare hides or skins. Moreover, most customers are calm about familiar fabrics, and most often they will be ordered from them. The cost of a meter of fabric on average is 150 rubles, it can vary depending on the quality, type and many other parameters. In any case, simple clothes do not require too much material, so the main cost of the product is precisely the reward for entrepreneurial talent.

So, to establish the process of work, an entrepreneur should take care of many seemingly not so significant things. For example, you need to find transport companies that are ready as cheaply as possible and at the same time deliver goods to the buyer as quickly as possible. Moreover, many companies still rely on speed because the cost of transportation is included in the cost of clothing by default (although some offices still ask to pay for it separately). In general, it is usually unprofitable to engage in the production of cheap clothes in this way, because the maintenance of your atelier and website also requires funds, the unique unique production initially involves a higher price, and in connection with the need for transportation, you have to increase the cost of clothes. Therefore, almost always such sites offer exactly high-quality, but not cheap clothes. Of course, different companies have different policies, but the average cost of a simple shirt for a man is about 4 thousand rubles - which, in general, is more expensive than in an average store, but not too expensive for a simple representative of an average to refuse such a purchase class.

In the best case, minus materials from one shirt, it is possible to get 3.5 thousand income, but the amount of monthly expenses is about 150 thousand rubles, that is, 43 such shirts must be made per month to cover costs - that is, one seamstress must make 22 copies. In fact, it is quite complicated, the quality of clothes is very much affected; in fact, one product per day is too much, for example, most offices of this kind deal with one order for 3-4 days, up to a week. Therefore, it is effective to keep the full staff in case there are many orders and the capacity of the enterprise is not idle. Otherwise, you have to significantly increase the cost of one product. If the entrepreneur works alone, then the amount of monthly expenses is unlikely to be more than 20 thousand rubles - and this is taking into account a simple marketing campaign and paying for the content of the site. Therefore, even if he takes only 10% of the cost of one copy, then 50 shirts made by completely different companies and transferred to customers will cover his expenses. And I must say that often entrepreneurs in this business take a higher percentage. Summing up, we can say that this is a fairly profitable and promising business, just to start you need to study the market and make sure that the number of orders will be enough to cover costs and make a profit.

Matthias Laudanum

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