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Pancakes - this is a traditional dish for Russia, which has long become one of the symbols of national cuisine. However, pancakes are loved not only by foreigners who come to our country, but also by our compatriots. Pancakes have become an excellent alternative to foreign burgers and are one of the most popular types of snacks. Before, pancakes were baked only at home, but now pancakes with various fillings are sold in mobile pancakes, served in cafes and even enter the menu of many restaurants. Organizing your own pancake dish is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient starting capital and / or knowledge and work experience in order to engage in the restaurant business. Pancakes can be of two formats - a mobile stall, the range of which is limited to several types of pancakes with sweet, meat and mushroom fillings, as well as a full-fledged cafe, which serves not only pancakes, but also a variety of desserts, second and third dishes, where you can have a cup of hot tea or freshly brewed coffee.

The first option is less costly, and with the right location for your mobile outlet, the profit can be very high. The second option is more complicated, requires large investments, but is characterized by higher profitability. Network pancakes do not have their own kitchen. In most cases, they work on a franchise: they buy ready-made filling, pancakes that have already been baked, and already at the point of sale they wrap the filling in a pancake and heat it up. However, the taste of such a dish is noticeably inferior to freshly prepared. Keep in mind that pancakes are not suitable as takeaway dishes. They are intended to be eaten immediately after preparation. Cold pancakes lose a significant part of their taste properties, even if they come not with meat, but with sweet filling. Therefore, the best option is a pancake house with its own kitchen. Its area may be quite small, but the fillings and pancakes prepared in front of the buyer’s eyes will be in much greater demand. For your kitchen, you will need the appropriate equipment (oven, frying top or combi steamer that replaces them) and a professional chef. Since costs in this format of work increase significantly, pancake pays for them by expanding the range. It may include soups, side dishes, desserts, drinks.

The main thing is that their preparation does not take much time. Many pancakes prefer dishes of the original Russian cuisine, because pancakes themselves also belong to such dishes. For example, from non-alcoholic drinks, they offer customers natural kvass (only not the one that is sold in stores in plastic bottles, but draft). Many entrepreneurs at the first stage of work to establish the option of home delivery. However, even if we are talking about a small city where there are no traffic jams and the road takes you to the most remote area for no more than half an hour, experts advise to immediately abandon this idea. As mentioned above, pancakes cool faster than pizza, and it is better to eat them only when hot. In addition, pancakes are usually bought to have a quick meal on the road, and not to eat at home in a large company.

To organize a pancake pancake, you will need the following equipment: crepe makers, a refrigerated counter for storing ingredients, refrigerators and freezers, work furniture (work tables, shelves for storing food, washing bathtubs), boilers and coffee makers, kitchen utensils. For stationary pancakes with a place for food, you will need to purchase furniture for visitors. There are a huge number of offers on the market for the sale of equipment of various manufacturers, of different quality, price category and configuration. For a cafe, the cost of equipment and furniture will be about 800-900 thousand rubles. Your pancake can be located in office centers, in separate buildings and premises, in shopping centers. The optimal area of ​​such a cafe is about 150 square meters. meters. The following areas can be located on such an area: a visitor service area, a kitchen, a washing department, utility rooms. Of course, your pancake room should be heated, have cold and hot water supply, and sewage. In addition, emergency exits for visitors and staff should be provided for it, in accordance with the requirements of firefighters. To organize the pancake work, the following employees will be needed: manager, senior cook, assistant cooks, waiters. If your pancake shop will work from 9 am to late evening, you will need at least two cooks and 3-4 waiters per shift.

When you open a pancake, like any other catering establishment, you will need to prepare certain documents. Your institution must comply with sanitary and hygienic and technological requirements, requirements for the safety of food raw materials and products, fire safety requirements, environmental safety requirements, etc. If you do not have experience in the preparation of such documents, it is better to turn to the services of a company that deals with preparation of such documentation. This will save time, nerves and, most likely, even money. To open such a pancake, you need a starting capital of at least 2.5 million rubles. Its profitability is about 12%. Payback period - from two years.

Do not forget about advertising costs. In order for the number of your customers to constantly grow, you must constantly advertise in print media, on radio, on television (the latter option, however, is more expensive and not always justified) and on the Internet. Your potential customers spend a lot of time on social networks and on local forums, looking for information on cafes of interest to them on sites dedicated to entertainment venues in your city. Such standard promotions also work well to increase customer loyalty, such as distributing cards to regular visitors, which entitle you to a discount, distributing leaflets, and holding seasonal promotions (discount for certain dishes, timed to a certain date, time of year, or even time of day).

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