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The main factors in the promotion of the cafe are - advertising, menu and service. The location of the cafe does not play a key role. A cafe can be located in the city center and be unprofitable throughout the year, and can be located outside the city and pay off in a few months. In order to make the cafe profitable, experts suggest several steps.

Own cafe: choose a concept

If the initial concept does not bring the expected income, then it will either be improved, or a completely new one will be developed.

For the owner of a restaurant type, it is necessary first of all to know which clients he is counting on and, based on this, determine the concept of the establishment and draw up a preliminary plan for the designer.

Now there are many “interest-based” restaurants and cafes designed for a specific client circle or closed-type restaurants. But there are restaurants for a wide range of customers, where there are more visitors and lower prices. Depending on the intended contingent, the pricing policy of a cafe or restaurant is developed.

Own cafe: Search for investors

Banks often give loans to both a new restaurant for opening and a long-existing restaurant for business development. This type of business is considered profitable and banks have no problems with lending. Most often, loans are taken to organize a large advertising campaign of this restaurant and, thanks to a new influx of visitors, the owner is able to repay the loan within 3-4 months.

Own cafe: Advertising

Before pursuing an advertising policy, an institution needs to come up with its own “trick”. If the cafe is located near the metro, you can come up with such chips as selling newspapers for coffee, offer a new type of coffee, etc. If the cafe is located in a residential area, then the most effective way is to distribute leaflets in the nearest houses. Printing 4 thousand leaflets can cost $ 150, designer services cost about $ 60. Thus, the distribution of leaflets can cost 4 thousand rubles. This type of advertising can attract up to 10% of customers. Signboard banners during the construction of cafes, promotions on the opening day, and tasting are also considered effective.

Own cafe: assortment

To expand the range of dishes and drinks offered, owners often go to expand the range of alcoholic beverages.

To do this, you need to obtain a license in the licensing chamber for permission to distribute alcoholic beverages. The owner of the cafe collects a strictly defined package of documents to obtain licensing for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, and the licensing chamber accepts the documents and makes a decision on issuing a license. But the license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages is not limited. Also, the premises under the cafe checks the SES, fire supervision. Additional alcohol sales are taxed at 13%. But such trade, on the other hand, can bring establishments up to 50% of income per month.

You can expand the range at the expense of the buffet. You can enter ice cream, several types of mineral water, juices, coffee (instant and custard) in the menu. It is worth agreeing on the supply of semi-frozen pies, expanding their assortment to 30. As for the hot kitchen, it is better to refuse production. You can arrange the supply of hot dishes from the nearest establishments or with local pensioners. Increasing the assortment and high quality of products will ultimately help attract a customer.

Own cafe: level of service

The client most often returns to that cafe or restaurant where he was well and quickly served.

As a rule, future waiters do not have special training in customer service, so they have to study directly in practice. All that is required is maximum agility and a sense of tact. The age category varies from 17 to 25 years, men are preferred. Waiters are not accepted to motivate with salaries, but they themselves are interested in good customer service, because the size of their tip is directly proportional to the quality of service. The average salary of a waiter in the city is from 150 to 300 $ per month, not counting the tip.

According to the materials of the newspaper "Business Petersburg"

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