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First you need to decide where exactly your recreation center will be located, because the success of your entire business depends on the convenience of its location (distance from the city, the presence of an access road, etc.), as well as the picturesque surroundings. The basic requirements for a place to organize a base from scratch include the presence of a forest or grove, as well as a reservoir (preferably clean, with the ability to swim without risk to health), remoteness from the city zone (but not more than an hour drive from it) ), as well as a sufficient area (from five hectares or more).

Another important condition is that the site for the recreation center should not belong to the conservation area, otherwise obtaining a building permit will be very difficult and expensive, and in some cases completely impossible. In addition, you can purchase a non-functioning sanatorium or a former children's camp. This option has a definite advantage: a proven location suitable for outdoor recreation, and the availability of all necessary communications, even if they require repair. Its main drawback is the high cost and complexity of the search.

After choosing a land plot for the construction or reconstruction of a recreation center, it is necessary to conduct test geological studies of the soil and order an architectural project. At this stage, you should already decide how your base will work - seasonally or year-round. The first option will be much cheaper, but the profitability of such a business will be significantly lower.

The site selected for the construction of the base must be agreed with the administration of the district or city and obtain a building permit. The construction project is also approved and then submitted for state examination. The list of mandatory building documents includes a topographic plan of the land plot, a conclusion on the technical conditions for connecting the facility to the networks of engineering and technical support, and documents for cadastral registration. Depending on the region, local regulations and the features of the area purchased for the recreation center, the list of documents required may vary greatly.

At any base, regardless of its size and "specialization", all buildings can be divided into two types - houses for vacationers and administrative buildings. Cottages for accommodating holidaymakers for the night should be designed for a different number of people. They can be both individual (from two to five), and cottage with several rooms (mini-hotel). As for building material, it all depends on the size of your starting capital, budget and format of work. If the base is designed for summer operation, then houses are often made of wood without additional insulation. Budget options include houses based on cabins. For their manufacture and installation it does not take much time - a couple of weeks is enough, they are mobile - they are easily transported from place to place, and any electrical equipment and equipment can be installed in them. The cost of one such house starts from 400 thousand rubles. True, cons are also present: such houses are designed for a small number of people (2-3 maximum), they do not look very presentable and short-lived. Therefore, the most popular with the owners of recreation facilities are cottages from profiled wooden beams, which are reliable and look beautiful. The construction of one such house will cost, of course, more expensive - from 800 thousand rubles.

Cottages designed for several rooms are more profitable to build from container-type block modules. The use of separate modules can significantly save time on the construction of the building and, if necessary, even move it to a new place.

During construction, you will need to solve the problem of gas, electricity and water supply. As a rule, in such places there are no central water supply and sewage systems, so artesian wells will need to be drilled. If the base will work all year round and / or you plan to build also a sauna, bathhouse or pool, you will also have to think through heating and sewage systems. With a sufficiently large area, it is more profitable to build your own boiler room to solve the problem of heat supply once and for all.

Decide how vacationers will spend time at your base. In the simplest version, you can simply build separate gazebos with tables and benches, put barbecues, take care of the landscape and equip at least two playgrounds, put up a trampoline, as well as a sports ground for playing tennis, football and basketball. If there is a good body of water nearby, it will be necessary to organize a beach, and in the absence of one, a pool (however, one does not exclude one). The swimming area must be fenced with buoys. Of course, the bottom of the pond should also be clean. You will also have to monitor the condition of the water in the river or lake.

There are recreation centers with certain specializations. These include, for example, a base for active sports recreation (riding quad bikes, bicycles, catamarans, etc.) or a base with its own restaurant. Additional items of expenditure also include the purchase of necessary equipment and equipment for recreation. To ensure the smooth operation of a small recreation center with a capacity of up to fifty people, the following employees will be required: administrator, cleaners, security guards (watchmen), animators (instructors), medic, cooks, waiters, plumber, electrician, accountant. At first, some of these functions (at least administrative) can be taken over. Finding employees will not be difficult, as most positions do not require high qualifications. But think in advance how your employees will get to work when they are not expected to live in the base during the season. If it is located not very far from the village and public transport runs to you, then there will be no problem. However, if you can only be reached by car, you will need to take care of the delivery of your employees at least to the nearest bus stop. With the remote location of the base, which does not imply a Sunday one-day vacation, but a longer stay, you must also provide a transfer for vacationers. To do this, it is not necessary to purchase transport - you can use the services of a third-party driver with your minibus.

As for advertising, the word of mouth was and remains the best way to attract new customers. However, for a new and still little-known recreation center, standard tools — print and outdoor advertising — will be quite effective. Do not forget about the Internet. Take care of creating your own website. This is not the biggest expense item in your estimate (at least if it is a simple business card site), but it will pay off very quickly. People don’t choose the base blindly - they want to get the most information about the conditions and see photos. Monitor local sites and forums, place ads there and answer questions from interested potential customers. Agree to cooperate with other companies, for example, with training centers or companies that organize corporate events and other outdoor events. Such a partnership will be beneficial to both parties.

When setting prices for the services provided, study the offers of your direct competitors. Rent can be either hourly or daily. New recreation centers offer at the very beginning of their existence the possibility of preliminary rent at reduced prices. On the one hand, it will attract people's attention. And on the other hand, it will allow you to correct various shortcomings, which will certainly be already in the process of work, without causing much discontent on the part of vacationers. When calculating the payback period, determine the minimum number of people simultaneously staying at your base that will provide profit. In further calculations, proceed from this figure (or the average option), and not from the maximum capacity of the base. The latter option will be achievable if your complex is located in a very good location (for example, by the sea in one of the coastal villages with a large flow of tourists or in a forest with an internal lake near a large city). If the base operates in a “weekend” format and there are competitors nearby, you cannot count on full workload, at least in the first weeks of operation.

Of course, this business requires substantial investment. The minimum starting capital is 15 million rubles. This includes construction work and the arrangement of the territory (not more than five hectares), the purchase of equipment and the salary of staff. The capacity of such a base will be very small, it does not imply a full board and, in fact, is a place for picnics in the fresh air with the ability to spend the night in a house in not very comfortable conditions. The payback period of such a project is increased to four years.

Recreation cottage type area of ​​15 hectares to 22 cottages of 120 square meters. meters each and three mini-hotels with an area of ​​500 square meters. meters will cost more than 170 million rubles.

In general, about 30 million rubles will be required to open a small recreation center with five one-story houses for four people each, a mini-hotel with 24 rooms and a restaurant for forty people. It will be possible to return the investment after 5-7 years of work.

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