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Services related to interior decoration, despite high competition in this area, remain attractive to small businesses. In order for this business to be successful, it is enough to find your specialization. For example, recently vinyl wall stickers have become increasingly popular. This is an inexpensive, quick and easy way to transform your interior without resorting to the services of a designer.

Stickers can be both full-color and silhouette (on single-color vinyl). The latter option is more profitable, since single-color stickers are much cheaper to produce than multi-color stickers.

Buying equipment for printing, cutting stickers and materials at the first stage is unprofitable. One plotter for cutting will cost 300-400 tons. Materials for own production will also have to be bought in bulk. But there is no need to overpay advertising agencies for intermediary services. As a rule, many agencies themselves order in production companies and printing houses. By contacting the manufacturer directly, you will save both time and money.

It is equally important for the success of your business to find a good artist-designer, who will develop layouts for future stickers on a piece-rate basis.

For starters, 20-30 examples of stickers of different colors, sizes and themes will suffice.

Development of models for ready-made templates will cost 250-500 rubles / pc. The original drawing will be in great demand, but at the same time it will cost more.

Then you will need a designer portfolio - examples of interior decor with stickers. These examples are easy to make yourself or order a designer (from 500 rubles) in any graphics editor (for example, in Adobe Photoshop).

When developing sticker mockups, consider consumer demand. For example, stickers with the corresponding plots for decorating a children's room, bathroom and living room are most popular. During the holidays, prepare seasonal collections (for example, with New Year's plots).

The format of the stickers should also be varied - small stickers are cheaper and faster sold out, but designers prefer larger and more expensive stickers that mimic intricate wall paintings. Give your customers the opportunity to order an individual sticker layout (at a price of 1.5–2 tons for a vinyl sticker in the format 1 mx 1 m).

Depending on the size of the sticker, the density of the material, the complexity of the picture, the number of colors and the print run, the cost of one sticker can vary significantly (on average, from 100 p. / Sq. M.). You will also need cardboard and plastic packaging for ready-made stickers (about 10-15 p. / Pcs.), A color cover (5 p. / Pcs.), Instructions for stickering stickers (it can be printed on a printer) and a spatula for even gluing (30 p. / pcs).

The best tool for sales will be a well-made site with a description of stickers, a photo catalog, examples of colors and sizes, all contacts, terms of order and delivery.

Do not save on the convenience of visitors to your site. If you produce one-color contour stickers, the site should be able to view each sticker in different colors, as well as an automatic form for calculating the cost of the order. A full-fledged online store with the ability to add the selected product to the basket, place an order and on-line payment is a good option, but expensive. The development of such a store will cost 35-50 tons, while the finished store engine with several basic design templates costs 10-15 tons.

But since the competition on the Internet is big enough, think about the additional opportunities for selling your products. Souvenir and interior stores, shops of finishing materials and furniture willingly take on the sale of decorative stickers as related products.

The main buyers may be interior designers. Most often, they seek the development of an individual layout with a certain size, plot and color scheme.

Develop a system of discounts and bonuses to regular customers and wholesalers, fill out a commercial offer and send it to design agencies and private designers.

Thus, as a start-up capital for starting a business on interior tattoos, you will need from 30 tons. (subject to working in the home office mode and making stickers “on order”).

Markup for finished products is 100-200%. With minimal advertising costs and a competent choice of distribution channels, the payback period is 2-3 months.

Sysoeva Lilia

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