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Sports bars are a relatively new phenomenon for our country. Initially, this format of establishments came to Russia from Europe. Their appearance is due to the growing popularity of sports among our compatriots. Some of them regularly visit the gym, while others do not miss a single sporting event, sitting at the TV with a beer. In general, a sports bar can be considered a fairly profitable business, but it has certain features that must be considered.

In fact, a sports bar combines two formats at once - a standard bar where alcoholic drinks and various dishes are served, as well as a hall where various matches are broadcast. On the one hand, this is its advantage: many fans will prefer such a bar to a regular venue, but on the other hand there is a drawback: significant sporting events are held far from every day, but people who are far from sports will rather prefer a traditional bar or cafe " specialized ”even when the latter does not broadcast. Therefore, before starting to address organizational issues, carefully study the demand and supply, determine the target audience and its needs, think about how you can increase the demand for your institution.

The main difference (and advantage) of sports bars, if we consider them as a business, is their popularity with a relatively small prevalence. To date, according to experts, this niche is filled with a maximum of 30%. There is a demand for such establishments, especially if you can provide, in addition to good images and acoustics, delicious dishes and undiluted low-alcohol drinks, all at affordable prices.

Consider the target audience of such bars. These are mainly men under the age of 35-40 who gather as a friendly company to watch a hockey or football match in the evening or at night. They prefer the so-called German cuisine (with an abundance of meat and seasonings) and beer of various varieties.

We open a sports bar: what documents need to be issued

Regardless of what kind of business you are going to do and where you plan to take funds for this, it is recommended that you start your own business by drawing up a detailed business plan. And the sports bar in this case is no exception to this rule. A business plan will help you evaluate the market, determine the format of the institution, calculate expenses and forecast profits, draw up a step-by-step action plan.

First you will need to register as a legal entity. The optimal legal form for business in the field of public catering is a limited liability company. You will need to receive the following documents: constituent documentation, premises lease agreement, conclusion from the sanitary and epidemiological station, conclusion of the fire service, agreement on garbage removal and disposal of lamps, KKM accounting card.

Special attention deserves the issue of the sale of alcoholic beverages in sports bars. If you intend to sell only beer, then since the beginning of 2013, according to Federal Law N171-ФЗ, certain restrictions have been introduced on the sale of this alcoholic beverage.

If earlier beer was considered a low-alcohol drink, now the requirements and restrictions that previously applied only to strong drinks apply to it.

Many entrepreneurs are interested in the question of whether to obtain a license to sell beer and drinks based on it. According to paragraph 1 of Art. 18 of Federal Law No. 171-ФЗ, organizations and entrepreneurs are exempted from the need to obtain a license to trade beer. But for the retail sale of drinks of any strength, cash register equipment is required. There is a choice for persons reporting under the special tax regime of UTII: they can either use the CCP or issue to customers, upon request, documents confirming the receipt of money. That is, if the buyer does not require any documents (checks, etc.), the seller is not required to issue them.

Both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can engage in the retail sale of beer (Clause 1, Clause 11 of Federal Law N 171-ФЗ). But here are the requirements for the premises where these sales are planned to be carried out. It is strictly forbidden to sell beer in the vicinity of educational, cultural, medical, children's and sports facilities. There is also a restriction on the trade in alcohol on the territory of military facilities, airports, train stations, retail and wholesale markets, gas stations and public transport stops.

Note that bars (including sports ones) only benefited from these prohibitions. In particular, they are not affected by the ban on the retail sale of any type of beer from 23.00 to 8.00. In cafes, bars and restaurants, you can easily buy an alcoholic drink of any strength and at any time, without restrictions on area and even without KKT. Moreover, they are not forbidden to sell beer at airports, markets, train stations and other public places where there may be a large concentration of citizens and there are sources of increased danger.

However, please note that entities engaged in the retail sale of beer and beverages based on it should quarterly submit declarations on the volume of sales.

For violation of the beer trade law, an administrative sanction follows, which includes the following fines. So, for the late submission of a declaration on income from the sale of beer, a fine of 70-80 thousand rubles is imposed on the organization, and in the amount of 3-4 thousand rubles for officials and individual entrepreneurs. Penalties for the sale of beer to a minor amount to 300-500 thousand rubles in relation to organizations; in relation to officials 100-200 thousand rubles; in relation to private individuals 30-50 thousand rubles. If the fact of the repeated sale of beer to minors is revealed, the offender may be held criminally liable. For this violation, a fine of 80, 000 to 100, 000 rubles is possible. Also, the amount of the fine can be calculated on income for six months. Instead of penalties, correctional labor may be assigned up to a year, or deprivation of the right to hold a number of posts or carry out certain activities for a period of up to 3 years (Article 151.1, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

If you intend to sell drinks stronger than beer in your bar, you will have to get a license, which is issued at specialized state institutions and gives the right to retail alcohol drinks at the facility recorded in the application and only in the region where the license is issued. Only legal entities (i.e., LLC, and not IP) can receive it. The license for alcohol for cafes, restaurants and bars gives the right to sell alcoholic beverages in the place of its use. It is impossible to take alcohol out of the establishment.

There are several types of alcohol licenses. We are primarily interested in the license granted to a cafe, bar, restaurant for light alcohol (with an ethyl alcohol content of less than 15%). Any “alcoholic” license is issued for a period of up to five years. True, only establishments that have more than 25 objects in their network can count on the maximum period. It takes about a month to complete all the necessary. The first time a license is issued for a period of one year. Be sure to monitor the license validity period and start preparing documents in advance for its renewal.

The list of documents for obtaining a retail alcohol license includes: certificate of registration, company charter, TIN (certificate of tax registration), a registered lease for more than one year, certificate of registration of changes in constituent documents, registration card KKM, documents from the BTI (explication and floor plan), a bank statement on the contribution of the authorized capital or a report on the valuation of property that is included in the authorized capital, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the original license and e applications for renewal, receipt of payment of state duty.

Please note: at the time of registration of the license, your company should have no taxes, penalties, fines. Copies are notarized or the original documents are provided for verification.

Permits for the sale of alcohol are handled by the Federal Service for the Regulation of the Alcohol Market. In some regions of our country, a separate authority issues a license for alcohol - the local department of the consumer market and services.

Choose a room for a sports bar

Properly selected premises for your institution - this is 50% of its future success. Any mistake can have the most sad consequences - from an insufficient number of visitors due to the poor location of the bar to closing it by regulatory authorities due to non-compliance with the standards.

The location of such establishments has several requirements. The main of them is high traffic. To open a sports bar, a room on the main street of the city or near large business centers is best suited: many of your potential customers visit bars after work, so in a residential area or on the outskirts of the city such an institution will not be in demand. At the same time, study the area where you plan to open a sports bar for direct and indirect competitors. The second criterion for choosing a rental space is the convenience of customers. Often, the owners of catering establishments try to maximize the capacity of the hall by setting as many tables in it. This is especially true for bars, where every centimeter counts.

Savings, but don’t forget about the convenience of visitors. In addition, do not forget that sports fans - hot people, skirmishes and fights between them - are familiar, and not always the guards manage to prevent the conflict. Therefore, tables installed at a safe distance from each other will not only allow your visitors to communicate calmly in their company without disturbing others, but will also help you avoid unnecessary expenses in case of emergency situations. Thus, it is better to rent a more spacious room, and do not try to arrange as many "seats" as possible on a small area. There are objective limitations: according to the SES requirements, an area of ​​1.8 square meters per person is required. meters.

The capacity of a small bar should be at least 60-65 people. In addition to the main hall, separate rooms for a warehouse, kitchen and bathrooms will be required.

Of great importance is the access time to your bar. Ideally, access should be around the clock, as the bars usually work until morning. An important criterion is the price. Of course, it’s worth overpaying for a very good place. But finding such an option will be difficult. Other areas should be considered only on condition that their rental value corresponds to the average market. Do not forget that your goal is not to open the perfect bar, but to recoup it in the shortest possible time. The proposals you are considering should not go beyond the financial plan by more than 5% -10%, since most often within such limits the owner of the premises agrees to give a discount to the real tenant.

Also pay attention to the provided electrical power. The search for premises is usually started after drawing up at least a general concept of the institution with a list of necessary equipment, so by this time you will already know how much electricity you will need to ensure uninterrupted operation. Check if an increase in kilowatts is possible if necessary.

The legal conditions for obtaining premises for use also play a role. It can be transferred under a sublease agreement, under a direct lease agreement, under a partner agreement, etc. Last but not least, pay attention to the premises leased out, since under such a lease agreement it will be extremely difficult to officially obtain an alcohol license. Of course, third-party organizations can offer to solve these difficulties and contribute to obtaining a license. But most of these proposals do not deserve attention. Therefore, before concluding a sublease agreement, think a few times and still look for other options.

All existing options for leasing premises for a bar can be conditionally divided into two types: direct lease and sublease. You can also add conditions to them, such as renting a room for a restaurant with a subsequent buyout, credit or leasing, and others. By and large, both versions of the contract are quite similar. But there are significant differences and limitations in sublease agreements. For example, the term of a sublease agreement cannot exceed the term of a direct lease. Under such agreements, as mentioned above, it is almost impossible to obtain a license for the retail sale of alcohol, although there are still precedents. But do you need to waste your time and energy once again? Subject to the termination of the direct lease agreement, the sublease must be terminated, unless permitting clauses are specified in the direct agreement. Therefore, in order not to subsequently lose any part of the business and invested funds, it is necessary to comprehensively study the issue of drawing up a sublease agreement. However, a direct lease agreement should also be carefully studied. If you do not have experience in this field and / or legal education, then it is advisable to consult with specialists who can save you from many problems in the future before concluding an agreement.

In any case, no matter what contract you conclude, keep in mind that in order to reach the level of self-sufficiency as soon as possible, its validity should be at least three years. Once the suitable premises have been selected, it is necessary to conduct an examination for compliance with the standards (SanPins, SNiPs, VNTP), to study the patency of the place where the premises are located, to conduct a legal examination of the purity of the transaction.

Many bar owners seek help from a specialist to develop the design of their future institution. The designer’s participation, of course, will not be superfluous. However, it all depends on what kind of audience you are counting on and what budget you have. If, for example, your bar is located in a small city, its target audience is by no means “white-collar workers”, but inveterate fans and regulars of football matches and you are limited in funds, then most likely it does not make sense to spend several hundred thousand rubles to develop an exclusive design and complete repair of the premises. Special attributes (posters of matches, photos of famous athletes, cups, etc.) will help create a general “mood” in the sports bar. Everything should “work” on the general theme of the bar, but at the same time be functional. For example, if the choice is between beautiful and strong furniture, then give preference to the latter. Moreover, if you have the desire and taste, you will find compromise options.

But pay more attention to equipment selection. It is not worth saving on it, but you also do not need to buy too much. First of all, get quality TVs. Usually one large screen is installed in the center, and additional TVs are hung on the side of it so that at least one of them is clearly visible from anywhere. You will also need satellite TV for high-quality and uninterrupted broadcasts. If there are several halls or zones, the TVs are installed one or two per zone so that the fans can choose the match they are interested in. After all, all sports interests are not limited to one football. Someone prefers basketball, someone tennis ... Create the most comfortable conditions for all your visitors.

Televisions are certainly an important component of a sports bar, but the list of necessary equipment is not limited to them alone. You will need special equipment for preparing and storing dishes (cutting tables, refrigerators, cooker hoods, cookers), ventilation equipment, as well as display cases and a bar counter, installed in the hall. When planning a kitchen, also consider the requirements of SES. Do not forget about dishes, kitchen and cutlery, textiles (at least curtains on windows)

Sports bar as a business

The main conditions for the success of your institution: fast and high-quality customer service, a properly composed menu, as well as the possibility of group viewing of sports competitions. You can increase the profitability of a business, for example, by selling a variety of sports attributes (clothing, uniforms, souvenirs, etc.).

Come up with a name for your bar in advance. This seems like a trifle, but a successful, sonorous and easy to remember name is already a step on the path to success. Существуют специалисты, которые занимаются подбором названий для компаний, торговых марок и различных общественных заведений. Помощь их стоит относительно недорого. Если вы не можете самостоятельно подобрать название для бара, можно обратиться за помощью к ним.

Одни предприниматели считают, что сайт насущно необходим заведениям любой тематики и масштаба. Другие не согласны с ними, утверждая, что на первом этапе в собственном сайте нет никакой необходимости, а в некоторых случаях он и вовсе не нужен. В этом вопросе все зависит от ваших предпочтений и возможностей. Но даже если вы решите отложить разработку сайта на потом или же совсем откажитесь от этой идеи, не забывайте про рекламу в социальных сетях и размещение информации о вашем заведении на различных региональных сайтах и форумах. Желательно, чтобы помимо стандартных сведений (контактные телефоны и адрес), интересующиеся могли найти на этих ресурсах хотя бы пару фотографий интерьера вашего бара и составить хотя бы примерное впечатление о вашем меню и ценах. Старайтесь отслеживать все отзывы о вашем спорт-баре, которые появляются в интернете. Это позволит определить свои сильные и слабые стороны, усилить первые и исправить последние.

Для работы небольшого спорт-бара потребуется небольшой штат работников. В него входят хотя бы два повара на смену, посудомойки, уборщицы, бармены, официанты, охранники и бухгалтер, который будет вести дела вашей фирмы.

Общие расходы на открытие спорт-бара площадью около 150 кв. метров оцениваются минимум в 2-2, 5 миллиона рублей. Самые большие статьи расходов – закупка необходимого оборудования (например, только один хороший плазменный экран обойдется в 250-300 тысяч рублей, а кроме него вам потребуется еще и акустическая система еще за 150-200 тысяч рублей), ремонт помещения (около 300 тысяч рублей), закупка необходимой мебели и товаров (около 300 тысяч рублей). Оптимальный вариант – открываться в помещении бывшего кафе, которое не требует перепланировки и покупки кухонного оборудования. В противном случае расходы увеличатся еще 700-900 тысяч рублей.

При подсчете средней выручки учитывайте наполненность зала на 50 %. В дни, когда проводятся какие-то значимые спортивные соревнования, наполненность может составить и 100 %, но таких дней в месяц будет совсем немного. Выручка спорт-бара составляет в среднем 30 тысяч рублей. В данном случае учитываются доходы от продажи алкоголя, закусок, а также входных билетов на различные мероприятия. При загрузке в 100 % выручка может увеличиться в 2, 5-3 раза, но, повторимся, в год количество таких дней будет довольно небольшим. Средний чек обычно оценивается примерно в 500 рублей на человека. Розничная наценка на пиво составляет 45-50 %, на закуски – около 60 %.

При подсчете прибыли вычитайте расходы на заработную плату, налоговые и пенсионные платежи аренду, закупку продуктов и пр. Рентабельность такого бизнеса оценивается в 14 %. На уровень самоокупаемости при удачном стечении обстоятельств можно выйти к концу первого года работы (хотя обычно этот срок составляет порядка 1, 5 лет).

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