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In any case, you should not be afraid of competitors. Otherwise, you will find yourself such an occupation where there are no competitors at all - because there is no demand for that idiocy that you came up with for your fear of not holding out in the competition.

Here, for example, the manufacture and sale of fashionable youth accessories - badges. Now skeptics will say: Well, these badges ... So, we laugh at the little believers.

Tell me, have you ever been to souvenir shops, as well as to various shops and shops selling advanced music, fan accessories and all sorts of rubbish in the spirit of ethnic culture? They saw T-shirts with “fakahs” there, bags with chegevars, as well as ugly and disgusting one-type photo-toads (which any drunk sixth grader can take on a home computer), stuck on fridge magnets and ... badges?

So how do you like them? Well, I don’t like it either. And I don’t buy them, you know. So, there is demand, but supply: where is it? All these vigorous parodies of the Soviet poster with "funny" redone signatures have long been no fun.

And, by the way, the badge is a subject of art and serious collecting. You know perfectly well without me how fashionable it was to collect badges from about 20-25 years ago. Because then they made badges. And now they make stupid fakes. I ask you as an entrepreneur entrepreneur: where are now all these youths who are in the early 80's. of the last century hung their collections on the carpet by the bed? That's right, they grew up and became quite solvent gentlemen, entering the age of a serious collector.

You can create icons that will be of interest to the most diverse ages of the target audience, to representatives of the most diverse cultures and countercultures. It is only necessary to have a desire to make a high-quality, authorial, design (call it what you want) product, and to experience a sacred hatred of primitive photoshop.

So, if you are such a person, then it will be interesting for you to get to know better the possibilities of this interesting business.

Faleristics (the so-called official collection of badges) has its own army of fans who are ready to pay out, by the way, good money for reasons of personal solvency, individual snobbery and in spite of consumer goods (the third dominates).

Icon Production: Calculation

So, to start a business you will need an apparatus for the production of badges (the cost depends on the number of furcations and ranges from 14, 000 to 50, 000 rubles) and you can count on 100 thousand rubles of net profit per month.

Then the math is this: all this you have, provided that you have 40 points of sale and 8 badges a day should be sold at each point. One icon costs 70 rubles.

Having sold 2, 000 badges for testing, one young and very creative entrepreneur Timofey Razin earned 33 thousand rubles. Then he built the above scheme and took up the business seriously. No sales outlets yet? You can start working at the promotional stand - such a special place at some VVC where your goods will be exhibited. This is an exhibition-sale business.

But it should be remembered that the income in such a business directly depends on the number of points of sale - therefore, you should immediately have ALL places in the city in your head where your badges may be appropriate as a commodity not of prime necessity. Then by the time you will give them for implementation - forty points sought will be in your pocket. The production cost of the badge is about 10%.

Badge Production: Where and Which Badges Sell Best

In order for the badge to become a collection, it must be released in memory of some event - like a postage stamp. This is the first condition. But what distinguishes it from the brand is the second condition. Unlike a postage stamp, which can be at least ugly and generally “none”, but at the same time cost money with a few zeros, the icon should please with its design: to be simply unusual and beautiful. Of course, after 100 years ugly badges will suffer the fate of postage stamps - they will be appreciated regardless of whether their author was a creative person. This is the law by which the antiques market lives.

But ... you need to earn money now, and not in a hundred years. That is why, in order for the buyer to like the badge, the latter should make a good impression. The first, by the way, too. Because according to the observations of experts, the audience buying the badges are cultured young people.

Further. Where and when are the commemorative events in whose honor we make badges? That's right, these are art and industrial exhibitions, as well as public events taking place at various venues.

The more “club” your badge will be, the smaller the audience will understand why you released it, the greater the demand will be for you, as the author of such unique things. You will become a producer of cult goods. Then more massive batches of badges that are not associated with any cultural events will be sold as cult ones. Your name and your badge will become a cult.

Icon Production: About Production

There are no particular difficulties here - the icon is not a harvester, and not a computer. There are simply two types of fittings from which this work of decorative-applied (if you want) art is made: Chinese fittings and American fittings. For design badges use only American blank. Chinese is inconvenient in the manufacture of the final product, ugly and short-lived.

Remember: no advertising companies (such as calendars, T-shirts, and logo mugs) are your competitors. Because their products cause longing and disgust.

The market for designer badges is already there. We saw these “designer badges, ” I tell you. And after all, they bring full-fledged profits to those who make them. But there is little competition in such a market, because the product (whatever it may be) is still not consumer goods and it does not need to be advertised in full throat.

You can read more about the icons by clicking on this link. Here we are talking about a very successful project - Disney badges. You can learn from them both the promotion of your product among the target group, and some types of badges (which have become classics).


And in conclusion, a useful link to the site with equipment for the production of icons: //

Nazarenko Elena


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