Your dismantling business: how to make money on demolition of buildings

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Small dismantling enterprises that can do their job very inexpensively and in short terms are now very much in demand on the market.

Nobody guarantees you victory in large tenders, of course, but you can always join such a large order as a subcontractor of the company that won the tender.

Dismantling business market in numbers

Opening a dismantling business costs 250 thousand dollars. Well, if you buy used equipment, then spend even less on the start!

In general, the profitability of a dismantling company is 25-30%.

You can recoup the money invested at the start by dismantling 50 objects worth 400 thousand rubles each.

You can pay back the investment in two to three years.

The minimum set of machinery and equipment dismantling company

  • one excavator weighing 25 tons and a bucket volume of 1.5 cubic meters at a price of 150-180 thousand dollars,
  • attachments: hydraulic shears 25-30 thousand dollars. (Hydroscissors can cut the walls of the object)
  • and a hydraulic hammer at a price of 40 thousand dollars. (With a hydraulic hammer - break reinforced concrete slabs and blocks)
  • gas cutting equipment at a price of $ 250 (it means an autogen for cutting and laying metal fittings, which is contained in reinforced concrete blocks, and which can not be eaten with hydraulic shears)

Equipment can be leased. With a down payment of 30% of the cost of the goods and a leasing period of three years, you will pay 13-15% per annum (in dollars).

Using this toolkit, you can destroy a building of 500 cubic meters during a working week.

Additional equipment for the dismantling business

  • excavator with an extended boom, for 300-400 thousand dollars, for the destruction of buildings with a height of 21 m
  • self-propelled crushing plant for 250-420 thousand dollars, for the processing of construction waste. This installation sorts pieces of reinforced concrete and crushes concrete into crushed stone
  • special cutting equipment: wire saws (37 thousand dollars) and wall saws (43 thousand dollars), floor saws (1.8 thousand dollars), with which the walls and supports of the structure are previously cut into several parts.

Additional equipment will allow you to swing at larger objects. To do this, at the start it is necessary to invest at least 1 million dollars.

Crushed stone processing is a source of additional income for the dismantling company

Develop additional services, that is, expand the assortment - a company that destroys buildings can earn money on the processing of reinforced concrete.

The resulting crushed stone can be used both at the same construction site and sold to road construction companies, (They lay the crushed stone as a “pillow” when arranging the road surface).

Dismantling business: looking for a client, studying demand

Your customer can be absolutely any company or even an institution.

As a small company, you may be interested in any small objects suitable for demolition:

  • purchased sites with unfinished sites located on them,
  • dilapidated objects on the territory of industrial enterprises,

    dilapidated facilities in the industrial zone.

It is best to attract a client with external advertising located near new buildings with unfinished facilities, industrial zones.

Disassembly company staff

For a demolition company:

  • Excavator, (ruin the building rough),
  • gas cutter (cut and sort metal),
  • foreman (The tasks of the foreman are the most extensive: to seek customers, manage the dismantling process, as well as draw up a work plan and coordinate it with local authorities, firefighters, police).
  • crusher operator
  • engineer.

When the number of orders increases, you will need:

production preparation department (which includes 2-3 engineers)

Dismantling company: premises

  • rented parking in a car park,
  • a room for storage of equipment, an area of ​​30-40 sq.m.
  • An office with an area of ​​at least 50 square meters for technicians of your company who will be engaged in mental work.

Tricks of the dismantling business

In order to consistently win tenders and have a profit, rather than losses, it is important to be able to correctly assess the scope of work.

A qualified engineer must be able to conduct a preliminary assessment of the facility, and the company’s commercial director must be able to have information about the capabilities of competitors, be able to convince and lure customers.

Despite the attractiveness and relative simplicity of this business (nevertheless, breaking it down - not building it), experts advise starting a business when the pace of construction returns to the pre-crisis level.

After all, before you build something, you need to break something. And if nobody builds, then there’s no reason to break it.

Nazarenko Elena

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