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Oxygen bars are a free niche in which there are practically no competitors. True, there is no regular clientele yet, but interest is growing. Revenues are modest, but stable, so more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to consider this area to start their own business.

Everything new is well forgotten old. As far back as the 70s, oxygen cocktails could be tasted in Soviet dispensaries and sanatoriums. They were prepared on main oxygen, or balloon oxygen. Balloon technology is actively used today, but it has two drawbacks: firstly, medical oxygen is not so easy to find, and secondly, from the point of view of the fire inspection, a balloon is a dangerous thing.

The invention of convenient mobile equipment helped to “bring” oxygen as a product outside medical facilities. The oxygen concentrator weighs about 20-30 kg and is produced by both Western European, American, Korean, and domestic manufacturers.

There are two ways to organize oxygen business. The first is the production of oxygen cocktails, the second is the creation of an oxygen bar.

Oxygen bars already exist in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in Kazan. The initial cost of creating such bars is relatively low - from 12 to 20 thousand dollars. A significant proportion of the costs are for rent, which today in the "passable place" in the capital is about 1, 000-5, 000 rubles per square meter. meter per year, and in the regions - 300-700 rubles. Therefore, the payback period is about two years.

The bar system consists of two main components: an oxygen generator and a station with replaceable aromatic capsules (infusor). The concentrator, passing air through a molecular sieve, separates pure oxygen. In the infuser, it is saturated with aromas and through the headset (headphone) gets to the consumer. Right in the nose.

No certificates are required to start. Government agencies have certified installations as ordinary household appliances.

For quick payback it is necessary to arrange a bar in a passable place: in shopping centers, swimming pools, business centers and office buildings, cinemas. The area will be small - for a small rack and several chairs, three to five square meters will be enough. Equipment is also limited to only four sets of concentrator and infuser. When you open a separate outlet, it is better to immediately offer the whole range of services: "liquid" oxygen (cocktails) and breathing through the headset.

The main person in the oxygen bar is Oxidge. Its task is to communicate with customers and organize “oxygen sessions”: mix flavors, create the right bouquet, based on the state and age of the bar client. Usually, problems with finding workers do not arise. This profession is considered to be an elite one, and its salary level is higher than that of a regular seller.

Oxygen cocktail - a product designed for the general public, in contrast to the niche and fashionable oxygen bar. Oxygen cocktail is especially well "sold" in child care facilities. In some schools, children are already "fed" with an oxygen cocktail. Agreeing with the school principal is not difficult if you promise to let part of the profits go to school needs.

Experts believe that this business has great prospects in the regions. Firstly, it is easier for a regional company to negotiate with the administrations of schools and kindergartens, secondly, there is a chance to receive a subsidy for social affairs, and, finally, another plus is the low capital intensity. Unlike the oxygen bar, the promotion of which requires at least 12 thousand dollars, here you can manage 45 thousand rubles. So much is the minimum set of equipment for making a cocktail.

The basic equipment is an oxygen concentrator. There is no big difference between the Italian, American and Russian equipment in quality, except for the design, Italians and Americans are better. Domestic hubs cost 12-17 thousand rubles, foreign ones - 1-2 thousand dollars. The price of the device depends on their capacity (they come from 3-10 liters).

An oxygen cocktail is prepared on the basis of natural packaged juice (cherry, apple, grape) or phyto-solution. For foam, a special powder is added - a foaming agent, gelatin or licorice root can be used as a foaming agent.

The cocktail is served in a 200 ml disposable plastic cup. The cost of a cocktail is from 70 kopecks to a ruble, the selling price is from 10 to 15 rubles. Monthly expenses for cups and plastic spoons - from 1, 500 to 4, 000 rubles, depending on the number of consumers. From a liter "can" of foaming powder can be prepared from 80 to 120 servings.

Thus, the profit from one school with a good deal will be about 21 thousand rubles a month, and a set of equipment can be used in several schools or kindergartens. This will increase your profits several times. You can return the investment after a month and a half or two months.

The cocktail business can be called an understandable simple and stable business. There is no seasonality factor in it, the weather does not affect oxygen. And this is a useful business. Oxygen cocktails benefit children and health.

Based on an article by Ekaterina Chinarova for Business Magazine

* The article is more than 8 years old. May contain outdated data

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