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Profitability in the business of assembling and assembling blinds can reach up to 30 and even 50%

Blinds are an ideal decision for small business, SP. The monthly turnover of the average workshop is 2 million rubles. Entrance ticket to the business - 1 thousand dollars. This is if you assemble vertical blinds, about which they say that it is just like a children's designer.

The necessary tool and equipment for the assembly of vertical blinds.

Sewing machine

shearing press

ordinary scissors

a circular saw

punch for plastic

standard screwdriver set

The prices are different, everyone is advised to buy used, so the cost is as agreed with the seller.


aluminum tape 150 rubles per meter is the main material.

Horizontal blinds

For their manufacture additional equipment is required, the technical process is a bit more complicated, but the entrance ticket is much more expensive. Equipment will cost you $ 20 thousand.

You will pay the same price for expensive presses for upper and lower rods

machine for working with aluminum tape

The most popular trend on the market is horizontal blinds, as well as roller blinds.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds, on the contrary, are rapidly going out of fashion. Due to the simplicity of their manufacture and the low cost of the admission ticket, their overproduction is observed on the market, and as a result. Dumping and producer losses.

The most fashionable trend in Europe and the widespread trend there - wooden blinds - is still unclaimed in Russia. But not the buyer. A ... by manufacturers who do not want to mess with technology. The minimum investment in launching the production of wooden blinds is 600 thousand rubles. Dies are selected according to the colors and shades of flowers - the work is painstaking, requiring attention and manual labor. Variegation also leads to an increase in the share of commodity balance.

Blinds made of fabric.

These are probably the very first blinds that appeared on our market. They are the most budgetary. But they have one drawback - they get dirty and require washing. Moreover, washing cannot be done at home - the blinds must be brought back to those from whom they were bought - that is, to you. And you must disassemble them, wash them (using special technology) and then reassemble them. For many years, they did not erase their blinds, but simply threw them away at the next repair. So interest in fabric solutions has fallen - due to general mismanagement and unwillingness to spend money on purpose.

Mid-sized blind company



Sales Manager

2 installers

1 meter

Seasonality in the blinds production and installation business

This business is not subject to seasonal fluctuations.

Space requirements for the production of blinds

Ideally, if you have a workshop, issuing up to 400 square meters per cycle of work. You need 70 meters of space. But for such a workshop, the cost of equipment rises significantly. We are not considering such an option. The fact is that the domestic blind assembly business began and flourished as a home-based job. It really reminds assembly of the children's designer. So judge for yourself.

Nazarenko Elena

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