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Living a full life, we, as a rule, do not think about what we eat. The frantic pace of the modern structure of the world makes us forget about an important aspect of our existence - our health. Once, one day we stop, realizing that fatty and junk food does not have a positive effect on longevity, and the thought comes up that something needs to be changed. Today, more and more people are thinking about healthy and, most importantly, wholesome food, looking contemptuously in the direction of fast food. Do not curse him, everyone makes his choice, but with the increase in the number of people who want to be healthy, the relevance of the proposal of dietary products is growing.

The entire contingent of consumers of dietary food can be divided into two groups. The first is people who are involuntarily forced to deny themselves a nagging piece of meat and eat easily digestible dishes because the doctor prescribed it. The second is simply adherents of a healthy lifestyle who consider diet food as a disease prevention. When organizing a business, it will be necessary to focus on both those and others, only in the process of a marketing campaign will the subtleties of the approach arise. The development of a full-scale production of diet food, involving the opening of its own production line and the creation of large batches of products, is hardly suitable for a novice entrepreneur - opening your own factory is too expensive. Therefore, it is more economical at first to produce such products upon receipt of an order, in other words, to open a small store in which, before the eyes of the client, they will prepare their delicious and healthy food.

Take a look around - have you seen shops that sell only healthy food? If so, then you already have a potential competitor. If not, then you can safely try to become the first in this type of entrepreneurship, because the demand for such products will be provided by bad ecology, congenital diseases and simply the desire of people to avoid diseases. To increase people's desire to be healthy, propaganda will help, this is the first item that can be included in an advertising campaign. And the health of the population will improve, and you will benefit.

It is worth noting that such a business will certainly not suit small cities. And the fault is not so much the more favorable ecology in the province as the low demand among residents of non-cities for healthy foods - they are used to growing wholesome food in their gardens. Residents of large cities are more concerned about the growing level of diseases, and they only saw fresh vegetables packaged in vacuum in supermarkets. However, dietary products are understood as not only plant-friendly organic food, but also sweets with glucose replaced by fructose, and soy food, and other substitutes, which do not contain harmful additives and components. Immediately you need to decide for yourself what exactly you will do - the retail sale of ready-made dietary goods from the factory or the preparation of fresh food from natural ingredients. But it is best to combine both. It will not be superfluous to study the medical tables - the diet menus prescribed to the smallest detail, which doctors prescribe to patients depending on the diagnosed disease, so you will know what you will have to cook and what components will be needed for this.

Having understood the essence of the issue and all the subtleties of therapeutic diets, you can begin to start a business. The design is standard, it will require investments of about 20 thousand rubles, a simplified taxation system is recommended, OKPD codes: (OKPD 2) 47.78 Other retail trade services in specialized stores and (OKPD 2) 10.89 Other food products, not included in other groups. Then you need a room, it is not necessary to rent or buy too large, but it would be very nice to be able to acquire a larger area in the medium term; if things get better, you'll probably need an extension. Renting a small room will cost an average of 25 thousand rubles per month; in order for the store to work, you will need cooking equipment and kitchen tools. These include:

  • Dishwasher - 10 thousand rubles

  • Gas stove - 5 thousand rubles

  • Microwave - 2 thousand rubles

  • Double boiler - 1 thousand rubles

  • Meat grinder - 2 thousand rubles

  • A set of dishes, kitchen utensils - 5 thousand rubles

  • Blender - 2 thousand rubles

  • Juicer - 1 thousand rubles

  • Kitchen furniture - 10 thousand rubles

  • Refrigerator - 10 thousand rubles

For our small production, which will be held in our own kitchen by the hands of a couple of cooks, we need about 50 thousand rubles. Add to this the decoration of your store, the purchase of a cash register, equipment for storing products that are stockpiles, rather than lying in the refrigerator. All this will cost about 30 thousand more. Such a store does not require self-service, so you do not need huge racks and tall cabinets, you only need a showcase with the offered goods, and the seller will have a menu. Please note that the opening of such a business will require permission from the sanitary epidemiological station, as well as permission from the fire department. Pay attention to the ventilation of the room, and always keep it clean. When, looking around, you will understand that this is the place where people will order healthy food and leave here happy, you can proceed to the next stage of organization.

You can’t do without qualified personnel. The difficulty lies in the fact that you need not just a culinary specialist, but, ideally, a culinary nutritionist. It is not easy to find such a person, but you can limit yourself to the teaching and training of the hired cook on the features of diet food and its preparation. One person can’t cope, so at least two will be required, one cooks, the other cuts vegetables. It would be nice to organize a delivery service, here you will need a courier. The costs for this are more than compensated, because you will cover absolutely the entire target audience of this direction, because if you just drop people who do not want to go shopping, then there will still be those who, due to poor health, cannot do this. After all, this is an enterprise aimed at improving health. In addition to the above employees, sellers will, of course, be required. In order to save money at first, you can become either a courier or a seller (or a cook, if knowledge and skills allow, because this position is still more responsible). In the future, you may need an operator to receive applications, but at first this position will be performed by the courier, and in his absence - the seller-cashier. Or you yourself, if you decide to immediately staff the staff.

As you can understand, this type of entrepreneurship, although it is a small business, but requires a serious personnel issue, and this aspect is largely determining, because the success of the whole event depends on the cooks. Therefore, their salary starts at 25 thousand rubles. Courier payment is approximately 15 thousand rubles per month, you can not keep it on staff as a permanent employee, but offer a percentage of the amount of delivered orders. The seller’s labor is estimated at an average of 17 thousand, and taking into account the fact that in one position you can reduce costs by independently performing duties, there is an opportunity to save money on the start of your project.

The next step is to find suppliers. You should not wait for lightness and simplicity at this moment, you need an optimal supplier who adheres to the principle of "just on time", which offers a truly high-quality product (check all certificates, documents, certificates); you provide healthy food, dietary services, therefore, raw foods for it must be of the highest quality. At the same time, it is unlikely that one supplier will offer you both directions of your sales: ingredients for personally prepared dishes, and ready-made dietary products like sweetener. However, especially large distributors can do this, but often they have to work with several partners at the same time. If the supplier offers you high-quality, for example, broccoli, but you don’t like the quality of the beans supplied by him, then it is better to find another one in addition. This is the case when the quality of the product is critically important, and even the cost of the goods may not be so determining. By selecting the criteria for the selection of suppliers and conducting an analysis, you will ultimately receive optimal partners who are ready to bring excellent goods not earlier and no later than the specified time, but on time. The order must contain the necessary healthy vegetables and fruits, soy (a large number of dishes will be made from it), diabetic sweets, products for allergy sufferers and people with special features of the body (a person with lactose intolerance, for example, you will be pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to buy milk with already contained enzyme lactase, designed to eliminate this intolerance), fat-free substitutes and analogues, as well as all kinds of bread and easily digestible products.

How much money will be needed for purchases? Wholesale orders will cost no less than 30 thousand rubles (basically you will have to pay for ready-made dietary products, and fruits and vegetables will be ordered in small batches due to the rapid deterioration), but this figure may vary depending on the size of your production, because in a small store, goods ordered for such an amount may not fit, and you will have an delay in many positions; and in the large, on the contrary, the windows will seem empty. 30 thousand is the cost of an averaged order.

Another significant expense item is the beloved trading engine. Advertising is vital for your business at all its stages, a marketing campaign to promote your services is not a project for a certain period of time, but a permanent item in the credit column. Advertising needs to be paid close attention, first of all, it should be delivered to visitors of hospitals, pharmacies and sanatoriums - these can be leaflets, brochures and information posters. Advertising in the city will not be superfluous, then most people and those without health problems will find out that now you can eat not only tasty, but also right.

If the budget allows, you can report about yourself on local television. Even if there is no competition in your city, this does not mean that crowds of people will immediately flock to you; this type of business is quite specific, and the population should first learn about it. The main feature of your products is the benefits, and it is on this aspect that you should focus the attention of potential consumers. Only sick people need to first of all convey that it is you who will produce the product that your doctor prescribed with a prescription, and to healthy ones that your diet foods are really useful and prevent the development of diseases. In general, advertising will cost from 20 thousand per month with the most minimally acceptable information to the public.

Well, of course, you should follow the corporate identity in everything. You will not be able to give the ordered food on a disposable plate, you need full packaging in which the products are stored better. The cost of packaging will be included in the price of the dish, but the initial costs will be required for it. No serious expenses are expected here, 5 thousand rubles should be enough for the first time of work. So, to start such an entrepreneurial activity, the following tools will be required:

  • Registration - 20 thousand

  • Room rental - 25 thousand

  • Equipment and design of the outlet - 80 thousand

  • Payroll for the first month - 82 thousand

  • Order of goods - 30 thousand

  • Advertising campaign - 20 thousand

  • Packing - 5 thousand

Starting capital is 262 thousand rubles. It should be noted that in order to conduct such a business, it is necessary to accurately calculate the probable amount of profit, consider all the options and draw up a business plan that traditionally models three possible developments: negative, normal and positive.

The advantage of such a business is its high profitability, the wrap on the finished product can be up to several hundred percent, especially if you are the first player on the market - you should not neglect the “skimming cream” marketing strategy, you will start lowering the price when competitors appear, but now have hurt for her further decline. Monthly income can be 300 thousand rubles, while operating profit (minus rent, purchases, salaries, advertising and packaging) reaches 138 thousand rubles. The deduction of income taxes is more profitable (at a rate of 6%, the amount of tax fees will be 18 thousand), and as a result, a net profit of 120 thousand rubles is obtained. Despite all the difficulties, but still progressing business development, the payback period should not exceed six months.

The most serious difficulty in the face of fierce competition (and such a market is just developing) is probably the threat of bankruptcy due to the prolonged period of promotion. Insufficient or inconclusive advertising will lead to customer insecurity, because people still have little knowledge of such an idea, and simple diet products can be purchased at any supermarket, and what is not in them can be found in a large pharmacy. And doctors are unlikely to recommend your store, even knowing about it, to their patients. You need to inform the people of your city about yourself, earn a name, and this will just give authority in the eyes of nutritionists and their wards. Ordinary people should be informed about a service that is useful in every sense through standard marketing techniques. Do not exclude the possibility of contacting an advertising agency in the first months, this step may become decisive in the question of the survival of you as an entrepreneur.

And then what? The business is good in that it has many development options. When things go uphill, and even the operator becomes a separate person with his monthly salary, the possibility of expansion will appear. That's why you need the opportunity to rent additional space, because a developing small store can now offer not only services for the purchase and delivery of dietary products; why not offer to try the cooked food here right away, and caring waiters will bring their dish to the client - in addition, a restaurant opens to delicious and healthy food.

For those who wish, there is always the opportunity to order food according to their own recipe by phone or by ordering on the spot, but do not miss the opportunity to open an original cafe or restaurant in which each dish has counted calories and balanced vitamins. In the future, the operator does not just accept applications, he becomes a full-fledged consultant who, no worse than a nutritionist, will tell you the optimality of the medical table and offer the most suitable food. All the waiters have the same knowledge. If you develop this idea, you can go to some full-fledged consultation center on dietetics, in which you will also be presented with dishes of your own production. Next - the sale of additional, indirectly related products (for example, biologically active additives), but this, perhaps, will stop.

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